Ayia Napa
Hundreds of thousands of young clubbers out for a good time flood in to holiday in Ayia Napa, the hottest spot in Cyprus, every summer, tempted not only by its dozens of bars and nightclubs but also by the stretches of silver sands that front this hedonistic resort. Ayia Napa has it all, from everymore
In Ayia Napa you PARTY HARD!! - Andrew. Date of travel: Sep 2009
The Ayia Napa nightlife is great, really busy. Spoilt for choice on pubs and clubs. There is a quality water park there and really nice beaches. There is always music playing and there are plenty of places to eat. There is loads to do like watersports and cruises. Best holiday I've ever been on.
Ayia Napa - Can't wait to get back! - Robin Cate. Date of travel: Aug 2009
Ayia Napa - Can't wait to get back!
Let's just say that I wept when I arrived at Ayia Napa because of the beauty of the water and wept when I left because I've never had a better holiday! The snorkeling was fantastic - my first time; parasailing was INCREDIBLE; Red Bus tour was informative; Aphrodite II boat trip was relaxing and beautiful; the Live Lounge Venue was laid back, had very friendly staff and the live band was fantastic. Everything was a little more expensive than I had anticipated but well worth it. I will be back as soon as I can. I think I was one of the only Americans on the island which, actually, was kinda nice! Do yourself a favor and go to Ayia Napa!
Too many girls! - claire . Date of travel: Aug 2009
I absolutely loved Ayia Napa, went on a girls holiday and couldn't believe what a beautiful place it was. But was hoping to find some hotties out there and was a little disappointed when there was probably 1 boy to every 10 girls! I am going Ibiza this year
Ayia Napa is excellent!!! - Paul. Date of travel: Jun 2009
The nightlife in Napa is great, the places I recommend would have to be Bedrock, Loveshack, The Castle and Carwash. The Irish bars are quality! The best thing to do during the day is look about for excursions as we had the best time at the Water World Park, which was 28 from 10am to 6pm. It's one of the biggest water parks in Europe. Also we booked a day out to a city called Famagusta which is known as the ghost town as it got invaded by the Turkish 40 yrs ago & is still standing today as it was then - 20 and very interesting!
Ayia Napa - No 5 stars :( - Mike. Date of travel: May 2009
Ayia Napa is a nice hotel but not 5 star. Swimming pools are good; more than one, clean and warm. Hotel grounds are kept clean and tidy. Rooms ok, not that big and two single beds pushed together. Housekeeping staff good, very friendly. Food is absolutely awful, cheap and nasty. Lots of choice if you like roast dinners, cottage pie, pasta that's overcooked with over salty sauce, chicken nuggets, pancakes at every meal (which are then rolled up to make caneloni and the batter used to encase the dry and undersized fish in a jacket of goo). The salads are ok but covered in mayo and plain salad leaves are suspiciously like shredded cabbage. Hospital food and cheap pub food springs to mind. No local dishes at all, and the meat all very cheap and thin and over cooked. Breakfast not bad, the fresh fruit selection is good. Left overs from the day before can be found lurking in the salads, like roast meat etc. The staff in the restaurant are too quick to clear your plate and table before you have even finished. Should you all go to the buffet together, watch out as your table will be cleared and given to someone else - this happened three times to us. There is no wine list, it's by the glass house red rose or white and it's not good. The bar staff are slow beyond belief and ignore you. Happy hour is a joke, it's the only time drinks are reasonable but if you get more than one drink you are lucky due to eternity you wait to be served. A Cypriot wedding reception was held at the hotel during our stay, we were not told about alternative dining arrangements and watched bemused as thousands, and I mean thousands, of locals descended on the hotel to see the happy couple. You could not move in the hotel or bar and the poor guests staying in some room had wedding guests sprawled all over their terraces till past midnight. The food on offer in the a la carte is the old table d'hote menu and it's sad as it shows the hotel has declined and you do have a wine list. The dress code the hotel claims to have is not adhered to, male guests are allowed to wear shorts to dinner; football shirts, jeans and flip flops are accepted. Swim suits are allowed for lunch and breakfast. You can get a sunbed but people do still get up at dawn to reserve them, the hotel says it collects towels put out before 8am but it doesn't. I would not stay here again while it remains all inclusive, the standards will continue to drop, the pool was the best bit. I will never stay in a hotel that offers all inclusive again.
Fantastic Nightlife but avoid Simos Magic Bar!! - Mr & Mrs Holt and Miss Princess Holt. Date of travel: Sep 2008
My husband & myself went to Ayia Napa in September 2008 and were ripped off by a nasty Irish git who works there. We ordered 2 cocktails and gave the guy in question a 50 note, and he brought back change for a 10 note. When we protested and said we gave him a 50 note, he said "jog on" & refused to give us all our change. My husband was furious and we vowed never to go there again and are warning other holidaymakers to be on their guard against being ripped off like us.
Ayia Napa is Amazing!!! - Kerry. Date of travel: Sep 2008
Oh my gosh, what to say!! We ad such an amazing girly holiday and it was towards the end of the season!! We went for a week and it was not long enough!!! We are really considering going back next year as it was honestly the best place we've been, particularly in peak season. I can't even imagine what it's like then!! All I can say is it's full of hot guys... (and hot girls for you guys) that are all up for a wicked time!! Would not advise it as a place for couples or for one half of a couple to go!!! In fact I'm currently applying for a repping job next year....it would be amazing to be there for the 3 months of my summer!!! xxx
Ayia Napa was excellent - Chris. Date of travel: Aug 2008
We never took in many of the sights in Ayia Napa as we were too taken in by the superb night-life. We spend a lot of our time at the separate pools of Tsokkos Apartments (highly recommended) during the day and when we went out at night, went everywhere! Although the PRs can become a nuisance, they offer really good deals and a lot of the pubs you are drawn into have a brilliant atmosphere (Linekers, Craigs, Simos Magic, Senior Frogs) and the clubs are also brilliant! There are also after parties which run until 8 in the morning which are fantastic.
Best place on earth - Nathan. Date of travel: Aug 2008
The night life and Nissi beach. It's like being in heaven!!!!
I Loved Ayia Napa go every year - Dee + Fifi. Date of travel: Aug 2008
If you are looking a friendly lively holiday you cannot go anywhere else except Ayia Napa. People are extremely friendly both other holiday makers and the people of Cyprus. I would suggest you check out the best beach NISSI Beach I have done a bungee jump and would suggest doing it, once in a lifetime opportunity the bungee ball is quite good too. Senior frogs and the pirates bar best to go to b4 u head on to the clubs. Loved minos and castle club among many others. Enjoy will be the best holiday of your life if you are mental, up for a laugh and love nightlife partying.
Ayia Napa is great - Bonnici. Date of travel: Apr 2008
Ayia Napa is great
Ayia Napa has beautiful beaches, nice restaurants and bars. Super night life.
Capital of nightlife - Brignone. Date of travel: Aug 2007
It is the ideal place if you're looking for a lively nightlife, full of clubs and pubs, most of them very funny.
Mess and filth!! - Francesca. Date of travel: Aug 2007
Ayia Napa is just for nightlife!! During the day it's desert! The beaches aren't so great and except the monastery there's nothing to see!!! Not advisable if you don't like filth and mess!!
Best hoilday of my life - Deirdra. Date of travel: Aug 2007
Ayia Napa - what can I say? Best hoilday ever. I went with 16 of my friends, I'm not even back a week and I want to go back, the square where all the nightclubs are was amazing, Castle Club and Starskys best clubs in Ayia Napa. Also try Aqua, it has a swimming pool. The Iphigenia Apartments (where we stayed) are not the cleanest but they are about a 5 minute walk away from the square. You don't really eat when you're away but we did find this great restaurant Rikko's beside the Iphigenia Apartments. It certainly brought our appetites back. Ayia Napa was perfect and me and my friends and we are definitely going back. I went with 1000 and came back with 20 don't regret a penny I spent.
I like Ayia Napa - Michael Moore. Date of travel: Aug 2007
I like Ayia Napa
Ayia Napa is very good city, I like it. I hava good life, I have a good beach.
Ayia Napa - Marty F. Date of travel: Aug 2007
Ayia Napa is pumping!! Class weather, cheap booze, lots of flair, Irish bar is class.
When I say Ayia.... - Stargirl. Date of travel: Jul 2007
When I say Ayia....
Napa is amazing and if you haven't been, go! I worked in Napa for the summer last year in the Bhoys bar, sadly its closed down now... sniff. Had the best time working there getting gargled every night, heading dancing after work. oh yes, you could find us on the bar in Starskys every night. No doubt I just loved it. I'm going back this year just for a 2 week holiday mind. Me and me girls are hitting Napa on the 7th July so if you going then, see you there! The best spots in Napa are Starskys, Titanic, Senior Frogs, Ambassador, Castle Club, the Bell Inn... ah they all good and there's a place to suit anyone's taste even a bit a rock music!! Starskys does have to be me favourite though. It's just out of this world and a good thing bout Napa as well is that there's so many different cultures. Oh and the restaurants are gorgeous, especially the Mexican and Japanese places! Well if you going to Napa have a good one! And if you're not, you're missing out!
Just Brill... - Cath and John. Date of travel: Jul 2007
Ayia Napa can be very lively but we found it fun even at our age. A must visit is Los Banditos Mexican restaurant near the square - but be prepared for a wait as it is always busy. The beach at Grecian Sands is brill (blue flag) and is just across the road from the Mermaid hotel where we stayed.
Ayia Napa lively - Steve Osbiston. Date of travel: Jul 2007
We didn't know the reputation of Ayia Napa before we booked and were a little worried but found the town to be full of bars and restaurants although we didn't use them. The fun fair was a little dead most of the time and the karting tracks looked dangerous but overall we found the town fine and catering for most needs.
It's like Blackpool with better weather - Annie. Date of travel: Jul 2007
If you want to eat pie and chips all week and watch Brits making total freaks of themselves, then this is the place for you. We knew it was going to be like Blackpool and used it as a cheap base. Once you get out of the town there's some great beaches and amazing places to visit. We hired mopeds and yourown transport is essential if you want to avoid going insane. It's just too tacky to spen any time in. If you're too scared to eat anything non-British then i'd highly recommend it. It is however a good base if you're the type of holidaymaker who likes to explore and doesn't see the point in flying half way across Europe only to stay in the one place all week.
Great sandy beach and excellent medieval monastery - John. Date of travel: Jul 2007
firstly Ayia Napa has excelllent sandy beaches, we used to visit the harbour beach, a long sandy beach with crystal clear waters just next to the traditional harbour. There we discovered a very nice restaurant Karousos Beach. The restaurant specialised in fish mezze. Another interesting site is the medieval monastery, the place is amazing and without a doubt the best sightseing of Ayia Napa.
I loved Ayia Napa - Rachael Owen. Date of travel: Jun 2007
I loved Ayia Napa
The nightlife in Ayia Napa is very, very lively, we went to pretty much all the bars and clubs. I would definitely recommend the Castle Club, Carwash and Starskys, and for bars, Senior Frogs, Craigs Karaoke, Sky Bar and Bedrock Inn. We also visited the Water Park which again is very good value for money and an excellent day out. For food try any of the Chinese restaurants. Our favourite place for breakfast was Gary's. I would recommend Ayia Napa.
Good restaurants - K I'Anson. Date of travel: Jun 2007
Restaurants to definitely try in Ayia Napa: Sage, Viva Mexico, Clarabels, Fiji and Sapparo. Good bar if your not interested in clubbing is Pepper (opposite Clarabels). The bakeries are good but not Bake and Bite! Water park is always worth it.
Ayia Napa - Sam Calder. Date of travel: Jun 2007
Ayia Napa
Ayia Napa is such a fantastic town to club at - lots of wicked clubs and bars to drink at and a great variety of restaurants to eat at. The nearest beach was not very sandy but that didnt stop us exploring other local beaches (Three Tree figs is only a ten minute walk and the Nissi beach is only a short bus ride). I would recommend you to explore other towns and villages (Paralimni and Protaras) to experience the Greek/ Cypriot culture. The pic of the beach here is of the Nissi Beach.
Ayia Napa is mint!! - Tim Dawson. Date of travel: Jun 2007
Went to Ayia Napa in June this year and had a wicked time. It has the best beaches going and the night life is mental. I went for 2 weeks and didn't want to leave and was thinking of living there it's that good. Recommend people to pay a visit to Senior Frogs bar the most random, funniest bar I've seen in my life you'll know what I mean when you see it. Best club has got to be Starsky's. All the ladies dance on the bar, tunes can be a bit cheesey but the atmosphere is mint! Also Castle Club was great, loads of rooms playing all sorts of music. Guaranteed to have a great time. I got to go back soon, totally mental :)
Quiet and relaxing - David. Date of travel: May 2007
Town already busy, but still quiet and clean, in early May. Beaches very clean and walk into town along beach path very enjoyable. Great family break. One year old boy loved it.
Ayia Napa - Miss R Wilson & Mrs D Dent. Date of travel: May 2007
I went to Ayia Napa in May, the nightlife was amazing, bars and clubs all in the high street at the square. The staff in Ayia Napa were friendly, and a laugh! The holiday entertainer, Emily, I got on with really well, she made me go play water polo. The leisure facilities were amazing! The indoor pool was a bit cold as wasn't heated at this point. Was within walking distance to the Square Pub. The weather was good in May, at night you didn't even have to wear a jacket. Loved the place! Going to go there with all my mates when I leave school! Miss you George the barman and Hara the receptionist. Hope to see you all soon!
Laura Stevens. Date of travel: Sep 2006
I absolutely love Ayia Napa. This will be my 5th time!! I even worked there for the summer of 2002!! It has everything to offer any age group, however, mum and dads you may feel a bit left out if you have kids to look after and you too want to join the clubbers at the square. All the pubs and clubs are magic and there are so many to choose from. Another great aspect about Ayia Napa that draws it apart from the like of Ibiza etc is the strict NO DRUG policy: the police come down hard and are can be very scary. If you plan to use drugs stay away. Ayia Napa is clean and friendly and brimming with action all day and night and we want to keep it that way. I'm there on Sunday, can't wait. See you there.xx Tour Operator: Thomas Cook
Proper bo i tell thee - Diana Currier, Jack Webb. Date of travel: Sep 2006
Proper bo i tell thee
Ayia napa as a place is wicked, there is so much to do. I went with my boyfriend on a club 18-30 holiday which im sure everyone thought was a stupid idea! but it was the best holiday ever, the reps were hilarious and there was lots of stuff to do, we went on a bar crawl, had an enertainment night, booze cruise etc. loved buzz bar, sky bar, linekers, carwash, starskys etc - definitely worth checking out some of those if you go. Nissi beach was the best beach ive ever been to - you can walk for about half a mile out to sea and you dont get any deeper than your knee - clear water and white sand and the water was really warm and clean. there are bars lining the beaches that play funky house music so when your messing around in the sea you can listen to some tunes. i rented a quad bike which was awesome, saved loads of money on taxi fares that way. of course ayia napa is suited for single's but for couples its just as good - in the day you can chill out and at night it just comes alive! go for the drink offers like the all inclusive bars for 4 hours for £7 each - such a bargin and they dont measure drinks so you get wasted without spending much money. some clubs charge to get in but look for the PR guys who should be giving free entry tickets out.
€1 cocktails - Andy. Date of travel: Aug 2006
Holiday to Ayia Napa was the best yet! Went with a group of 5 lads. Start the night with €1 cocktails - happy hour is from 4-5pm and then again at 8-10pm. The clubs were amazing, the best were Castle, Starky’s, Carwash and Ice. End the night at the after party at River Reggae. For day time activities I suggest the bungee jump, it costs around £50 but its so worth it. The water park is also amazing. Nissi beach was the best beach in Ayia Napa, great amosphere.
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