The more peaceful and more luxurious option to the Canary Islandís biggest package resort of Playa del Ingles, Maspalomas is separated from its bustling ďbig brotherĒ resort by a sea of sand dunes. A holiday in Maspalomas is no less thrilling, though, with its amusement parks, aquarium, aquapark and magnificent beach favoured by nudists, withmore
Maspalomas - Anonymous. Date of travel: Feb 2009
We recently went to this Maspalomas and stayed at Los Salmones Apartments. Accommodation was ok , but there are no double beds in this building so be careful when booking. We loved the beach it was fabulous and clean we enjoyed many hours on the beach and walking. We have to agree wit everyone bout the con artists - they are the most annoying people I have ever met trying to get money no matter what. Dunes and Tunes is a lovely Irish and safe pub that we found. Good food. Not very cheap but it was people friendly. We were approached by two African women that grabbed ours hands and wouldn't let go. They stuck a bracelet on our wrist and demanded money. Tried to take Ä15. No messing, some of these people can be scary at times. Bottom line: we would not return to this part again. It's a shame that tourists can be hassled so much on vacation.
Meloneras - Mats Lindell. Date of travel: Jan 2008
Maspalomas is a quiet place, suitable for families, if you want party, you'll have to go to Playa del Ingles, about 5 mins by cab.
Maspalomas - Andrew Barlow. Date of travel: Oct 2007
Maspalomas is a lovely area with a nice golf course and lots of nice walks. Taxis to Playa Del Ingles cost only a few Euros if you want a trip round the shops. We found a nice cafe at the Yumbo Centre serving French buns which is well worth a vist. Be prepared to haggle for most things in the shops. There is a nice beach half an hours walk from Sandy Golf and then of course the famous sand dunes. It is very hot there (even in November) so get that suncream on. There is a nudust area on the beach but it is well sign posted so no need for any embarrasing moments.
I Thought Maspalomas Was Great! - Charlotte. Date of travel: Jul 2007
I Thought Maspalomas Was Great!
Maspalomas is a great holiday resort because there it is right near the beach and things for the kids, so really I recommend it as a family holiday. The picture I have chosen is at the Aqua Park in Maspalomas, and me and my cousin are on it!
I loved Maspalomas - Michelle. Date of travel: Jun 2007
Maspalomas is well located, lots to do. Buses very cheep so don't hire a car. Beaches are very good.
Maspalomas - loved it - Rioberts Family. Date of travel: Jun 2007
Well the island itself, there is lots to do. One of the things I enjoyed was Souse city. It's an old film set from the spaghetti Westernís. They did lots of shows. A great fun day out. Bank robberies, Mexican brawls, and shoot outs, saloon dancing, etc. Excellent day out! The beaches are very good lovely walks very clean but watch out for the time share people. They tell you have won the star prise of scratch cards and if you go and try and clime it. Itís about 2 hours of them selling time shares. But if you tell you are not interested they will leave you allow Lots to do would recommend it to any one
Review of Maspalomas - Peter Thomas. Date of travel: Nov 2006
We thoroughly enjoyed Maspalomas.
Playa del Ingles / Maspalomas - Mick Harrison, and family. Date of travel: Mar 2005
Maspalomas is a great area to stay. So quiet on an evening, yet not too far to visit the famouse "Yumbo Center" the heart of Playa del Ingles.The kids will love the trampolines in the main Yumbo square, and all the bars around this area are so family friendly. Visit the Taurus bar next to the amusement arcade if you get a chance, run by a guy called Molly (not sure whether thats his real name). He's so great with all the customers, and had a side kick with him, a fantastic drag queen called TJ Michaels, so very glam and made us all laugh. Also visit Rickys round the corner, again all the staff are great with familys who have children. Tour Operator: Sunset
Giving Maspalomas a bad name - John Farrell. Date of travel: Aug 2004
I recently had the misfortune to book a holiday on line,to the Dunaflor apts.A/I. In all my life I have never had worse food.It was absolute garbage.We were told that it was the first year they had done A/I and that they normally catered for the Germans.Well all I can say is if that was the kind of rubbish the Germans eat I never want to visit Germany. Anybody who booked in at this so called holiday centre and thinks that this is the kind of catering that is the norm should go to the Spanish mainland and see what a decent hotel in Benedorm and Toremolenos puts on its Menu. In conclusion I must say that the resort of Maspalomas is a lovely place that will get a bad name with places like the Dunaflor Apts. Tour Operator: Med hotels
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