Lloret De Mar
For fun and frolics day and night there is no better holiday spot on Spain’s Costa Brava than the busy resort of Lloret de Mar, fully equipped with entertainment facilities, bars, clubs and a shingly beach offering safe bathing and watersports. Children can choose between go-karts and water slides, mum can shop until shemore
Just got back from 2 weeks in Lloret - Margie, Paul, David, Lewis, Katrina, Rita and John. Date of travel: Aug 2011
We stayed at the Samba which is ideally situated as it is right in the middle of Lloret and Fanals. (You do have to walk uphill to get home though). After a few days of walking around, we decided we preferred Fanals as the beach is fantastic and in natural surroundings with plenty of woodland and trees. The nightlife in Fanals is less hectic but as a family group ranging in age from 16 to 63 we were happy with that. We spent most evenings in Buzzbys bar and were really looked after by owners John and Toni, a couple who are English and Spanish respectively. All in all, we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves - the weather wasn't as hot as we expected, but plenty hot enough. We all agreed we'd go there again.
Great for hen do - kully. Date of travel: Jun 2011
We went for a hen do, and it was great. Loved the nightlife, and met loads of people from different countries. Got pick pocketed in a club called londener, that was the only downside. Apart from that, it was great. Would go there again, but not to that londener club. Best club is St Tropics.
Bar to avoid and all otherScottish barslike the Funky Monkey! - Sally and Bert. Date of travel: May 2011
Lloret de Mar is not a bad place but some of the bars and their owners are terrible. One to avoid is the Rob Roy, the owner is a nasty drunk that is a total pig to people regardless of their ages. I think words like "I am going to kill you" and "are you stupid or need a labotomy" when a young woman accidently wrote down the wrong number for karaoke. Totally disgusted!
Lloret de mar is fab!! - Maggie Lloret. Date of travel: May 2011
I have lived,worked and visited Lloret de mar for over 30 years, its a great place with something for everyone!.The weather is gorgeous, the beach isn't the best but if you take a 10 minute boat trip to Santa Cristina it makes a lovely day out,and clean sandy beaches. The nightlife is the best on the Costa Brava with something for all ages, the bars and their owners are welcoming and fun!. Maggie. ps the 'funky monkey' is not a Scottish bar! look at the Lloret de mar bar/pub guide.
Worst ever holiday - Ali. Date of travel: Sep 2010
Crap weather, crap hotel, crap resort, crap non existent entertainment, worst holiday I have ever been on. Will never go back. Tenerife, here I come..........
Love Lloret de Mar - Mark and Elaine. Date of travel: Sep 2009
Lloret de Mar has everything you want: discos, go down the strip, you want a quiet drink in nice surroundings stay down by the front. Cafe Latino bar does excellent cocktails, I recommend the margaritas. Sea is crystal clear and an absolute hoot to get in and out of. The sea gets very deep very quickly. The shingle beach can be a bit rough on your delicate tootsies, but that apart, the beach is fabulous!
Lloret de Mar - Not as good as it used to be - Emma, Rob, Danny, Tracy, Pete, Carl, Tia, Lucy, Paul & Kirsty. Date of travel: Jul 2009
I've just come back from Lloret De Mar and it isn't what it used to be. I've been going for 6 years, every year, and this was the worst. For one, the town was pretty dead for Brits, even at the weekend. I'm putting this down to the credit crunch. I would say the 3 main British bars are Piccadilly, Queen Vic and Rockefellers. The Piccadilly was very quiet with only the staff and a few locals in there. I always spend most of my time in the Queen Vic early on and then moving on to Rockefellers after a few drinks. The Queen Vic hadn't changed much, still cheesy music with a new DJ, and its great to sit outside early on. Good for happy hour. This place is nowhere near as good as it used to be when I first started going out to Lloret. Next we moved on to Rockefellers, I've always loved this place but this year it was pretty empty. We always went for the music and atmosphere but there was none this year. I noticed they have changed the DJs as well, and don't think the new ones are as good. The music isn't as good as previous years and the place doesn't feel as much "fun". The end of the night was terrible, the music was very chavvy and hard clubland. We left. The town was the same, nice for shopping but take the time out to visit Barcelona for a proper experience. The beach isn't sand, it reminds me of cat cat litter? The town and beach though are very clean. I want to keep going to Lloret, after so many years we have made great friends there and love going to the same great places. I don't know after this trip though. I don't know why the venues have changed their DJs and music styles, but they are not as good. Hopefully there will be more British out there next year and it will be back to normal
loved the place!! didn't want to come home - sam. Date of travel: Apr 2009
I went with friends and some family,it was ammmmmaazzing! I looked at reviews and thought omg it's just going to be bad but it was really good. Nightlife starts about 12 at night so don't go out till then. Really enjoyed all the bars and clubs; tropics club is good and londeners and definitely go to Robin hoods only a small underground bar but has great music, great people and overall just not to be missed. Fenals beach is the most relaxing and quiter definitily recommend it-nicer than lloret beach. If you think its just for the young its not. Lot's of old people go and people in 40s and 50s and kids-its great for everyone !!
Lloret can be wonderful - Ian. Date of travel: Nov 2008
Lloret de Mar can be wonderful, but not if you stay at the Alexis Hotel.
I loved it - Pat Maher. Date of travel: Sep 2008
I loved it
Lloret de Mar is a great place, lovely beaches and great shops!
Lloret De Mar - Jenny, Sam, Luke and Mark. Date of travel: Sep 2008
First time I've ever been to Lloret de Mar. Hadn't heard of before to be honest. It was the best holiday I've been on!!! Hotel was OK for a roof over your head, but you get what you pay for and we didn't pay a lot. During the day we recovered from the night before by shopping or spending time on the beach. By night we were told to go to Tropics. True it is the largest club there, but no English whatsoever and very expensive. The only place to be is Rockefellers. We went every night, it was full of Brits, the drinks weren't overpriced & the music was fab! Texas and Queen Vic were also good and in the same area.
Fun, sun and booze in Lloret de Mar - Kyle. Date of travel: Sep 2008
Fun, sun and booze in Lloret de Mar
Went to Lloret de Mar with my partner last Sept '08! We booked it last min! We just wanted sun, booze and great food! We got that and a whole lot more! The beaches are great for those lazy days (take flip flops though cause the sand is like little pins on your feet). The main beach is good to have a drink during the day in the beach front cocktail bar and Fenals is great for chilling like a villain topping up your tan. The shops are great and there's plenty to do in the height of the season. The nightlife is great! tropics is the best club! Don't be fooled by the all you can drink for 15 Euro clubs - they're not all that! The drink is pooh and the clubs are even worse! The Queen Vic and Rockerfellas is a great place to start off and get in the mood! The best place to eat is the steak house opposite Rockerfellas! Food cheap, wine cheap and the atmosphere is great. Try the mixed grill! It's massive and well worth it. I'm off again on the 22nd of April '09 and can't wait!
Nice area in the daytime. Noisy at night. - DerekReed. Date of travel: Aug 2008
Beach is nice in Lloret de Mar, but the area changes to party town in the dark...
Lloret de mar - Jack. Date of travel: Jul 2008
Had a great time in Lloret until we went with my boyfriend in the TEXAS SALOON. We were asked to leave because this was a STRAIGHT bar. First time I've been thrown out of a bar for being gay... So homophobic... so avoid and keep your money to drink in more gay-friendly bars!!!! And bars are not what Lloret lacks!
Lloret de mar, what a sad place - Antoine Beaut. Date of travel: Jul 2008
Lloret de Mar is perfect for those who are scared of seeing the real Spain... It's as if Blackpool (English resort town) swam down here and attracted all the Northern Europeans who lack any form of class... I love Spain but found the Costa Brava to be a huge let down/shambles. I feel sorry for those locals who have lived here over the last 50 years and have seen mass tourism erode what was probably once a beautiful fishing village. Lloret de Mar's location though does mean that unspoilt inland areas and small coves can easily be explored!!!
Lloret De Mar = Amazing!! - Danni. Date of travel: Jul 2008
I came back from Lloret de Mar 4 days ago. I had the most amazing time ever!! I went with my friend and we made loads of friends whilst over there, because Lloret is small it's easy to recognise the faces and make friends. The top club in Lloret was rubbish, I found it only catered for the Spanish people as the music was only Spanish! The best clubs in Lloret were Rockerfellars, Texas, Queen Vic and Colossos! I loved it! I want to go back!
I love Lloret de mar - Victoria. Date of travel: Jul 2008
I've just came back from Lloret de Mar yesterday :) It was amazing. We went into Rockefellers every night. Resident DJ Neil played some amazing tunes. Wiked night. So I recommend to go there for a night time. The Texas bar gave us some leaflets 2x1 and we went next door to the restaurant and they told us we couldn't use them there but we were just reading them. Texas restaurant has bad service so don't go there. We stayed at hotel Don Juan. It was okay-ish but if you ever have to complain they never do anything about it. But other than that I didn't want to come home :( I would live there if I could afford to buy a house there :) Definitely a brilliant holiday destination and recommended for all ages :)
Lloret de Mar was great - Rachel Phillips. Date of travel: May 2008
Went into Llored de Mar during the day and loved it but we didnt go there at night due to us having a young family.
Lloret is great - Sasha, Ruth, Sue and the girls from Wigan!. Date of travel: May 2008
Was on holiday in Lloret de Mar on a hen party and loved it. Went there last year for a holiday with the girls and loved it. Had to go back! Only there for a long weekend, days by the pool and nights off in to town. If you're heading out there for the night life then don't bother till about midnight, something I wish we'd known last year. Nobody comes out till after 12 because they are all in hotels taking advantage of All Inclusive. Rockefellers is by far the best place to go. 2 poles, great music, great staff. We made friends with the DJ, Neil, last year. He's still there so go say hi and get your song played. Ron is still on the door and is a good laugh. Tom kept us happy again with jugs of cocktails. We spent every night there till 6am. Also try Queen Vic and Texas bar. All other places are expensive and full of Spanish. We'll be back. Thanks guys!
Lloret just keeps getting better - Kirsty, Lea, Zoe. Date of travel: May 2008
Lloret just keeps getting better
Just found this site, We go out to Lloret every year for our holiday. We made friends with all the staff at Queen Vic and Rockefellers in 2006 and they treat us like family each time we go back. We know Neil Hardy, the Rockefellers DJ from back home as well. Its a small world! Hes good at what he does, so go there for a great time. Its open till 5am and full of British. You wont get bothered by Spanish or Italians in that place. The music is the best in Lloret!! WE MISS YOU!! Cant wait for 2009!
In ten years it will be demolished! - Deb. Date of travel: Apr 2008
The beach at Lloret de Mar is ok, but is course grit and the beach shelves away at the shore line so if you have kids you can't sit on the beach and let them paddle because they are down a 5 foot steep grit embankment. The resort is squalid, dirty, every doorway smells of urine or vomit, the local people are wary and hostile, (who can blame them). It's tired and full of partly demolished or derelict old dinosaur 1960 concrete hotels. It may be cheap but it's certainly not cheerful!
We Love Lloret de Mar!!! - Lucy, Gemma, Rach, Laura, Helen and Maxie. Date of travel: Apr 2008
It's like a second home. First went over in 2005 and we keep on returning. Got to know Neil the DJ of Rockefellers in our first year so we always go to party with him now. You rule! Love Rockefellers, its always packed full of Brits. Wish it wasn't so far away :( Its the best music in all Lloret! The staff have always been a laugh. The beach isn't very good, its not sand, its little stones that hurt our feet! If you eating out then you have to try the steakhouse on the shopping street behind the beach. Cant wait for 2009!
Had a great holiday - Brian and Sharon. Date of travel: Dec 2007
Shopping in Lloret de Mar very good, prices unlike some tourist traps, beach close and clean, building works common around resort but did not disturb our holiday. local shopkeepers friendly and helpful. Weather was warm and sunny by day in December but chilly by night. Shopping centre on promenade was a goldmine of bargains.
I Loved Lloret De Mar - Pedro And Stace. Date of travel: Nov 2007
Lloret de Mar has a brilliant atmosphere, loads of great pubs and clubs. Friendly people who want to do nothing but help. Will definitely be going back again :)
Quality - Scott Ellison. Date of travel: Sep 2007
If you're going for a good p**s up you're in heaven. Nightlife brilliant. Spoilt for choice.
We Loved Lloret de Mar - Ross & Julieanne Fewings. Date of travel: Sep 2007
Lloret De Mar itself is great and we will be going back next year. We done the little bit of shopping that was required but do have to say got very annoyed with the shop owners always trying to get you in their shop every bloody day. The night life was great. This is the main reason we would go back. Tried many different pubs, etc and enjoyed most. The two places we have to really point out though are The Queen Vic and Rockerfellers. Rockefellers is a great club with very good music (a little expensive). It has two poles for pole dancing and trust us lots of people get up there and do it. The best for us though was The Queen Vic, with great staff, good music, plenty of space and a massive Television. Special mention for all the staff there who always had a laugh and a joke and were always so friendly. Would highly recommend this place and pubs to anyone travelling.
I'd definitely go back to Lloret de Mar - Gemma Vaughan, Christopher Perry. Date of travel: Aug 2007
Very lively in places and quiet in others, some of the best nightlife we've ever seen! Beware of harassing club reps every 2 steps wanting your attention, a lot of cheap brick a brack shops and plenty of restaurants to eat at. We'd recommend you shop around for best deals though as a lot of the restaurants in the back streets are far cheaper then the ones on the main road! Beaches are gorgeous, plenty of water sports at a cost and you can rent sun loungers and parasols for a price as well, be careful not to get there too late as all the best spots go very quickly! Overall we'd give Lloret de Mar 8/10 and would definitely consider going back again!
I loved the entertainment in Lloret in the Queen Vic pub - Wendy Chandler. Date of travel: Aug 2007
I loved the entertainment in Lloret in the Queen Vic pub
Lloret de Mar has a lot of very friendly people and we met most of them at the Queen Vic pub, Rockerfellers & Orient Express restaurant. Also the sites are great to see from train rides to boat rides and also from just looking around.
First time in Lloret - Lucy, Jen, Sam and Stacy. Date of travel: Aug 2007
First time to Lloret de Mar and we'll be going back for sure! Weather was great, we did the shopping thing by day. Loads of great shops to choose from. By night there are loads of bars, but be careful on the main strip, loads of the staff harass you non stop stop trying to get you into the bar. Don't bother with Tropics, expensive and full of Spanish and Italians who just try to touch you non stop. We Waited over 3 hours for the foam to start at the Tropics foam party. Started about 4am and then everyone was pushing everyone else. Waste of time and money! Queen Vic was OK, but more for families and people over 50. Texas was a good laugh but the place needs a good scrub. Toilets stank. We were recommended Rockefellers Nightclub by people we met in our hotel, thank God we found it. A British bar with British music. The staff there are a good laugh, dressing up and getting us drunk with free cocktail jugs. We spent every night in there and the DJ, Neil is hot! Played all our songs till 5am, the music is fab. The place is crammed full of British, and is the place to be if you want a great night and if you want to pull!!! Can't wait to book again for next year.
I loved Lloret de Mar - Sarah and Sarah. Date of travel: Jul 2007
Lloret de Mar was excellent the beach was excellent. It had everything to do on it, water spotrs everyday. The sea was nice and cool for you to go in.
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