Juli de Bruin. Date of travel: Jan 2004
Dahab has very much a backpackers scene but there is lots of different types of accomodation for different people - we stayed in a little reed hut on the beach which was very comfortable but basic. A must is to take a diving or snorkelling trip to the Blue Hole - an amazing deep hole ringed by coral reefs that you can either snorkel around on the inside or dive into - there are lots of colourful fish and amazing things to see.
Dahab is the place to relax - Orla. Date of travel: Jan 2003
I went to Dahab after I got kicked off a kibbutz in Isreal. I have to admit it was pretty fantastic. Relaxed and cheap and heaps of fun. There is quite a diving scene there although I never took that 'dive'. The drive to Dahab from Egypt was long and dry; we were actually thinking if we weren't just been drivin off into the dessert... Well we were but only to find a small oasis at the end of the journey. When I went there was a bit of an issue finding bank tellers. And the kids on the beach who braid your hair for a couple of Egyptian Pounds / Cents are kinda cute. There are lots of comfy places to relax and eat and smoke shisha's and meet folk. Also just be warned - no matter what you do you're going to get the runs!! Try avoid the tap water. Don't forget to be nice to the shop sellers, if they like you they will give you 'friend price' basically the better you know them the cheaper stuff gets!! Fantastic!