It may be a little too much for some tastes, but there is no doubt that a holiday in Benidorm, the resort north of Alicante on Spain’s east coast, ticks all the boxes for the beach holiday brigade, and then some. Three miles (5 km) of sandy beach are lined with high-rise apartment blocks thatmore
The best! - Abbie and Nicole. Date of travel: Sep 2010
Where do i start! Hotel Perla was more or less bang on central, it was close to the gift shops which i visited everyday there's hundreds! a good place to eat is called something like Blackpool cafe! i know it sounds funny but it was cheap and you got alot for what you play they fill your plate to the brim! they do vegetarian options as well as i'm a veggie i had chips, eggs and beans very yummy. there are chip shops as well and pubs and restaurants there's also a eating house called the queen vic but didn't go in but it looked all right and quite cheap. Nightlife up the English square was absolutely brilliant the reps take you into different clubs to get you some free shots and the music is just like what they play in england i must say the spanish like alot of lady gaga and shakira.
The worst roast dinner i have ever had - G, A and L. Date of travel: Aug 2010
The worst roast dinner i have ever had
Benidorm is a fun and lively place to visit, with frequent cheap flights from the Uk to both Alicante and Valencia airports. It is also a bid seedy but its sort of all in the fun. (!). My main reason for writing this is be careful where you eat when you venture out of your hotel. There is a pub restaurant called "The admiral nelson" which can be found by walking out of the Melia hotel (which is very nice, food great by the way) and turning right and walking towards the beach. This pub is utterly disgusting and serves the worst roast dinner on the planet which consists of ready frozen roast potatoes (worse than aunt bessies), frozen reheated beef, no sauces, ready made gravy and tinned veg). I nearly chucked it back in their face. Do NOT eat at the admiral nelson pub.
Benidorm - Clubb. Date of travel: Aug 2010
Lots of pubs with Tribute Bands playing - however same acts on every night! Jokers nightclub good for younger age group. Good pub Reps - Ashleigh and Jason in Jokers nightclub.
Benidorm is brill! - Sheila Hood. Date of travel: Jul 2009
Benidorm is a name that people often wrinkle up their nose when you say it but we have always found it to be a great place for a holiday. The beach is fantastic and so clean and the prom is gorgeous. You can go into the old town and experience the real essence of a Spanish seaside resort. Some of the small bars and restaurants do look really grubby and uninviting so the answer is simple - don't go in! We found the nightlife not hugely suitable for our family's ages but part of this was due to smoking still being permitted in pubs and clubs. We would recommend Benidorm and I especially loved the cheap shoes!
Benidorm, simply the best! - Sandy and Mike Taylor. Date of travel: Apr 2009
Benidorm is a great place to go, just loved it. If you like tribute shows and comedians it's great. The best one we saw was the Tina Turner show at the Ambasador Hotel. She is just like the real thing! Hubby even said there's no need to buy tickets for real Tina after he had seen her. She was amazing! There are a few different ones so make sure it's the 'simply the best' show you see as there's no comparison. Gary George was the best comedian - so funny! Swears a little bit but not offensive. He is at Sandra's bar. We had a fantastic time and it was that good we even bought the DVDs!
Benidorm forever - Kathleen. Date of travel: Feb 2009
Benidorm forever
Just back from Benidorm - weather better than UK, just nowhere has the variety for things to do. There is even gym equip in Elche Park & many swing parks for children, and that's without going anywhere. The night life is the best with tributes to Westlife, Il Divo and Queen, Take That, many comedians, and now will Corujo who is in 'words & music' with David Mayer (great voice) they are also part of Westlife tribute. Also now part of Il Divo' that is playing at Rachel's Bar. Will's new club on opening night last week will played sax while Ray Lewis (drifter) sang Elvis, Tina Turner, 7 of course Il Divo will Cuban, Dave, Oliver, Davor all Spanish brilliant. Nessun Dorma & Mama & I believe in you - a real treat.
I love Benidorm - Miss Woodcockgail. Date of travel: Jan 2009
Not a lot I can say about Benidorm. The bars are good fun around Benidorm, lots of shops and there is lots to do.
Something for everyone in Benidorm - Jones. Date of travel: Dec 2008
You can go clubbing in Benidorm, see a singer, comedian, sex show, dance act, drag act, karaoke, anything you like. Go to see Rikki Stevens and Little Fred, it's absolutely hilarious. Take That tribute are really good when you've had a few vodkas, Elvis at The Town is excellent. Don't waste your time going to see the other shows.
Benidorm - Mr & Mrs Yeomans. Date of travel: Oct 2008
Benidorm is a good place for this time of year plenty of entertainment.
Benidorm forever!! - Kathleen Harkin. Date of travel: Oct 2008
Benidorm was packed full of Spanish & English who come here from all over, weather was perfect high 20s, love the beach and the markets which had a high police presence. They are trying hard to get rid of so called 'potato men'. I did a lot of walking and felt safe day or night. Super entertainment as usual. Westlife tribute just get better & better with Will Cuban, Jonny UK, Dave Spanish, Liam Irish doing extra songs some nights at Morgans. The Spanish Beatles are good at the town, and Martin Kent, words and music at Cafe Benidorm. I'll be in Borneo Xmas but will miss Benidorm!!!
I like Benidorm - Geoff. Date of travel: Sep 2008
Benidorm is a good all round holiday town.
Great time in Benidorm - Fred and Gill. Date of travel: Jul 2008
Just come back from Benidorm, great weather, accommodation okay, beach lovely, found a nice little bar in Calle Londres opposite London bar called Vonnys. Lager only €1 a pint, shorts only €1.50 for a very large measure, nice friendly family running it and a nice Indian restaurant right opposite.
I love benidorm, hated the hotel - Bex. Date of travel: Jun 2008
Benidorm is awesome and the nightlife is wicked!!! Bahamas woop woop!!! It's the place to go!
LOVED BENIDORM - Abby Carter. Date of travel: Apr 2008
I also love Benidorm itself - it is so nice to stay in and I could not wish for a better place to stay!! X
Benidorm best cabaret - Kathleen. Date of travel: Feb 2008
I've been going to Benidorm since 1993 and never had a bad holiday. The nightlife is so much better the in the last 3yrs, with 'words & music' Will & Dave' who are also part of Westlife tribute band, it's brilliant. They give good shows and all free, nowhere in Spain has such a variety, I've tried most places, so for the lovely clean beaches, safety, I walk a lot at night. Just be careful, don't change money just anywhere. Don't play the peanut game, and don't buy anything from gypsies.
Love Benidorm - Laura and Becky. Date of travel: Nov 2007
Loved Benidorm, especially the British square good girly holiday! Take that tribute. Good Westlife tribute gone a bit bad not as good as last year. Love themselves too much. Going again next year for a 21st birthday.
Cameron & David - A Great time for all... no matter what age - Cameron & David. Date of travel: Oct 2007
Cameron & David - A Great time for all... no matter what age
The best place to be in Benidorm if you're gay is the Old Town, and one of the best bars is Infinity Open from 10pm till 4.30. the staff, Nev, Shell and craig are so welcoming. The drinks are the cheapest and shots are free. There are no English lager louts in the area because they know it's a gay area so you always feel safe. If you're a little prudish you may want to stay away from Peoples bar and Lovers in the same area. Gay Hardcore porn plays through-out. Not a place to take the parents. But if you like that kinda thing Yyu'll love it. Bye the way to go to the toilets you must go through the dark rooms, except in Infinity. If you head into the new town the place to be there is Morgans Tavern otherwise known as Neptunes Bar in ITV's Benidorm programme. The staff are great and service is fast. The only downside is it gets very busy get there before 9. The other is the acts don't change throughout the week of your stay. The usual line-up is 9pm Cherout (So Called Scottish Comedian) to be honest, he's awful. 10pm The Soul Family Featuring Carlos, Valerie and Stephani. 11pm The Queen of Comedy and award winning actress Crissy Rock, now this is a fab show not to be missed. The entertainment plays until 2am. if you hear of the Micheal Jackson magic show while there give him a wide berth...awful.
Great place - Pam and John. Date of travel: Oct 2007
Wow well there is everything for everyone to see and do on holiday in Benidorm, the clubs are full of great entertainment for all ages and some great singers and comics to be seen, i must say there are some awful acts out there but there only trying to earn a living, lets face it why complain when we wouldnt get up there and do it, definatly go and see Gary George now he is just hilariously funny at the Palladium and also there is meatloaf, thats a good show to watch and morgan tavern which seems to be the busiest bar in town with top entertainment from start to finish, the scottish singer cheroot is really good and has a great voice and soul family are good to, not so keen on shaun connoly a bit of a warbler really, also cafe b to party your night away, there are plenty of places to eat, lots of shops too.
Benidorm Nightlife - Gemma Welsh Girl. Date of travel: Sep 2007
The Square is the best for lively nights out with plenty of booze and drunken Brits (not always a good thing). Some great dance clubs around the Square, our favourite was the Bahamas. We also loved Cafe Benidorm, the staff are so great. But if you're not looking for mad nights then there are plenty of artists & comedians in Benidorm to entertain you and only a short walk away from the Perla. Look out for Matthew & Son at Valentines and the Westlife Tribute, these are FAB!! Hiya to Jose, Manuel & Matthew & Son.
Just Help Yourself!!! - Deb & Kez. Date of travel: Sep 2007
Benidorm is fabulous. Yes, it is a bit like Blackpool but you can have as lively or as quiet a time as you like. There are some tacky shops and a few beggars about but on the whole it is fabulous. The beaches are clean and well maintained and the sea shallow. The square is the place to be of an evening, but look out for the other bars on the way up to the square - there are some good ones. Full of Brits enjoying themselves - anything goes!!! The atmosphere is good everywhere. Look out for the chap who does the Meatloaf tribute - he is excellent. You will find him at Jokers most nights about 11pm. Also the chap who sounds excatly like Tom Jones, Shaun Connolly - he has the most incredible voice and is very easy on the eye as well!!!
Yorkshire Pride - Pete. Date of travel: Sep 2007
My wife and I were in Benidorm 25th september for 1 week and stayed in the old town. On the second morning we were lucky to find the Yorkshire Pride. What a great place. Good food, lovely staff, and after the last meal is served (around 10.00pm ) a great band onstage. And the prices are good. Find this place you will not be disappointed.
Nighlife - Becki. Date of travel: Sep 2007
The nightlife in Benidorm was buzzing and that was just in the English square. Walking down to the square there's all your pubs which is karaoke and football, mainly all little English bars like the Yorkshire Pride or the Tavern. The square is where all the typical teens go i.e myself. Nearer to the beach front you've got bars and a club called KM Playa that opens in the day and serves food but at night it turns into a proper nightclub. You have to be careful though of beggers they're a bit intimidating at some pionts. And lucky, lucky men who will try and flog you copies sunglasses or fake gold necklaces. The good thing about Benidorm is its friendly atmosphere and it's never quite its full of fun. And the views are spectacular, the beach is lovely. I can't think of any bad piont really, only if you want a family holiday and you have young children maybe stick to the beach front or the old town and new town just not the square... And anyone of those who wanna go for the clubs.The Square is the place (The Hippodrom, Bahamas, Champion, Chaplins, Rolling Stones, Beachcomber, Cafe Benidorm) Bit of advise though, don't go to the square till about 10pm, thats when it all happens. I cant see why people say it's like Blackpool only reason is for us English. 1 thing if you want Spain, never go to Benidorm!!!
Benidorm is great - Sam and Nic and Jan. Date of travel: Sep 2007
Benidorm is great
Always go to Benidorm as have family there. Its nightlife is fantastic, especially the Westlife tribute band in Morgan's tavern, the square is great for young dancers. Beach is lovely and clean all year round, good bar for the older generation is SAXO bar on Calle Londres in Levante area, friendly staff open all year round, and drinks are cheaper than most other bars, and be sure to check under the dolls skirt in the ladies toilet.
Benidorm is great!!! - Alexia. Date of travel: Sep 2007
I think Benidorm is a great place full of fun and lots to do. The beaches are beautiful. there are some brilliant cabaret clubs - Jason Kane is a must see and the Take That tribute are good. Westlife in the Morgans Tavern are really good but watch out for the Irish guy Liam he thinks he is cassanova and gods gift to women!!!!
Benidorm - Pat Morgan. Date of travel: Sep 2007
I have been going to Benidorm on a regular basis for about 25 years. It has changed enormously in that time. It has become more tourist aware which has proved to be a good thing. I don't know of anywhere else you could go on holiday and have such a huge variety of entertainment at your disposal. You can choose to be entertained or alternatively there are super bars where you can have a quiet drink and a chat. It is inexpensive to eat out. The beach is fantastic, with great facilities for young and old. I always manage to spend at least one week of my holiday in Benidorm, which you are able to do because there is a big range of inexpensive accommodation available. This coupled with the cheap flights you can get makes it an affordable holiday, whether it's your main one or an extra one you squeeze in.
Such a variation - Vickz & family. Date of travel: Sep 2007
I have travelled to Benidorm 15 times and never had a bad experience, been in 2 star self catering and 4 star hotels and all very clean and excellent standard, the new town is typically British, expect your happy hours karaokes, cabarets, tribute acts and comedians, along with your traditional British cafes and restaurants, however, not all of Benidorm is like this, walk along the mediterraneo into the old town and you will feel like you are in 2 different places, the old town is very relaxed where you can ejoy the spanish way of life, enjoy their cuisine, culture and live like the locals, just sit in a cafe/bar watching the world go by. New town hotel reccommendations would be the marina, the presidente and the calypso, however if you like the sound of the old town but still want easy reach of the new town I would definitely recommend the madeira centro or the victoria, both are Thomson hotels, 4/5 star but definitely worth it. Don't mock bendiorm till you try it.
Good place to stay - Amish. Date of travel: Aug 2007
This is a nice place, you can stay for life if you wish. You won't get any trouble....
Around and about Albir and Benidorm - Tracy and Family. Date of travel: Aug 2007
We visted the Benidorm Palace with the showgirls, comedians and other acts - this is very good but I recommend that you do not eat there if you have children as there is not much of a choice. This is a very late night so have a wee nap in the afternoon! Visit TeraNatura and AquaNutura as this is good value for money. Get a taxi as you need to catch 2 buses and it is not good with young children in the blistering heat. Benidorm market is a must for bargain hunters. Handbags, shoes and silver jewellery. Be careful of your wallets and purses as there are pick pockets about. The beach in Benidorm is massive and very clean. Nightlife is buzzing in Benidorm so be careful if you have teenagers with you because the people handing flyers out by pass the parents and go straight to the teenagers and we had two 14 year old girls with us and they said that they would get served in the bars and nightclubs!!
Enjoyed it - Mr & Mrs A. McFadyean. Date of travel: Aug 2007
The Rio Park is on what is known as the yellow brick road which is ok, going down but a bit of a struggle if you are an older person. As much as we liked Benidorm we found it what we would called more or less the Blackpool of Costa Blanca, and we thought it was cramped by the skyscrapper hotels and holiday apartments.
Lively resort - John. Date of travel: Aug 2007
Plenty to do for all ages. Old town is best to eat out. Shops excellent, meet people from all walk of life. Guaranteed to have fun!
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