Located 56km from Barcelona, Calella is a beach resort on the Costa Brava offering an activity filled holiday and lively nightlife to sun-seeking visitors. Throughout the year fiestas are held here and since 2001 it has been the home to CalellaFest, a sports event for UK students. The beach at Calella has been awarded bluemore
Calella holiday - Kim P.. Date of travel: Aug 2008
I've been twice to Calella (on a strict budget!) and had a great time. It's a great resort. Sunshine, beaches and bars! It's not rowdy like some other parts of the Costa Brava can be but it's not dead either. If you want to be dancing until the early hours you can, if you want to do karaoke you can do that too. I tended to sunbathe until mid-afternoon, have a siesta and then head out for the night. I even did a day trip to Barcelona on the train last time I was there.
Love the atmosphere - Gunter Bras. Date of travel: Aug 2006
Although Calella has changed a lot over the years in terms of the people who visit there is still a good vibe and party to be had. My friends and I visited twice last year and have come back because we love the atmosphere.
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