Playa Del Ingles
Back in the 1960s the resort of Playa del Ingles was established on the south of Gran Canaria to cater mainly for British holiday-makers. Today, as one of Europe’s biggest resorts, it has not lost its lustre or appeal for the thousands who flock to holiday in Playa del Ingles for fun in the sun.more
Playa Del Ingles - Shane Edwards. Date of travel: Aug 2010
Stayed at the Hotel Continental, very nice Hotel with 3 pools, lots of stuff to do. I wouldn't recommend try the Jet Ski's at the beach. You'll pay a premium 50 euros for only 30 minutes and half the Jet Ski's are warn/broken and barely move more than 5mph.
playa del ingles hotel ifa continental - vicki. Date of travel: Feb 2010
just got back from playa del ingles on a holiday with my best friend. we absolutely loved it. everything was from a descent walking distance from our hotel. the nightlife was excellent. plenty of choices of bars and nightclubs. all with plenty of choice of music. younger to older. the gay scene was pretty good. but there is a lot of it so get ready for that. the shopping was ok all open late which is good but too many people trying to get you to go in there shops. and then once your in they watch over you something rotten. the beaches were lovely but be prepared once your towards maspalomas beach. you get sand everywhere from the wind! there's thousands of descent restaurants which are all pretty good. we loved our hotel. it was really clean and plenty of activities on offer. beautiful views by the pool as well. even the bus services to waterparks etc was very easy. overall it was great and i would definitely recommend it to a friend and i would also go back again.
Playa del Ingles.. the biz - Tony Byrne. Date of travel: Jul 2009
Playa del Ingles - The only bar within 2500 miles who plays the proper music for Irish people is the Randy Leprechaun in the Irish centre... went there every night and had a laugh with the DJs doing party games and stuff.
Playa del Ingles nov 2008 - cb. Date of travel: Nov 2008
We stayed in the Green Park apts which were only ok. Weather was great beaches were lovely. Be careful with the African women down by the beach, they will try and put a band on your hand and then they will charge you anything from 10 euro to 50 for it . As for night life, Linkers Bar was great but stay away from Rodgers bar - 7 euro a bottle, no toilet roll in the ladies toilet, nothing to dry your hands either only a machine on the wall with thongs for 2 euro. Pack of perverts in there especially the little mickey man with the jeans and a blazer, not sure if he is the owner.
Amazing place - Ian. Date of travel: Sep 2008
Just got back from holiday in Playa del Ingles on Sunday, 10 gay guys and 1 straight girl all went away and we had a ball of a time, we went out late enough every night, got drunk in our apartments and just went mental every night!! Great gay scence in the Yumbo Centre, and its a must to any gay out there you would be mad to miss it!!! I loved it so much im going back over this sat, not even home a week yet, made great friends over there, and even offered me a job and somewhere to stay, so this time around im really thinking of staying over just for a couple of weeks extra as i am going travelling in November. Ian. Dublin!!
Very nice beach - V. Blazek. Date of travel: Aug 2008
Very nice beach
Playa del Ingles is great beach, but you have to pay for sunbed and for umbrella €5 per day per person. Sand is dark and very very hot...
Unreal! - Girls on tour!. Date of travel: Jul 2008
Was in Playa del Ingles 2 weeks ago and loved it! The Irish Centre was unreal. Met so many people and had some craic! Went to disco life when the Irish centre closed... it was class! Just one thing, don't listen to your reps. They'll rip you off big time!!
Playa Del Ingles = Brilliant!! - Emma. Date of travel: Jun 2008
Playa Del Ingles = Brilliant!!
Me and 6 of my friends went to Playa del Ingles just 2 weeks ago, we are all 18. I loved every minute of my time there, it's mostly for the young, lively and couples also, but if you're older and looking for a quiet family holiday maybe you should try Puerto Rico! There are many places to go in Playa del Ingles, there's the Kasbah which is full of English and Scandic bars which are very good. Then there's the Irish Centre where we went every night. It's a big complex full of bars attached to each other! Then there's the nighclubs The Point and Disco Life which we loved! There's also Cream which we heard was full of locals so did not go there. I would definitely recommend Playa del Ingles to any young person ready for a good craic and a mad time because it will definitely not be a let down!
Playa del ingles, Gran Canaria - One to avoid for couples! - Amy. Date of travel: Jun 2008
Travelled to this resort last June, myself and boyfriend are in our early / mid 20s so asked the travel agent (Going places, Thurrock) about resorts that have nice restaurants with a few lively bars - they sent us here - and have to say was not impressed! The main centre point where the supposed "lovely" restaurants were (if you count Burger King as one) was a huge concrete jungle with arcade machines, brash flashing lights and fast food / steak houses / cheap dingy looking bars, etc.... you get the point! At this point, our first night, trying to find a nice looking restaurant proved quite a mission, thought we'd walk down the beach front to find one, but found these all to be plastic chair / table set ups, all you can eat Chinese, etc... not a tapas bar in sight! If I made that sound bad, then please avoid the yumbo centre by all costs....again, concrete jungle, what I found particularly disgusting was the huge industrial sized bin situated directly outside a Chinese restaurant - quite a turn off when trying to find a nice meal in the evening! Nightlife was lively which I didn't mind as I like a drink, but finding sweaty 18 year old boys walking round the bars topless shouting obscenities was a bit of a let down. Sorry to sound so negative, but the place really is a dive! On the plus side the beach is lovely, and when we went in June, the beach didn't seem too overcrowded, locals seemed very friendly. If you are looking for nice restaurants, get a taxi or walk to Maspalomas which is about a 5 min ride away - lovely restaurants here, about 8 to choose from on the beach front, and a few pubs / bars too. We went to this resort about 3 nights of our week holiday. Was really looking forward to this holiday, particularly as I'm a student so haven't got tons of money to splurge, and have to say it was a let down, but we tried to make the most of it by travelling to Maspalomas.... also, hotel was nice, IFA Continental, it was just the resort that was terrible.
Playa del Ingles - Claire and Danielle. Date of travel: May 2008
The beach at Playa del Ingles was spectacular. Yumbo center, awesome...pizza hut..delicious!! We loved everything about Playa Del Ingles!! xxx
Playa del Ingles - Anon. Date of travel: Jan 2008
I actually stayed on the island of Playa Del Ingles for five months and thought it was really good! It did have its good and bad points but the good outweighed the bad I thought. I did see prostitutes but they didn't really bother me! I also worked in the Irish centre and was never spiked and never seen anyone spiked. Kasbah was good but Spanish people were very sleazy at times with us girls. Ricky's Caberet Bar is a must, young, old, gay or straight you will love the place. The drag queens are the funniest acts you will see in a long time. Very friendly and welcoming. Drinks are average priced. Brogans bar is also a good place to go with good music and cheap drink. The red cow is also a very nice place to eat as well as molbys and ok restaurant. The sand dunes are amazing beautiful view but be prepared if you want to have a walk over them - me and my friends did and ended up shattered haha. Some nice clothes shops beside the hyperdino up San Fernando way. Holiday World is a bit of a disappointed but Aqualand is a must. Cafe la Belle is a let down compared to Ricky's. The restaurant Dianna is also very nice. Granshaperelle very quite but nice wee Scottish bar there. Would return to Gran Canaria anytime.
Playa Del Ingles - Gail. Date of travel: Dec 2007
The whole of Playa del Ingles is very tired and tatty it needs ripping down and rebuilding. PRs and looky looky people everywhere drive you daft. Don't shake hands with the black women as they instantly put a bangle on your wrist which you can't get off and have to pay for. The Police seem to support them. If you are driving DO NOT DRINK as there are regular road blocks and breath tests which are stricter than home. 0.02% compared to UK 0.08% Taxis are cheap. Bungalows are located between Yumbo centre (which we found to be expensive)but worth a look at the show bars. Kasbah centre (very tatty 3 centre next to each other) and Gran Chaparal quieter and we spent most evenings here). If you like football and smoking you will love PDI we don't so we had to try the smaller bars all were smoking but a few had no football which was heaven for us. The best bar in Playa del Ingles being IMMOBAR in Gran Chaparrel up the left hand alley on the right coming from road. Tim the owner was so much fun and also helpfull as he was a tour guide on the island for many years so he helped us plan trips.Drinks are reasonable price and snacks are put on table regularly also he brings you a free shot at intervals through the evening. If you are up for a laugh ask him to play 6s with you what a laugh. George the Looky Looky man is the best one if you want some cheepo bling and is good fun also he is about the only one we found that did not offer us Heroin Cocain Extacy or Canabis The Police turn a blind eye to this as well. Food in Britania was good if you like English food, Nick the waiter is friendly and also doubles as barman in Windmill Bar same owner. Wemblys bar is dirty smoky and the staff are very rude.Locals suspect muggers pick their targets from customers in here. Kebab bar on top row by pool tables tried to serve us raw meat yuck. Yellow Rose is very good food and Jacket Potatoes are available if you sick of chips. Also the restaurant opposite on corner at front is good. Tobago Bar does a drag show which is good fun, owners Ken and Bianca are nice and friendly. Also while we were there James the barman has the most wonderful voice and we think he will win X factor next series. Big Ben Bar CC Jardin Del Sol is one to avoid, Christmas dinner for 30 euros each and was powdered soup to start( cuppa soup) a carvery dry turkey ham and beef cooked until it was as chewy as boot soles, powdered mash not mixed properly and frozen veg that had been boiled for a week we left before sweet the beer in here was also bad. (£90 inc drinks for 4)we went to supermarket and bought some food and cooked in the room. A must is a trip up the mountains so interesting and beautiful lots to do and see we parked by a lake and watched people swimming and boating while we had lunch. Amadoras Beach in Puerto Rico is very good with a good selection of bars and cafes on beach only about 15 miles away busses and taxis run regularly. Maspalomas Dunes are amazing but wind whips sand up into a sand blaster so you cannot sit there for long.
Playa del Ingles is good starting point for GC island holiday - Lisa. Date of travel: Dec 2007
Just spent 7 days holiday in Playa del Ingles. We never saw prostitutes and weren't offered drugs either. This review is written from the perspective of married couple in our early 30s with no children who are adventurous and like to try new things. We are Americans who live in Ireland and travel a lot; we enjoy all types of outdoor sports and activities, as well as good food and wine. I would categorize Playa del Ingles as a tacky mix of old Las Vegas and Coney Island in New York - but it does have some charming spots surrounding too, like the boardwalk, the Maspalomas dunes, San Augustin beach and boardwalk area, the beach, and streets of San Fernando. And Gran Canaria is so small that PdI makes for a home base during holiday to see all the beautiful spots on the island. In PdI, virtually every restaurant with pictures of dishes and drinks out front serves the same menu. The menus are even printed with the same design - just a different logo in the top-left corner. Very uninspiring cuisine here, but we found the thin crispy Milano pizzas and banana splits (served whenever we looked) were quite tasty. House wines served in carafes were great values and good tasting. If you don't care about having great dining experiences, then continue to each at all the tacky places. Clubs and nightlife are clustered in outdoor malls. I did research online for restaurants and found a few that were recommended, most of which are along Avenida de Tirajana, so keep that in mind. Our best meal was at Tapas Tango Bar & Grill on the bottom floor of the apartment building on the corner of Ave. Tirajana and GC-500. Wonderful family-run tapas restaurant with good live Spanish music and great ambiance. Still lots of tourists in the restaurant. Same with Capaco, the very tiny sister restaurant of Tapas Tango 5 minutes north on Ave. Tirajana in San Fernando. I wish we would have had more time to find authentic restaurants in San Fernando (where locals live) to try. All the supermarkets on the street (like Spar and Netto) sell really cheap snacks, wine, liquor, etc., so it's a good idea if you are staying in apartments to stock up here and have a typical Spanish tapas-style lunch at your apartment. Antipasto meats were 2 euro a pack and very good Spanish wines for 4 euro a bottle. We found that mixed drinks in PdI are really expensive - 7 or 8 euros - so if you are on a budget, it's better to stick to beer. China White had good hip-hop music. Pascha nightclub was dead, but served us a free rum punch to go inside and check it out. I got really annoyed with having street sellers on every corner in PdI trying to get us to either go inside their restaurants, bars or nightclubs. At least in Vegas this only happens a few times on the Strip, and it's only away from the hotel entrances where guys try to hand you flyers for hookers or peep shows. We were surprised to see so many families here with children, but there are a lot of theme parks nearby. There is a decent amount of nudity on the Playa del Ingles beach and Maspalomas dunes, so if you have concerns about that with your children, keep it in mind. The best part of our holiday was watching the sunrise over the sand dunes from Maspalomas near the RIU Palace terrace (open to public), watching the sunset at Faro de Masopalomas (best place to see the full sunset is west coast), Puerto de Mogan (fishing village called "little Venice"), Puerto de las Nieves (west coast tiny fishing village with new boardwalk to watch surfers), driving through the Cumbre and climbing Roque Nublo at sunset. (Temperature at top of Roque Nublo was 6 and it was 18 down at the beach, so bring warm clothes for hiking in the mountains.) If you like to be adventurous and don't want to just lay by the pool all day, definitely hire a car for two days (and book it with Hertz, Avis, Drago, Europcar far in advance for best prices). We had to pay 60 euro for a car for one day because it was Christmas week and we waited to book until one day before and all the cars were rented. Booked our trip as a budget holiday package. Did not take advantage of any of the group activities organized by travel company. All seemed way to expensive for us. Camel rides in the dunes for 28 euros are a joke too (you sit in a basket chair with another person on the other side for equal weight on the camel). Someone leads a train of camels around with a rope. Very sad. Same basket rides up in the Cumbre too near Artedara (we checked it out too). Overall, if you can look past all the tacky tourist stuff, staying in Playa del Ingles is great. We found our Playa del Ingles holiday to be very enjoyable because we spent a few days outside PdI discovering the rest of the beautiful island. This was our first trip to the Canary Islands.
Karen and Eric's second home ha ha - Karen O'Rourke. Date of travel: Dec 2007
I'm Karen from Dublin's north side, myself and Eric have been in Playa del Ingles ten years in a row now, sometimes twice a year so that says it all. We're a couple in our late twenties and all I can say is it's a must hol! Place is mad!!! We have also been over there Xmas time the last 3 years it's just brilliant! Love the place! This year were going for new years, can't wait! I think Dec 27th will never come!! Corona Blanca Apartments are the best!
Fantastic - Jill Turner. Date of travel: Oct 2007
The taxis are very cheap, and safe. Playa del Ingles is clean, no litter, but very hot even when it's cloudy be careful use plenty of sun cream. The Yumbo centre is a must but if your homophobic then stay at home with your books and watch the footy. But if you like a good time with friendly people (gay and straight) then go. The drinks are cheap, no measures. As for the person who commented drugs were used well I don't think they went to Playa Del Ingles, must be in their head. Especially go to a bar called Rickys bar in the Yumbo centre, they are fantastic, if you want to laugh, be abused in a nice way and watch a good show. There are plenty of reasonable and cheap eating places. Travel on the local buses they are cheap and air conditioned.
Dated, overpriced resort in need of sorting out - Lee. Date of travel: Sep 2007
Playa Del Ingles is a dated resort mainly for gay or young people, bars and clubs just rip you off with over priced cheap drinks and before you enter any of them you're offered cocaine all of the time, then usually after midnight there's prostitutes on evey corner, great beach, not very Spanish with only a handful of half decent restaurants. Never again.
Brilliant nightlife - Lynsey & Darren. Date of travel: Aug 2007
Nice clean town with a great choice of different shops and restaurants.
Something for everyone - David Campbell. Date of travel: Jul 2007
All round PLaya del Ingles is a good resort! Really something for everyone! Just be very careful in the Irish Centre, drinks spiked everywhere. My friend ended up in hospital overnight.
Def going back! - Amie. Date of travel: Jul 2007
Def going back!
Playa del Ingles was very lively! Food and drinks were cheap and everyone seems friendly! But would def have the Irish centre before the kasba!
Mad Craic - Michael O'Connor. Date of travel: Jul 2007
Excellent Craic in the Irish centre, enjoyed the booze cruise, foam party and go-carting. Magic holiday.
The only thing I can fault about Playa del Ingles is the cats!!! - Laura. Date of travel: Jun 2007
I was in Playa del Ingles on June 2007.... I loved it every minute of it. I stayed in the green park apartments not really up to standard but they were fine exactly what you want (somewhere to wash and sleep) since been done up!! the Yumbo Centre - le Belle is a must - hilarious!! Ricky's, oooh the memories... do not miss this place if you're heading there!! The Irish court is another good bar!! It's mad craic. If you're Irish don't bother the English Centre coz once they know you're Irish they don't give a hot bout you!! Aqualand is a definite must. It's amazing. Holiday world is a big disappointment!!!! I loved it so much I'm heading back there for 3 months in 2 weeks time!!! Roll on the summer....xxx
Blackpool meets Benidorm - Grant and Lynn. Date of travel: May 2007
What can I say after being away from Playa del Ingles for so long. I should have expected some changes but not catastrophic ones. We came back here for a journey back to the past from our honeymoon days. But this was no honeymoon, for although the timeshare scouts had disappeared, there were still those minor few who were trying the scratchcard scams amongst others. Will they ever learn that we won't be taken for a ride anymore? The resort has sold its soul as just another place where we English can feel at home, pretending we have some culture with the added attraction of having the sun and sunburn to show for it. Prices for most things at the hotels are the same back here although look hard enough and you can find some places that are like hidden gems. One such place is Benny Hills, a karaoke bar just around the corner from the Yumbo Centre. Cheap drinks and a great atmosphere. The staff there, in particular Nicky and Gary the DJ, really made a big difference to our holiday. It's a shame that the current manager there doesn't look after them well, expecting them to work long hours without any food breaks. But I'm sure if it continues they will move on to better things. If you haven't been to Playa del Ingles before try it once for the experience then move on.
Lovely beach - Ellen Poole. Date of travel: Sep 2006
Playa del Ingles itself was a very short walk away with the main centres there was a large choice of bars and restaurants. You had on one side of the resort a couple of centres geared up to the younger crowd with many well known clubs and bars such as Pacha, Cream, and China Whites. On the other side of Playa del Ingles you will find some fab Irish bars within the Irish Centres, they have live bands on which are great, you really get an Irish feel. The beach was lovely and they were so clean.
Quiet in September - cat and chrissy. Date of travel: Sep 2006
A holiday in Playa del Ingles would be fantastic in peak season, unfortunately we went in the last week in September and we only met 3 other groups of English people out there, all the English bars were empty, Linekers rarely had more than 10 people in it, including bar staff and DJ!! (which was a disappointment coz we love Tenerife's Linekers), there were a lot of Swedish people out there who are lovely and their men are hot!! Also German and Spanish people, the Spanish men are not very pleasant, neither are most of the slimy PRs. Chinawhites is good if u like R&B and rap, most people go there I think and u get a stamp to get into Cream Chic free. Thursdays are best coz its Ladies night and the Swedish bar men with their fit bodies are all covered in glitter with bow ties! And there are hot dancers in cream flexing their muscles, they look like they should be on a poster!! Cream was quite hardcore trance music, and everyone looks like they are on pills and coke in there. Personally I would never go back there, but I think it was because of our accomodation and the rough area around it, also the very few English people out there at that time of year made it extremly intimidating. Puerto Rico is much better!!!
Cheap beer great tyme 4 every 1 - Lucy. Date of travel: Aug 2006
Well i went 2 Playa del Ingles in August 2006 and it was ok but best place 2 go 4 a real good laff and lots an lots of cheap beer at night is SHANANIGANS. Its near the Yumbo centre opposite the Hard Rock Cafe. Its an Irish bar and all English people. Go there, its a great laff. They do lots of quizzes. Prizes are cocktails, shots, free round of drinks etc.... You all wanna go, but dont wear white socks cos ur socks soon go on the wall of fame! lol You have all gotta go.
Playa del Ingles - Horse. Date of travel: Aug 2006
Nightlife was good Ive been to all the islands of the Canaries and find this second best to Tenerife. Brilliant night out in kasbah, Hippodrome etc was class. Not interested in gay bars so never visited the yumbo center. But i had just got married so each to their own. Would recommend both place and Beuneventura hotel. Tour Operator: who cares
Bom Wahey Lovin Tony Lol LADIES!!!! - Megs. Date of travel: Aug 2006
We went for a couple of weeks in August to Playa del Ingles there were twelve of us went, there were lads and ladies, we all had a brilliant time (well I hope we all did). Dawsons bar crawl was really good... Thanks to everyone from the Randy, hope to see you all a.s.a.p!!!!! Keep me filled in.... Big shout for Gran Canaria 2006... P.s Big it up to the Liburns had a laugh wit you all thanks Megs xoxox
See ya later chica - Geraldine Casey. Date of travel: Aug 2006
Playa del Ingles was a class holiday. Went with 10 of my friends... all of us had a mad time. Met loads of friends, one of my friends is pregnant and settled with the boy she met over there. And get this, we're from Donegal, he's from Cork!! Brilliant atmosphere all round. The prostitutes were a bit scary but just stick with your friends and you'll be grand. Best holiday of my life :)
Playa del Ingles - Katie Brinkworth. Date of travel: Jul 2006
I have just returned from Playa del Ingles staying in the Los Salmones apartments. Well... what can i say a fantastic holiday that we didnt want to end! a group of 8 18year olds were in my party and all must agree was the best holiday we have ever been on! The atmosphere was brilliant especialy in the Irish centre, we were made to feel welcome by every one. The Irish centre is the best place to start your night out and then follow everyone up to the kasbah! I would definatly recommend doing at least 1 pub crawl you meet loads of new people and is a easy way to be shown around!we will definatly be going back very soon! Tour Operator: thomson
Playa del Ingles - Hannah, Steph, Shell n Gem. Date of travel: Jul 2006
OMG best nights eva at the Kasbah, we had a great laugh, 4 of us went on holiday 2nd night went on a pubcrawl met 7 lads and stayed m8s all wk. Beckhams was gr8 and so was Scandic went ther every night lol. Defo reckomend a pub crawl u do meet loads of new ppl and shows u wer all the best places r to go. Also visit Pascha, and Cream although it werent what we expected. we miss it loads and wanna go bac Tour Operator: Thomas Cook
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