The hottest holiday spot on the island of Fuerteventura is the harbour resort of Corralejo on the north coast, packed year round with holiday-makers and day-trippers from nearby Lanzarote. The town caters mainly for British tastes, and is as much a shopping mecca as it is a beach holiday haven. To escape the madding crowds,more
Finnigans Family Run Irish Pub - Peter Hegarty. Date of travel: Jan 2010
This is the place to go for a relaxed pint or a gossip and to find out what really happens in Corralejo. The owners Mike and Dave, from Cork in Ireland, have travelled round the world and settled in Corralejo to raise their families, so you are listening to authentic stories. I love the atmosphere here and I always spend time there whether travelling alone or when the wife goes shopping. It's not well signposted so cross the road at the Atlantic centre, walk up the main street for 100 metres or so, looking for a small sign high up on a building. Walk up the hilly side street pointed to by the sign, for 200 metres or so, and on the right hand side comfort and good company awaits.
Corralejo - Thomas Michelle. Date of travel: Sep 2009
Loved Corralejo. Just back. Paddy's bar, Atlantico Centre, the very best Irish bar in Corralejo - fantastic clean bar, great measures, no scimping, no happy hour, just good honest measures. I was there for 2 weeks and the place was bouncing most nights, people dancing in and outside bar due to the fantastic lively music of Eugene from Co Down. 6 nights a week people wouldn't let him stop playing. And the crack and personality of Lynda behind the bar, great combination, worked well together. Definitely will be back and worth a visit if you're over there.
McCarthys Best Irish Pub on The Island - John & Brenda. Date of travel: Aug 2008
Have been visiting Corralejo for the past 10 years, had the best holiday ever this August and it's all thanks to the brilliant staff at McCarthys Irish Pub, they opened earlier this summer and they have very quickly become the best pub in town, my wife was addicted to all the cocktails, especially the Irish Coffees, made with real Irish cream... Entertainment is different every night with some great musicians, Declan and the staff will give you a real Irish welcome.
Corralejo what a place - John Malone. Date of travel: Jun 2008
Not much bad to say about Corralejo. It's nice and laid back, the locals are kind and helpful the weather is fantastic, if you go make it a point to go and have a few pints in Paddy's. There's a young Irish singer there called Stephen and he is fantastic! As far as I know hes the only Irish singer around the town, check out Rosie's for food and just have a great time! You'll find it hard not to.
We love Corralejo - been going for years - Spike and Frany. Date of travel: Mar 2008
Corralejo has beautiful beaches. Sombrero restaurant is a special place to eat. The Spanish square good in early part of night then go to Paddy's Irish bar Atlantico Centre, ground floor for the best nights entertainment from Eugene or Stephen (alternate nights). Sixties Irish Country something for everyone young and older and families welcome. Cocktail list made by Maura Finnigans and Rosies also to more good bars the sundowner a great place for home made food and not expensive. Stan and Barbara make you very welcome.
Lovely Place For Any Family - Gwen and Peter. Date of travel: Aug 2007
Lovely Place For Any Family
We are not regular holiday makers, so when we go we hope to have a fab time. We can honestly say that we loved this holiday. Our children aged 2 and 8 were kept very busy as there is so much to do in Corralejo itself. The best beach is Flag Beach (€4 for a taxi there) very clean and if you go early it's also quiet! The most memorable experience was while we wre having a late evening meal at El Pescador along came some street entertainers with fire! Fire jugglers -we took some fab pictures!
Corralejo Great time - Neil & Mandy. Date of travel: Jul 2007
Just a few remarks on our visit to Corralejo. Some building work going on but not too serious, restaurants very good, Mirando el sur steak house fantastic, brilliant food great service not to be missed. Slow boat 3 Chinese in old town very good, don't go to Hong Kong restaurant in Main St. Chablis wine bar great for simple meals & just drinks. Baku water park a good day out for the kids. Sunday evening a great time to go to the beach in the old town for the grilled fish. Lastly if you need a curry the Taj Mahal is the place.
Corralejo is a great place - Amy. Date of travel: Jun 2007
Corralejo is a great place
We found Corralejo to be a great place for a sunny break. It is clean and although there is some building work going on it certainly did not spoil our holiday. The beaches are fantastic. The round Island trip was great to see. We have been a couple of times before and find the place is only getting better! We loved the 80s music bar called the Venue where we saw JC the singing dog!! Great little restarants were El Sombrero, Los Pepes and 5th Avenue all of the main streets as we found we got much better value for money. The beach in town was great.
Corralejo is the nuts - Ronnie and caroline. Date of travel: Feb 2007
Me and my girlfriend went to Corralejo in February 2007 and I was dubious. I'd heard it was too quiet and too windy. What a load of rubbish. The wind is a good thing because whilst it doesn't blow a gale, its just enough to stop you being too hot. Its not busy like Tenerife either but we didn't want that. We're both 30-somethings and wanted a place with a bit of a buzz but not a bunch of geezers bowling down the road, and we never saw that. Its got a plethora of restaurants and enough pubs to have a right laugh in the evening. The best place to eat we went was Poco Loco's, because the service was speedy and the food was quality. The best pub I went to was The Talk of the Town. We went there one evening just to have a couple of drinks as we still had hangovers from the night before. It was deserted when we walked in. Within 90 minutes it was mobbed and we had played music quizzes, karaoke, Play your cards right etc. Oh yeah, and got drunk. There maybe better pubs, but that was the one we had the funniest memories from. We are returning December 2007 and can't wait. As other comments state, don't just stick to the main drag as there are many places if you look. We just never had time. By the way, big shout to Donal from the Dubliner. He was a good lad and we hope he's still there when we return.
Corarlejo - Mr B.I.Hand. Date of travel: Nov 2006
Dodgy food and even dodgier beer. Stick to the Guiness or Carling if you can find it. Dorrado and Tropical seems to be the most popular lager on the island. Tastes like cat pee though. There seems to be a big lack of vegatables on the island, most dishes are served with canary pototoes which are very bland. The local fish is very nice if bought at the right place. Avoid the gobby English girl trying to get you in the fish restaurant opposite the Slowboat Chinese restaurant next to the square. We were having a meal on our last night, and she was touting anyone walking past and generally being very, very annoying. If you see her shes got blonde hair 5'4.
I loved Corralejo - Donna Clayton. Date of travel: Oct 2006
I had a fantastic time in Corralejo, the weather was hot but had a cool breeze which was great! Plenty of restaurants and different bars to choose from, something to suit everyone. If you want a really nice steak try Blue Jeans just off the high street, I had the exotic mixed grill which was delicious! Take a visit to Abbey Road bar just over the way too. I would go back!
Corralejo is a lovely place with plenty to do. - L Brady. Date of travel: May 2006
Corralejo is a lovely place with friendly people and many bars and restruants. There is lovely beaches and you can go on many cruises to Lobos and Lanzarote. It can get very windy but it's still warm. It’s cold at night so pack a cardigan/Jumper. Tour Operator: Direct Holidays
Corralejo, Fuerteventura, I intend to go back again and again - PO'Sullivan. Date of travel: May 2006
It’s a must; Corraljo has lots to offer, It's a place for a laid back holiday, plenty of great white sandy beaches, I though I was in the Carribian the first time I arrived, you should see the Dunes. Bring lots of high factor sun cream the UV is high and for kiddies 50 +++ if you can get it. They have lots of good food, the restaurants are great, especially the Sombero near the harbour. Bars.... well, Paddy's is a real Irish bar, friendly staff, entertainers and owners. The place is like home and fun. Irish staff, not want-to-be Irish and it's clean, the loos are spotless. I went in for one, stayed and went back every night and brought others with me. Prices good on most, dear on what you'd expect, no surprises, also they serve top shelf drink, no cheap liquor in place of good. Their GUINNESS is good and they serve the local Larger in frozen glasses, God it’s great. They have two Irish singers over Paddy’s, both Irish and great cric. They do Irish, Country, Modern and lots, lots more. I've seen and heard these two guys and they can get a party moving. I'm going back again in May, no need to guess where I'll spend my nights. They are in the Centre of town.
Corallejo is a great place - Baz & Jill Morrison. Date of travel: Mar 2006
Great place, good nightlife but expensive, but that's the way it's going everywhere. Tour Operator: Thompsons
Drew and Becky, March 2006 - Becky Hewitt. Date of travel: Mar 2006
Lovely resort, plenty of restaurants. Not just English pubs and food!! We recommend not just sticking to the main street. We found a great little cafe called Ambaradam, which did the best crepes either of us have ever had!! They also do cocktails etc and it was very popular with the locals! Slow Boat did good Chinese food (vegetable curry 4/5) and La Playita, right on the sea front did a great vegetarian Paella (4/5). Typico Italiano was also great for pizza (Salami, 4/5) and the Sitar (near Mango, off the main street) was a good place for curry with excellent naan bread!! We also tried Gibson's (next to Sitar), which had a good selection of veggie food and meat too, but the quality was a bit questionable. Don Camillo III was ok, some items were quite cheap. Baku market is only good if you want typical souvenirs and fake goods. We found the Ocean Co to be better - it's right on the sea front and has lots of unusual sea-related gifts. Plus there is a model of a shark bursting through the wall which is a must see. Take care though, it can take you by surprise...... We also went on the Catlanza catamaran excursion. This was pricey at 51 euros each, but included free food and drink. Tour Operator: First Choice
Corralejo go now before its spoilt - Susan Waldron. Date of travel: Mar 2006
The beaches are stunning and the sea is wonderfull. We went in March so it wasn't too busy and it was perfect for my little boy (he's 4). There is building work all over the place and its going to change a lot over the next few years. When talking to the residents they said that some of the work is designed to appeal to the young 20 to 30's so it may not be a nice family resort for much longer. There was more English places to find a meal than there was Spanish and if you like Chinese you'll be spoilt for choice. I've never seen so many chinese restaurants in one place though the amount of Irish bars will give them a run for their money. The resort is becomming how I imagine Benidorm to be which is such a shame. Would go back to the island again but it would be to a different resort. Tour Operator: Airtours
Gary & Catherine. Date of travel: Dec 2005
Plenty of good places to eat and drink. For a real Irish pub, with A1 Guinness- Finnigans is the Place, Very friendly, great Craic. Only one place for steak-Mirando al Sur (genuine Argentinian Steak house), absolutely brilliant,(still dreaming about the special Argentinian entrecote), (say hello to Nico and Anita). Decent Pizza behind Seafood places on seafront. For something a bit special try Restaurante Los Pepes -Reservation needed but worth it, (the lamb is incredible). On the downside, walking down the main street to the music square early evening is like running the gauntlet-with touts for the mainly chinese restaurants proving a nuisance. Beaches are beautiful, weather was pretty decent most days(2 days rain out of 7), mid 70's average temp, but take a fleece/sweater for the evenings. Tour Operator: Thomson
Best place we've visited - Linda Harris Chris Harris. Date of travel: Dec 2005
Corralejo is the best place we've visited. Lovely people,good food. excellent beaches. We loved it so much we want to live there. Tour Operator: thomsons
Joanne. Date of travel: Aug 2005
Great place! The sand dune beaches are amazing, best beach I've ever been on, and the local resort beach is also very nice. Good places to eat - definitely Slow Boat II, the best Chinese I've ever had! The Corinthia (or something like that!) which is opposite Waikiki and the beach bar by day - free salad bar and lovely food, very reasonable as well. Blue Jeans steak house off the Main street is also very nice and the tapas bar in the music square, far corner directly opposite the musician. At nite the Commercial Centre upstairs is very good 4 the younger ones. Zumbar and Budda especially and I've heard the gay bar Bubbles downstairs is meant to be good but dont know! Anyway had a great time in Corralejo. Tour Operator: Airtours
christopher doolan. Date of travel: Jun 2005
Beautiful place: lots of shops and plenty of nice restaurants....if you're looking for a beautiful restaurant go to Poco Loco beside Hotel Duna Park....excellent.... and if you're looking for a slightly wild night out go to ZUMBAR in Atlantis Centre.... great staff and great entertainment. Tour Operator: Airtours
Carl Puttnam. Date of travel: Jun 2005
If you are looking for bars, supermarkets and restaurants then Corralejo could be just the place for you. Plenty of beaches and very windy (ideal for windsurfing). For me the resort seemed so completely focused on mass tourism and bucket and spade holidays that any charm or charisma the resort may have ahd has long since departed. If you just want sun, beer and fish and chips then I'm sure you'll have a great time. If you do go, try the blue jeans steak house, just off the main road, its class!! Tour Operator: Thomson
SANDRA MACLEAN. Date of travel: Sep 2004
Loved Corralejo. Great atmosphere with no lager louts, and great bars with live music for most tastes. Rock bar is nearest to brisamar but our favourite was Rock Island bar - great fun guys playing. There is also 'music square' where you can eat and drink whilst watching live entertainment. Have a walk along the promenade and you will find nice little restaurants. Lovely during the day. there is a twice-a-week market next to Brisamar apartments and a waterpark is due to open but WHEN??? Take a good mossie repellant as they are immune to Avon's Skin so Soft. Tour Operator: DIRECT HOLIDAYS
steve welsh, diane chambers. Date of travel: Jun 2004
quiet, wonderfully peaceful, excellent beaches, not crowded, lovely cooling breeze all the time, excellent clean apartment, so much to do, all in all a fantastic holiday, made so much better by the company. only slight downside was some of the food was not that great, but most was ok and cheap too. only went for 1 week, could have stayed forever, in fact i am moving there to live. paradise.