Still largely a "Spanish" holiday resort Arguineguin is gradually becoming more popular with other European holiday makers. It is becoming more built up each year but is still relatively unspoilt. There are a selection of restaurants in the town, mainly specialising in seafood. A public bus service provides transportation to other towns on Gran Canaria.more
Arguineguin go before it gets built up! - Leslie Greenfield-Dunn. Date of travel: Feb 2009
Arguineguin's great if you don't want hectic nightlife and disco's. That said, there's a lot of new apartments being built so it might not stay a sleepy fishing town for long. Nice place for just having a wander, and some nice beaches. Markets are held twice a week and some nice places to eat by the harbour. We'll come back before the crowds arrive.
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Anfi Beach Club | * * * * * |
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Dorado Beach Aparthotel | * * * * * |
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Green Beach Apartments | * * * * * |
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