Golden Sands
Rows of sunbeds stretch along the miles of sandy beach at Bulgariaís biggest and busiest Black Sea holiday resort of Golden Sands, backed by the beautiful forests of the Zlatni Piasaci National Park. Equipped with dozens of luxury hotels, villas, tavernas, shopping arcades, nightclubs and a casino, Golden Sands has the added attraction of hotmore
I loved Golden Sands - Georges Kanaan. Date of travel: Aug 2009
Well I went to Bulgaria last year 2009, Golden Sands and I have been in Shipka Hotel (3 stars) superior. The hotel was nice and clean, the breakfest was excellent and lots of variety in hot or cold food and even the sweets. The weather was moderate and no need for AC. You can have fun day and nights, you gonna love this place with its crazy nights till morning. Go to Varna, take the bus and not a taxi because it is expensive, you can go to varna Mall it is nice to see, you can do Safari it is amazing. Do not forget to do it & u can go see the dolphins not bad. Do not forget to go Varna beach it is good to see and to spend some time with its restaurant the all way before arriving to the beach. The best night club in Golden Sands is Oragan is the best at all, 4 nights in the same place and the second is PR Club & crowl and the Muppet as a karaoke one. Go eat in casino hotel for lunch and dinner for 1 euro each, open buffet. To tell you more I am going in July back to Golden Sands.
Golden Sands is brash and commercialised - John and Janine. Date of travel: Jun 2009
The Golden Sands resort is purpose built and characterless.The beach is long and sandy but unless you pay a very high price for sunbeds (costliest ever) only a very small part is available for public use, which means it gets excessively crowded. If you are over 30 then you may find Golden Sands too busy and boisterous.
Golden Sands: Itís shimmering and shinning in Black - Kristain Musni. Date of travel: Jan 2009
Golden Sands: Itís shimmering and shinning in Black
Golden sands is long stretch of gold (sand) beach in the Black Sea coastline. Beautiful. Loved it. Hey if its summer then you must lay yourself in Golden Sands, this is the best time to revel in Golden Sands.
Golden Sands - J. Date of travel: Aug 2008
I'm going there again tomorrow morning and flying with Balkan and each year I've been I've found it to be better each time. You never have nothing to do. Lively pubs and clubs, cheap food, cheap ale, it's brilliant. The daytime atmosphere is brilliant and it's always boiling so if you want a tan then you wont be let down. I've stayed in the Hotel Slavey which was ok and the Hotel Bonita which was better but for the 4th time I'm not going to be staying back in the Hotel Shipka because it has everything you need and the people there are really polite and helpful. I would definitely give this is 10/10, if you're thinking of going but aren't sure, I would advise you to go, it really is a good place to go on holiday.
Golden sands - Sarah and Faye. Date of travel: Aug 2007
The place was lovely, clean and most of the staff are very pleasant! Loads of pubs, clubs and restaurants to eat at. I would avoid going to the 'The Old Huse' restaurant which is near the Parrot nightclub as the food is rubbish and bad service.
Golden sands great fun - Emma. Date of travel: Aug 2006
With regards to the Golden Sands resort itself, it was clean and the people were very friendly and welcoming. I went last year and I think it's a great place for young people on a budget. I highly recommend the pub crawls, they are a good laugh and a good way to meet new people and only costs 20 leva. Lots of places to eat. The Bulgarian food is great and value for money. So get over there. I'm going again this year but I would recommend staying in an apartment.
Currency Changing at Golden Sands - Mia. Date of travel: Jul 2006
Currency Changing at Golden Sands
Just returned from Bulgaria and even with the greatest knowledge was ripped for £20 at a Golden Sands Beach currency changer. Got desperate to get £100 changed to get gifts and went to one that apparenly was offering 2.84. After they took cash and asked my wife to sign ... silly I know ... they gave her 2.29 and said the 2.84 was "selling price". Please make sure before you hand over cash that its the rate for "buying". I decided to take a photo of the place which is on The beach promenade just in from far left of Golden sands. I tried to take the cashiers photo, but after 1 minute I was approached by a thug who said "NO CAMERA" and "not my problem" and left us in no doubt (gun inside his shorts ) that we should leave. Have Picture ... if anyone wants it please email as I don't want anyone else to get street mugged as we did. Tour Operator: My Own
Ann. Date of travel: Aug 2005
When we arrived at our hotel at nealy 4am we were very disappointed and wondered what the hell we had come to. It was extremely basic with 2 beds end to end, a minute bathroom with a shower, wardrobe and balcony. However, over the 2 weeks we got used to it. The hotel is rated 2 star. It had a swimming pool but most kids did have to be seen by the doctor for ear infections (90 Levs). The hotel is at the top of a main street ( party street) which is subject to a lot of noise at the front of the hotel. The back rooms which we were in were much quieter. The breakfast was OK. if you like salad or scrambled eggs and hot dog sausages. They did not vary the food at all. However, the menu in the restaurant was good and much cheaper than other sea front restaurants. Considering the star rating of this hotel in comparison with a 3 star in Mombasa Kenya (all Inclusive) then there is no comparison. I have been to many European resorts staying in accommodation that is allocated on arrival but Warshawa really was the most basic. Clean towels and bed linen once per week!! If I went to Bulgaria again I would not stay in Golden Sands as I didn't like how it was a man made resort like Blackpool that had a barrier (check point) at either end. No locals live there so you don't get to see how Bulgarians live without taking a trip out of the resort. It is very commercialised so there's plenty to do. Even if it means being entertained by the many prostitutes that add to the sleazyness of the place along with strip clubs, peep shows and gogo girls. Tour Operator: Balkan Holidays
Golden Sands - Margaret. Date of travel: May 2005
When we travelled to Golden Sands it was the start of the holiday season and it was very quiet. I wouldn't recommend going at the start of May as there was no entertainment at night outside of the hotel and also no street lighting. There are a lot of people trying to get you into their shops etc; just ignore them and walk away. It's the only way. You may feel a bit ignorant but if you stop and chat to them you will never get away! Please stay clear of the Pirate Ship restaurant that is along the promenade as the food isn't edible and it is expensive compared to others. My kids got a dicky tummy after eating there and they only had a couple of mouthfuls. The people in the resort are lovely though and will do anything to help you. There is a wonderful cocktail bar near the artists stalls who claim to have the record number of cocktails. They are amazing and I had to go back to the hotel after 2 cocktails as I was really drunk and all for a cost of 14lev (about £4.50) Everyone expects to be tipped in Golden Sands and if you don't do it they will be rude, even though you should only tip if you are satisfied with the service!! If you want a good night out go to Albena where the night life is great. My partner and I went out there a few nights and had a brilliant time. There are a few prostitutes but they dont bother you if you are with your other half. All in all I would go back to Bulgaria. It is a beautiful country with amazing beaches and really nice locals and yes it is as cheap as people say. Be wary of Varna as the pickpockets are rife; you will be told of them at your welcome meeting but they make out as though it hardly happens, believe me its bad! my daughter and I went into Varna and got surrounded by at least 20 of them. They gather at the steps outside the Cathedral and this is the only way to cross the road, so be very vigilant and keep all valuable belongings hidden. I'm not scare mongering but it does happen. Apart from that it is a beautiful country. Tour Operator: first choice
C Wilson. Date of travel: Sep 2004
Golden Sands resort was a lot larger than expected with two separate main areas; the beach promenade and the street with pubs and clubs. Very Clean resort with OK food, would recommend La Bamba, Parmy's and my favorite The Old Lighthouse. Good Entertainment. For Clubs head to Bonkers not very impressive looking but good vibe. More a 5* night out got to GILDA a night never to forget with a fantastic show. Keep an eye out for the tap dancer! Maybe will return to Golden Sands if so deffinately before it becomes any more commercialised and before the louts discover it, Will definately return to Bulgaria but somewhere quieter perhaps Albena or Neesebar.
Excellent! - Robert and Amanda Carmichael. Date of travel: May 2004
We first went to Bulgaria (Golden Sands) for the last fortnight in July 2003 and absolutely loved it. Our son was 6 at the time and he had a great time as did my 9 year old niece with plenty to keep them entertained. Jet ski's and paragliding cheaper than most places and I honestly couldn't fault the place. Anything negative I have read about Golden Sands are things that you would find at any major holiday destination (beggars, criminal element, people trying to get you off the street into their establishment). I recommend the old guy selling the pancakes in the street (if he's still there). Ex merchant navy cook, bare footed, dirty chefs whites, stirs the mixture with an electric drill and a plaster mixing attachment. Tour Operator: Balkan Holidays
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