The city authorities of Spain’s northern industrial city of Bilbao are rejuvenating this rather shabby, non-descript urban enclave on the Bay of Biscay to improve its appeal for tourists. A new airport terminal and metro system has made it easier to plan a holiday in Bilbao, which is the political capital of the proud Basquemore
Small big city. I like it. - Charles. Date of travel: Apr 2009
Small big city. I like it.
I find Bilbao a small city in comparison with big cities like Madrid or Barcelona in Spain. Therefore it lacks some things you might find in big cities like a Zoo, a huge park and so on. Also there are less people trying to get money from tourists here in comparison with the previously mentioned. Nevertheless, being Bilbao a compact city, you can take advantage of it and get almost everywhere just walking along beautiful streets or alongside the river. Bilbao it's very modern, you find lifts in some streets and most of them are free of charge. The underground has lifts in every station, so disabled people or mums with trolleys have no problem to use public transport. Buses are also adapted to allow these people make a comfortable use of them. Food here is great, as is most of the people you will find here. Hope you don't meet with some disgusting person, they're everywhere, just talk to somebody else and you'll find very friendly people that will help you get to some place you want to visit. If you come for several days, you should go out of the city and know better this land. You may just take the underground train and go to Bidezabal, Sopelana, Plentzia... other municipalities of the territory, which are closer to the sea and have some beaches. I strongly recommend to walk from Bidezabal to Sopelana alongside several cliffs that fall to the Atlantic Ocean. It's a 3 to 4 hours walk, but it's really breathtaking if you have never seen something like that.
Compact city. Friendly people. - Charles. Date of travel: Apr 2009
Compact city. Friendly people.
Bilbao is a small big city. You can't compare it with Madrid or Barcelona in Spain. The best point in Bilbao is it's so compact, you can go almost everywhere walking along beautiful streets or alongside the river. It's also very modern and comfortable. Public transport is friendly to disabled people and mums with their trolley. For example, the underground has a lift in every station. Most people are polite and will be happy to help you. Many of them went out of their way to help me. If you come for several days you must visit nearby municipalities. You may just take the underground train to go to Bidezabal, Sopelana, Plentzia... I strongly recommend to walk go to Bidezabal and walk to the cliffs that go down to the Atlantic Ocean, it's a breathtaking experience. You can adventure to walk to Sopelana, it's a 3 hours walk and there you can take again the underground train (out of Bilbao city is mostly not underground). You can see the photo I upload here. You can also enjoy the mountains surrounding Bilbao. There are some parks like Artxanda or Cobetas that have a beautiful view over the city. You may just have lunch up there someday instead of in the city centre. Food is wonderful as in all the Basque Country and most of Spain.
So much more than just the Museum. - Mr E.Nettleton. Date of travel: Jan 2009
Of course the Guggenheim is really the main draw for tourists, and it is incredible in terms of its architecture and being home to some of the world’s best known pieces of art, however there’s much more to this city as I discovered on my second trip here. For culture vultures like me and history buffs like my wife Bilbao is a dream. Its rich Basque heritage is in evidence everywhere, particularly in the cuisine – there are some super eateries all over town. . For those who enjoy walking it’s definitely the city for you. You can stroll along the walk the Zubizuri, do some shopping at Casco Viejo or walk the path along La Ria. Public transport in the city is cheap and a popular way to travel for residents and tourists alike.
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