Luxor is amazing - Beverly . Date of travel: Jul 2009
Luxor is a terrific centre for a holiday - there is enough to do day and night that you don't need to travel, but if you want to it has an excellent train service and tons of tours organised. The people are friendly and once you get used to them "pestering" you and say no - they are more than happy to just talk and be friendly. It's a different culture but embrace it and you will enjoy every minute.
I love visiting Karnak - Ruth Foster. Date of travel: May 2008
My family love to holiday in Luxor, especially the New Winter Place, for its culture and friendly atmosphere. At Karnak we recently discovered the excavations of Roman period baths. We also like to visit the Valley of the Kings and explore.
Loved Luxor - Dale & Sue. Date of travel: Apr 2008
Enjoy the open air museum, yes you get a bit of banter but just keep walking and they soon give up.
Luxor recommendations - Juliana. Date of travel: Feb 2008
Luxor recommendations
Yes, Luxor and Egypt come with their share of hassles, but I just loved it. We spent a total of 3 days touring there. Day one: Luxor and Karnak Temples: Luxor temple is open in the evenings until 8 or 9pm, and we visited around 7pm it was so romantic and beautiful to be there at night, I recommend doing it in the evening. Karnak temple was way beyond expectations, but very busy. Day Two: Valley of the Kings, Valley of the Queens & Hatshepsut Temple, I enjoyed the Hatsheupsut temple the most. The other sites are not to be missed, but Hatshepsut just stood out from the three. Day 3: Valley of the Nobles, Valley of the Workers, and Medinat Habu. These were my very favourites, and are far less touristed. We were all alone at the Valley of the Nobles. The tombs are much smaller, but are in near pristine condition. Also the temple of Medinat Habu was one of the most beatiful anywhere. If you go to Luxor take the time to visit these smaller sites, you will not regret it. I can also highly recommend the tour guide that we had. Mohamed El-Hamid.
Luxor - Robert Simpson. Date of travel: Nov 2007
Well where to start, Luxor has the largest open air museum in the world. Most popular must be Luxor and Karnack Temples, Hatchepsuts Temple, Valleys of the Kings, Queens, Nobles, Artisans and Monkeys. BUT if you have time leave the tourist trail, with all the good intentioned guides and package tour representatives from Thomson`s, Airtours, Thomas Cook et al, AND go to Medinet Habu, this is the mortuary temple to Ramses the third, this bloke had a bigger bloody ego than David Cameron has. Well worth a visit if only to escape the crowds.
Luxor is a place to visit for 4/5 days - Ken & Elizabeth. Date of travel: Oct 2007
Luxor is a place to visit for 4/5 days
Staying on the West Bank in Luxor was an education for us and the people were friendly and were not threatening. Using the local transport meant money was going to the locals, who are very dignified and proud.
We enjoyed Luxor but stayed on the West Bank to be closer to the 'real' Egypt - Ken & Elizabeth. Date of travel: Sep 2007
We enjoyed Luxor but stayed on the West Bank to be closer to the 'real' Egypt
Luxor and the West Bank is a lot more authentic than the touristy East bank but generally we had a very good stay and learnt a lot about the area.
Luxor I realy enjoyed it - Jeff and Jan Kelly. Date of travel: Sep 2007
Out of all the places we docked I enjoyed Luxor the best. Don't be afraid to go out and about. In fact look for a guy on the horse drawn carriage named Ali and his brother Karem Mohamed Sayed he has one of the best carriages and a well looked after horse which is important some horses look neglected. Don't use these so you cant go wrong using Ali. Say Jeff said hello I even took them to McDonalds they made me feel that welcome.
I visited Luxor as a single woman and felt safe - Marsha Harlowe. Date of travel: Jun 2007
A very beautiful city, people very friendly. Would recommend a carriage driver I met there named Khalad. contact 0020106561208, very helpful.
Sonesta heaven - Dale & Sue. Date of travel: Apr 2007
Kalesh drivers are pure pests but a simple "No!" usually sends them on their way, though they are cheap. Most places, if you don't mind walking, are not too far away, we paid no more than 10 Egyptian to be taken in the kaleshes around Luxor, though Karnak will cost you a little more, try to use Jolleys when booking tours they were the best of most and can be found near the old winter palace, cheap and honest only one I would advise not to book is the light at karnak show just use a taxi and pay at the gate and you should save a few s.
Luxor is crammed full of history - Dale & Sue. Date of travel: Apr 2007
Luxor is crammed full of history
The kalesh drivers in Luxor are a bloody pain to be honest and as soon as you get off one they pester you to get back on even though they just watched you get off!!!! They all need to earn a crust but they are parasites who have little respect for the word 'no' and can spoil your walks around Luxor! History in this city jumps out at you and takes you back to the times of the pharoah's, it's wonderful and safe contrary to what people say. Yes, it's cheep and the kalesh drivers are pains and PESTS but put them aside and it's lovely. It's better to see Luxor from a kalesh as they will pester the life out of you when you walk. Try JOLLEYS to book trips with as they are excelent and give real value for money! Mandu if he still works there was really helpful and above all honest!
Friendly Luxor - Susie and Robert Simpson. Date of travel: Mar 2007
Luxor is excellent for sights (Luxor and Karnack Temples) , shopping (Main Bazaar), things to do (Brooke Hospital for Animals), walking (Take a Floppy Hat), eating(Ritz, Snobs, Lantern Restaurants).
Friendly Luxor - Susie & Robert Simpson. Date of travel: Mar 2007
Lots of sights (Luxor & Karnack temples), shopping at the Main Bazaar. Things to do: Brooke Hospital for Animals. Good for dancing at the Hotel Etap, walking -take a floppy hat, eating go to the Ritz, Snobs, Lantern restaurants.
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