Gran Canaria
Basking in sunshine and ringed by vast stretches of sandy beach, Gran Canaria is a holiday playground, one of the Spanish Canary Islands off of the coast of north Africa, in the Atlantic Ocean. The coast bristles with purpose-built modern holiday resorts, the most popular being Playa del Ingles, packed with leisure and pleasure facilities.more
Playa del Ingles - Manuela. Date of travel: Mar 2011
We have just returned from a weeks stay in Maspalomas and visited Playa del Ingles and as our guide book states, you either love it or hate it and we did not like it very much at all. The place is full of big imposing blocks of flats and while they may be hotels they actually look like a slightly nicer version of UK council estates in most cases.

The Yumbo center we visited in daylight hours as we needed a chemist and a summer dress for me. We found that like Italy, when trying to buy simple things like paracetamol in Gran Canaria, it cannot simply be bought in a supermarket like in the UK. You have to pay over the odds and wait in a queue to see a pharmacist in a pharmacy, for a product that next time I will pack before I leave home. The choice of clothing was really poor and all the shops were selling the same toot. After much seeking I settled on the best of a poor bunch of dresses.

We were struck by how entertainment was solely limited to a "shopping center" experience and there were plenty of those in GC. We thought it was very shortsighted for the Canarians to stick all modes of entertainment, i.e. bars and restaurants etc in shopping centres despite the fact that they were very organised in other areas like their town planning/road signs and good quality roads.

We did make the mistake of going for dinner and drinks at the "shopping center Kasbah" one evening last week and found many aggressive pushy men trying to get punters into their establishments and no amount of telling them they were being rude and pushy actually helped them to see where they were going wrong.

On the plus side the beach at Playa del Ingles was ok, but the day we chose to sit on it after a bland salad lunch, the sun was playing hide and seek and we had to abandon the idea after a few mins. I really cant say who Playa del Ingles would appeal to, but we wont be going back there.
Puerto Rico, Gran Canaria - J Thompson. Date of travel: Jul 2010
Have recently come back from another enjoyable week in Puerto Rico (my fifth visit). Apart from the fact that you are pretty much guaranteed sunshine (even in January), its also just a good spot to relax. The beach and harbour are always clean (the sea is beautiful for swimming) and there's some good options for drinks/food in the evenings. Harbour Lights (on the upper level of the small shopping centre, on the right as you look out to sea) is my favourite bar probably - more relaxed than a lot of the others with cheap drinks and really nice food (plus free Playstation to keep the kids entertained - always handy!). The Greek restaurant a couple of doors down is also fantastic. All in all, if you want a week in the sun, just relaxing, eating and drinking, Puerto Rico is a pretty good bet.
Gran Canaria - Charlie Gabor. Date of travel: Mar 2009
Gran Canaria
Just back from the "Big Island" or Gran Canaria spent one lovely week down there. Nice sunny weather,daytime 22-27 degrees while the evening was 14-20 degrees, some days were windy but warm wind not chilly as here in Dublin. PDI full of nice restaurants and bars buzzing with life, day or night. Enjoyed "Roger's" bar-club, latino music all night. Yumbo and Kasbah shopping Centre didn't impress me at all! From Playa del Ingles I got the bus to Faro Maspalomas and Puerto Rico. 2 lovely places!! Very good bus service - reliable! From Puerto Rico got the glass bottom ferry to P.Mogan - only 10 Euro return. Could not see any fish tough but I went Scuba Diving with "Puerto Rico Diving" they have the office in Europa Shoping Centre on top of the hill and I saw a lot of nice fish while diving. The owners of "Puerto Rico Diving, Nina and Kevin, very professional and passionate about their job. If anyone wants to dive, they should definitely should choose Puerto Rico Diving. P.Mogan very nice little village with good fish and seafood restaurants. We enjoyed Maspalomas too. The long walk on the promenade, the coastline view and the beautiful sunset. "Cafe the Paris" very good value & quality for coffee and cake. Looking forward to go back in September. Charlie G.Dublin
Maspalomas - R Beveridge. Date of travel: Feb 2009
if you decide to visit Puerto Rico when visiting Gran Canaria whatever you do, avoid like the plague a shop selling cameras and other goods near the beach called CRISTAL INTERNATIONAL PRESS run by Asians. They con you into going into the shop to buy something then when you discover that they are trying to sell you a product at a far greater price than the one you may have been persuaded to buy they get really aggressive if you refuse and if you have handed over any money they refuse to return it to you. I discovered this and only got my money returned to me after I approached other customers and told them it was all a scam to fleece people the owner of the shop then followed my wife and myself into the street shouting abusive and foul language at us for not buying anything so be warned about this scumbag and his mates.
Honest review Gran Canaria - Jeroen. Date of travel: Aug 2008
Gran Canaria is a nice island. Only the local people, they really suck. Everyone thinks you're a millionaire. When you walk along a souvenir shop and you won't buy anything, the people often shout at you in Spanish. (I speak Spanish) If you decide to go to Gran Canaria, don't buy the watches or equipment. People will say it's real, but it's not!!! Looking for a nice island with friendly people, go to Rhodos or Crete!! Have fun!
Great destination! - Olivier Deheselle. Date of travel: Jul 2007
Gran Canaria is a powerfull destination for beach, visits or party time. Good for families or stand alone person.
I would visit Gran Canaria again - nice Island - Debbie & Mark Miller. Date of travel: Jul 2007
Many places to visit - where we went: Palmitos Park, Cocodrillo Park, Mogan, Puerto Rico, Aqualand, Las Palmas, small villages in the mountains - all very nice places to see and value for money. The Yumbo centre and the Shopping Centres are also good to visit.
El Hierro - Mark Nicolle. Date of travel: Dec 2006
Gran Canaria is an awesome holiday destination, but the island is getting fairly overrun by hotels and tourists. If you are looking to get away from it all take a flight to El Hierro. This is the smallest and most westerly of the Canary Islands and is certainly the least visited. There are few sandy beaches but the landscape is totally awe-inspiring. Like the other Canary Islands, El Hierro was formed by volcanic upheavals and they created its unique and varied scenery, with cultivated flatlands, misty mountains and jagged black rocks. The locals live quietly in tiny villiages, tending to their animals and making wine and cheese. The highlight, on the west coast of the island, is the massive El Golfo crater, where black and green cliffs rear 3000ft into the clouds forming a cradle of green fertile land. If you get fed up with the crowds, a trip to El Hierro is the perfect get away.
Kerry Aspinal. Date of travel: Jun 2005
OK. Very hilly: remined me of pictures of the moon, no greenery at all. Just hills to climb, too much with small children. Tour Operator: Airtours
Sue Malone. Date of travel: Apr 2005
Just got back from Gran Canaria. The first two days were cloudy but then it was relentless sunshine for the next five days. Beware of the sun, we got burnt when it was cloudy and some women who were there got burnt so bad after one day that they had to attend hospital on several occasions. We mainly went to the Irish Centre as we enjoy Irish pubs. Did not particularly like the resort, there was no actual resort centre, it was divided into about 5 different bits and you needed a taxi to get around. I also found that all the bars were very expensive, especially Keane's Bar, which although was a very good bar, also ripped you off a little. When you asked for a beer, you would get two and think you had been given one free, but you were actually charged 5 euros, so it was not really that free. Apart from that, I did enjoy myself, especially at the waterpark which was well worth the money and we had a great day out. The only time we got caught by the touts was at Maspalomas, we did not see any in Playa Del Ingles at all, although we did get a little hassle from the bars, but after going to Turkey previously, we were used to it. Found the people very friendly and helpful. The place was the cleanest resort I have ever been to. I would go back to Gran Canaria but would stay at a different resort. Tour Operator: Direct Holidays
Paul Moore. Date of travel: Feb 2005
Puerto Rico, lovely place, picturesque,good beach, little harbour, lots of steps though, plenty for all ages and nationalities, lively and loud at night although down by the beach its quieter at night but still plenty of bars,like the Harbour Lights, and eateries.Amadores beach just around the corner along a cliff walkway is very nice and totally made for the tourists. Mogan a few miles bus or boat ride away is very nice but busy on market day(Friday) There is also Playa de Ingles not far away alongside Maspolomas. Tour Operator: Thomas cooke
Gran Canaria - Clive Butler. Date of travel: Jan 2005
Playa del ingles can be harshly called a concrete jungle but this multi national resort has something for every body, a long pleasant safe beach for families,reasonably priced places to eat and a good night life at the Jumbo centre(clients may like to know that the centre is a mixture of Restaurants,shops,bars and Night Clubs some being Gay.) Maspalomas is a good resort if you wish to be quiet stroll along the beach,walk into the sand dunes or just relax by the Sea shore,shops and eateries are by the Light House as is the Bird Sancturary, For Night Life Playa del Ingles is only 3km away around a 3 euro taxi ride Tour Operator: Thomson
Vicki Thomson. Date of travel: Dec 2004
Gran Canaria is a really nice place whether you are old or young. For the younger people there are a whole lot of nightclubs in Puerto Rico and for the older there are plenty of things to whether they are to relax on the beach or go visiting the mountains and sand dunes. Even in the winter it is around 24 degrees celcius every day although it can be cloudy. The people there are very nice and helpful, plus they can speak english!! which is always good!!
Sadie. Date of travel: Dec 2003
We had booked a late break to Gran Canaria the week before Christmas to escape from all the build up to Christmas as we had recently experienced a family bereavement. The accommodation was as expected. The island was beautiful and warm again just what we had expected but the con artists were everywhere and after a few days we became very wary of even leaving the apartment for any length of time. We had been innocently walking to the beach one day and went through a shopping precinct: a shop owner persauded us to buy a video camera. We do not consider outselves to be gullible and have travelled extensively, but we could not get away from this shop. I had assumed we were covered by the normal regulations but this was not so. On other occasions we were accosted to the extent that someone even put their hand inside my husbands pocket to get some money. We will not go back to this island as we found it quite threatening.
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