The city is at the heart of Spainís popular Costa Blanca, so a holiday in Alicante is filled with beautiful beaches, history, and a distinct African flavour. Alicante spreads out from its central Rambla, the streets filled with hawkers of African crafts and the surrounding plazas packed with shops, parks, restaurants, bars, cafes and ice-creammore
Alicante lovely holiday - Marion Timms. Date of travel: Dec 2008
Wasnít sure what to expect from Alicante but have been pleasantly surprised. Of course the sandy, white beaches are the reason most of us come here but thereís also a lot of history, so if you get tired of the beach you have the option of doing some sightseeing in town. The Paseo Gadeo Art Market was a highlight for me, as well as the Museo de la Asegurada. Alicante, unlike some other Spanish resorts has retained itís Spanish feel and thank heavens for it, thatís what makes going on holiday different from staying in the UK!
Great - Tracy. Date of travel: Sep 2007
Some of our group went to Aqualandia, would highly recommend it, also went to Terramitica, good day out and Mcdonalds do vouchers to get in cheap. There's plenty of shops and plenty to do in Alicante, Mundomar was great but didn`t go this time as was too busy.
Abdet, Alicante--Quiet, Nice, Real Spain! - Amanda and Tim. Date of travel: May 2006
Abdet, Alicante--Quiet, Nice, Real Spain!
Spain is lovely and interesting, as long as you avoid the tourist areas (e.g. Benidorm). So far I have only travelled on the Mediterranean, but the food is great, wine is cheap, and as a poor international student, I didn't feel quite as guilty spending money as I do in the UK. Don't forget about "Mediodia" or the siesta time between about 2-4 in the afternoon. If you are not there during peak tourist season it can be difficult to find a cafe or restaurant that is open at this time, and many businesses are closed. If you go to Valencia or Barcelona, it's probably much easier to just park your car (or not take one at all) and take public transportation around town. Valencia is particularly affordable--you can buy tourist cards for the Metro that are good for 1, 2, or 3 days, or "Bonobus" tickets for the bus that are good for 10 journeys. The bus network is pretty good and the night bus is better than some English cities. My fiancť and I stayed in a vacation house in the village of Abdet in Alicante. The village is a very tiny postage stamp of a place, perched on a mountainside with fantastic views. It was very, very, quiet at night--almost eerily so--but it was great for a restful break. I am interested in prehistoric paintings so we drove around to several sites in the area (La Sarga and Pla de Petracos are easy to get to), as well as museums in Alcoy, Valencia, and Alicante. There is no public transportation out here that I am aware of, so you will have to drive along narrow, windy mountain roads to get here, but it is worth it if you want a quiet place. There is a restaurant and a bar in town, but we didn't visit either of them--we were too tired after walking all day. Tour Operator: Self Organized, Tour Operator: Self Organized, Abdet.com
Alicante Was Very Nice! - Pauline Bottomley. Date of travel: Apr 2006
Alicante was really good, friendly staff and helpful.
Great Outdoor Activities - Barbara Phillips. Date of travel: Mar 2006
Mountains are great for walking and biking: The rugged mountains of the Costa Blanca offer a wonderful landscape of pinnacled ridges, enourmous crags and shady pines. Orange and almond groved enhance the valleys, whilst attractive mountain villages provide hospitality, offering a real Spanish experience. Road Cycling and Mountain Biking: The Guadalest Valley and the surrounding area provide excellent road cycling and mountain biking. You can tackle the challenging hills, exhilarating descents, or just take it easy along the nearby "Greenways" (converted railway lines). Tour Operator: http://www.abdet.com
Superb - Kelly and Ian. Date of travel: Jan 2006
We booked a 3 bed villa in Gran Alacant (10 mins south of Alicante) with www.alicanteholidayvillas.com. We rented via them directly from the owners and it was superb! Just as described and we made some great friends - wouldn't hestate to use them again.