Santa Susanna
Santa Susanna is one of the quieter resorts on the Costa Brava, but no less popular thanks to its stunning beaches, excellent hotels and numerous leisure activities. The older part of the town is a historical pastiche and provides a contrast to the modern, commercial vibe of the beachfront. more
Santa Sussana - Katrina Osborne. Date of travel: Jun 2010
Have been here many times over 20yrs. Very friendly place, this is Spain, do not expect the Spanish to speak English, when they come to England do we speak Spanish? It's not fine sand, so what, check out our beaches. Learn a few words of Spanish it goes a long way and the smiles will come, its a terrific place we always enjoy. We own a restaurant bar in Valencia but love it here and highly recommend it. Good English and Spanish bars.
Santa Susanna! - Georgina. Date of travel: Aug 2009
Santa Susanna - It is amazing! Had the best time! First night went up the front and there's right cute stalls with home made crafts and people painting pictures. Then next night finally found some English bars, it is all very foreign! And the night clubs are amazing, met some loverly people!!!!!!
Santa Susana - Stephen. Date of travel: Jun 2008
The good points about Santa Susana is there are alot of shops of diffent varieties The bad points is the beach is gritty and the people are horrible very ignorant.
Santa Susanna town - John. Date of travel: Oct 2007
Santa Susanna itself is a nice resort. Lots of shops to see but beware of prices. Pubs very good and the staff were very freindly. Food in the pubs was very good.
It was ok - Demitrios. Date of travel: Aug 2007
I really liked it. The food was not the best, the people that work there don't speak any English, just some words.
Santa Susana Resort Hotel - Casey. Date of travel: Jul 2007
Four of us arrived at the Santa Susana resort hotel on the night and we were tired so we quickly checked in and went up to our room. The room where we were was tiny and there was 4 beds, all squashed together in one tiny room. The beds were hard and stiff and I kept waking up in the night because I couldnt feel my leg. When we woke up in the morning we went down to their restaurant for something to eat. The food wasn't all too bad because they did cereal for us children and cooked breakfast and yoghurts for the adults. There is a big shopping centre next to the hotel which is good for you to have a wander around. There is a big swimming pool which is really deep and a hot tub. The water in the hot tub was quite dirty and smelt so somebody filled it with bubblebath just so thay would clean it out. Lunch and dinner was more a less the same food and was for every other day, apart from the odd day. The fruit and salad taste like soap and most of the food was chips, chips, chips, turkey, turkey, turkey. If you didn't want any of that food for dinner there was always a little snack bar that sell toasties which was really nice but you had to wait in a long queue. There is an animation crew that are really friendly but some of them are on work experience so they like to have a laugh with the children which I thought was fun being a child myself. There our lots of activites to do like darts for the children and aquarobics for the adults. Most children I met there all had stomach aches and some of the adults I knew there couldn't come out of their rooms because they were ill. To the main point would I recommend this hotel? NO!
Wonderful place to visit - Wayne Franklin. Date of travel: May 2007
The Spanish really do give you a warm welcome. There is a really nice vibrant family atmosphere to Santa Susanna resort. I really enjoyed walking round all the shops and having a bit of banter with the shopkeepers and getting them to slash thier prices (never pay what they ask, it's there to be haggled over and they enjoy it). There was so much to do with the kids and being able to use other top hotels and their facilities means you have to be a real frump not to enjoy yourself.
Santa Susanna - Walker. Date of travel: Sep 2006
Santa Susanna itself is a lovely place, very clean and the beach was lovely. Plenty of shops for shopaholics and I would recomend a visit to Marineland as it was a fantastic day out. There are all sorts of things there for the kids to do and a fantastic sea lion and dolphin show.
I LOVED SANTA SUSANNA - E Loyo. Date of travel: Apr 2006
Very good for families with young children and teenagers, but please, I recommend you keep an eye on your children because parents start drinking in the morning and by night they have no idea where their children are. Very good clean condition hotel, friendly people and they make sure you are happy with their service. Take with you all the board games you have at home, cards, beach balls, sweets, crisps, toys etc. You will need them for your very young babies or toddlers. HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!! Tour Operator: Utravel
Mr & Mrs J Egan. Date of travel: Sep 2005
The Santa Susanna apartments were fine but the meals were poor. There was no choice: it was chips dinner and tea every day and they were always cold there. There was a microwave, but you should not have to warm up your meals every day. I would go back to the same place but I would not like to stay in the same hotel. There was trouble on more than one night. The local police had to be called four times. Under age kids were getting in and drinking at the bar; one young lad ended up in hospital he was in a real mess. I admit the parents were as much to blame as the bar staff, but the bar staff should not have served them. Tour Operator: SUNWAYS
Mr & Mrs J Egan. Date of travel: Sep 2005
Santa Susana Aparthotel: the apartment was very nice with a fridge and two hot plates,but we had to go out and buy two cups to make a drink,but i would be happy to stay in the same apartment but not in the same hotel. we are going back next Sep, but we will be staying in the royal sun accross the road from the apart hotel in Santa Susana Mr J Egan Tour Operator: SUNWAYS
Dave Morris. Date of travel: Jun 2005
Santa Susanna is on the Costa Brava coast in Spain and is a lively holiday resort during the summer holiday season with nice warm days and a cooling breeze in the evenings. The Santa Susanna old town is hidden behind the more modern tourist resort and has cobbled streets and a typical spanish feel. There are sandy beachs which are ideal for families and children with lots of watersports on offer. Barcelona is just 20 miles south of Santa Susanna and is an easy day trip away. Tour Operator: My Travel
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