An exotic location where any European holiday-maker will feel at home, Hurghada on Egypt’s Red Sea coast was a sleepy fishing village not too many years ago. The package tour industry discovered it and now a strip of dozens of hotels and apartment blocks stretches along its miles of magnificent beach south of town, andmore
Ignore all other moaning reviews on Hurghada!! - beckyboodointhedoo. Date of travel: Oct 2008
Brilliant! Everything was perfect about Hurghada and our hotel. I have been all over the world and this is by far the best holiday i have had!!!! See it to believe it x
Mixed feelings - Caroline Alfred. Date of travel: Mar 2006
If you are going to book any excursions in Hurghada you should check out several companies and be prepared to negotiate. Whatever price you are quoted you should be able to get it for at least half the price. I did a lot of scuba-diving in Hurghada and El Gouna, the sealife is really beautiful and we saw dolphins in El Gouna which was so amazing. The one bad thing about diving was that all of my instructors tried to hit on me (and I had four in total). By the end it just got so annoying. This in my opinion is the worse thing about Hurghada. Apart from my time in the Hilton, every single Egyptian man I met tried to chat me up and they were very persistent. I made small talk with a man for a few minutes and then refused to go for a drink with him. He started shouting at me, demanding to know why?
Don't go! - Nikki Hesford. Date of travel: May 2005
Don't go to Hurghada!! If anyone is considering going, I advise DON'T. We went there earlier this year, we stayed in a 3* Hotel which was wonderful and clean and comfortable, however this was the only positive thing I can say. The area of Hurghada is basically a dump. Imagine Benidorm after a series of bombs has gone off and thats Hurghada for you. Most of the resort is dry, dusty and like a building site, the beaches although clean and attractive, are swarming with people who will not leave you alone for 2 minutes. Honestly, they will hassle you and hassle you to go on a trip with them. If you say 'maybe later' or 'maybe tomorrow' they will take that literally, and come back later, or tomorrow! And every waking moment until you book something! In the end we booked a glass botttom boat just to get some peace! The worst is yet to come: The food is quite awful, with a few exceptions (You'll be sick of Egyptian Stew by the time you come home!). We found one Italian Restaurant which looked lovely, so we ate there. This is when I got food poisoning, and we ended up booking a flight home early. I was admitted into hospital back in England, to find I had Ecoli. I spent a week in hospital, and a further 6 weeks with dodgy bowels. Taxis: Don't get me started! Even when you agree a price beforehand they'll try and rip you off by telling you they said per person, not for both of you. DON'T PAY IT, they have regulations in Egypt whereby they all have to have a Ref number clearly shown in their taxi. If you tell them you disagree with their price and you will take their number to the Tourist Police (Yes, it does exist) They will immediately panic and reduce the price. This is because the Tourist Police always back the tourist not the native, and the chances are they are drving the taxi illegally (Sons and Cousins often drive a parents taxi when they are not licensed to do so) so they are terrified of being caught out. Also, if you are looking for a taxi and one passes which looks crammed with people honking its horn, get in it. It'll cost you 10p instead of ten pound for your ride. We gave them a little over the odds, about £1 for the two of us and they thought we were nuts, but after we'd paid about £12 all week for the same journey 50p a piece seems very reasonable! If a mini-bus stops and it is empty, don't get in it, and if you do expect to pay a lot. You see, visually a bus and a taxi are exactly the same, the only difference is an empty mini bus is a taxi, one with people already in it is a bus, and charged at bus prices. A few other tips, don't go to Cairo by Coach. Your looking at about 6 hours+, and take my word for it that 20 minutes on a coach in Egypt is enough to send your nerves over the edge. (Think driving 6 inches from vehicle in front at 60mph, everyone honking their horns and cutting you up). We visited Cairo by plane, which was expensive (About £120 each inc Private Tour) but it was worth it. The flight was 30 min, the tour people picked us up at airport, gave us an English speaking guide who stayed with us all day, we had our own chauffer (There was only me and my partner) and we also got lunch on the Nile. It was fabulous, but one day in Cairo is enough for anyone... If you book a tour, don't do it by your hotel, walk into Hurgada and go into a travel shop (Trust me you won't miss them!) and say what you want, get a quote on paper, say you'll think about it, then take the quote down the road to the next one. They will quote you less, and so on until its half the amount. Our original quote for Cairo was £250 each, we eventually paid £120 each by this method. Prices of food and drink: Avoid Hard Rock Cafe at all costs unless its just the one night of extravagence, a G+T came it at £4! Expect to pay £1-2 anywhere else, although be warned: bars situated near to large hotels such at the Hilton etc will have bigger prices. I would advise booking to go Room only or B+B, as it is cheap to eat out (if you find the right places) and the hotel grub is often Egptian stodge night in, night out. Having said that, if you are travelling as a family of five, HB may be better. But for couples I wouldn't bother. Not a lot else to grumble about, other than leave it til after May to go, We went April and it was freezing! The sun was hot, but the winds were so strong they were blowing wooden sun loungers into the sea! And in the evening I couldnt wear strappy tops and skirts as it was too cold! Final Tip: Take plenty of diorrehia tablets and strong painkillers: even if you avoid Food Poisoning, I haven't seen a single person who has been to Egypt and not experienced cramps and poorly tummy of some sort! Tour Operator: My Travel
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