Playa Del Cura
A holiday in Playa del Cura, the resort on the south west coast of Gran Canaria, offers the best of both worlds. It is a comfortable cliff-top family resort, just a 10 minute bus or taxi ride from the bright lights of nearby Puerto Rico. The small commercial centre fills all the needs of holiday-makers,more
Playa Del Cura for families it's great. - Tim & Allison Gutteridge. Date of travel: Jan 2009
Love Playa Del Cura. Brilliant for us with our three youngsters. We always stay at a hotel with babysitting facilities so we can have at least a couple of nights out in neighbouring Puerto Rico - great nightlife. Playa Del Cura itself is more low key and suited to us as a family. Nice places to paddle on the beach and enough bars and restaurants to keep us going for the week.
where to begin? - Zahra Shah. Date of travel: Dec 2004
Playa Del Cura and the Paraiso Club well I'm not sure where to begin? The resport itself is dull, the beach was very ugly and there was not alot of choice when it came to eating and drinking there. Also if you get ill you have to go all the way to the farmacia in Puerto Rico to buy medication. Its like the town that impossible to get out of. You have the choice of the bus or taxis! there's a tiny taxi rank and taxis are very infequent though. The bus is ok except when you ring the bell and they dont stop the bus and you end up in the middle of nowhere! Tour Operator: independatn
Good for couples and families - SJ. Date of travel: Oct 2004
Good for couples and families
You have to travel a bit to go out of Playa del Cura but that's good when you want somewhere with space. Good for couples and families. Locals are very friendly. Still keep in touch with them after 8 years. I found it ok. Could do with more places to eat out and more shops but when you go with the locals they know the best places.
Not even a one horse town... - Steve Palmer. Date of travel: Jul 2004
Playa del Cura, to call it a one horse town would be an insult to even the smallest of stables. Two very poor restaurants and a tiny bar with the dubious delights of a handlebar moustached brass ensemble. Cut off from the nearest resort of any size ( Puerto Rico) by 2km of very busy highway and steep hills. Two nights was all we could stand. On the whole the coastal resort areas of Gran Canaria are perfect for overweight, trash mouthed, sweaty, drunken, pink skinned, gutter slobs from the sink estates of Britain, Germany and Holland. Unless you are specifically interested in the exotic flora and undoubted but quickly exhausted beauty of the island's interior, DON'T GO!!! Tour Operator: Airtours
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