Back in time - Sally Meanor. Date of travel: Oct 2007
Back in time
Our recent trip to Sark was unlike anything ever experienced before...like going back a few centuries. It is a beautiful island, very small, surrounded by 250m-high cliffs and criss crossed by several dirt roads, and populated by sheep, horses and a small population. Being car-free, people get around by foot, bicycle or tractor - there were a few horse-drawn carriages about waiting for business, but it seems that tourists are the usual passengers. It is highly recommended to hire a bicyle and explore the island that way - it is not very big so will not take too long, but there are several scenic spots that will require further exploration on foot and steps leading down to some awesome caves and beaches. The island is seasonal and most hotels close during the harsh winter months, opening again in summer with the arrival of the seasonal staff that vastly swells the population of about 600. The sea crossing from Guernsey (which is where one flies into) can be pretty rough, but only takes about 45min - 1hr.