Cycling around Aswan - Emma. Date of travel: Jan 2009
Cycling around Aswan
Recently it is possible to rent a bike on Aswan west bank and make a beautiful cycle trip along the Nile or a larger "tour d'Aswan" if you like. The quality of the road is perfect and the area is very nice: Right - the Nile and the green agriculture grounds where the farmers are working, accompanied by donkeys, camels and ibises. Left - the desert and the traditional Nubian village life; women carrying their shopping bag on the head, men gathering at the water taps, children are playing. You get an impression of the daily life, people are gladly surprised to see cyclists, and will welcome you in their village and invite you for a cup of tea in their house, if you are lucky. The trip on the West bank to the bridge takes approximately one hour (and a half). If you cross this new modern suspension bridge, you can make a nice round trip and bring back the bicycle by local ferry afterwards. The local ferry leaves opposite the street of the railway station and takes you to the other side in 10 minutes. Walk to the right and you will find at the first guesthouse Bet el Kerem, the location of the bicycle rent.
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