Puerto Rico
Bustling malls, perfect sunny weather, whitewashed accommodation blocks spilling down hills to golden beaches, yachts bobbing in the harbor, tantalizing aromas issuing from dozens of restaurants and throbbing music music enticing your toes to start tapping. This is the essence of a holiday in Puerto Rico, Gran Canaria’s showpiece modern resort, which justifiably claims tomore
Best grub and pub in Puerto Rico - Dean & Sammy. Date of travel: Oct 2010
Best place to have a laugh in Puerto Rico is Stevie Yorks Harp bar, from 1 to 100 years of age you will have a great night. And in the morning when your hungover or just want some nice home grub head straight to Murphys kitchen and Thitch and the gang will give you the best welcome and food you can get on the island. 100% guaranteed.
A holiday to remember: Puerto Rico - terry &stephen. Date of travel: Jan 2010
We love Puerto Rico and have been about ten times. The Collina Mar apartments is lovely for families and couples, it has something for every one and the views are outstanding. Tiffany's bar is a must for a friendly welcoming drink to sit and chill throughout the day or to start your night off. From ten o'clock onwards Steve Yorks bar (The Harp) is a must. Puerto Rico is the best holiday we have been on and totally addictive, can't wait to get back in three weeks. Wicked!!!!!!!
Puerto Rico, my best holiday place - Anne Mari, Astrid and Kenneth. Date of travel: Apr 2009
Puerto Rico, my best holiday place
If you want a fun outgoing, happy holliday, then Puerto Rico is the place to travel to!! The beach is not the best on the Island, but it is not to far to Amadores, and the taxi is always cheap!
Absolute Bliss - J.A.S. Date of travel: Aug 2008
The nearby Europa is full of great restaurants and bars and my best friend and I made a load of new friends who we can't wait to see again next year. The bottom shopping centre has fantastic nightlife and both Puerto Rico and Amadores beaches are lush. The taxi rides are cheap and the drivers are friendly and appreciative. Roll on August '09!
Puerto Rico - Druszcz/Roberts Family. Date of travel: Aug 2008
Puerto Rico is a great place with a range of shops and bars and beautiful weather!!
Puerto Rico - Jovannah. Date of travel: Jul 2008
Great places in town in Puerto Rico. Chinese buffet all you can eat for €5.98, Wig Wam - drag show nightclub (advised to go see this brillant show)...lots more to see and do...
Christmas in Gran Canaria - dunning family. Date of travel: Jun 2008
We went to Puerto Rico Christmas day for two weeks. We thoroughly enjoyed it. The Amordorres beach is great, also the main beach. We found it reasonable in prices. We liked the idea of not getting haunted by timeshare. The nightlife was brill especially the Tropicana pub and the dicey Riley's bar. Very hilly but taxis are cheap enough. We are going back again in June 2008 on a lower level. we love the place.
I love Puerto Rico - Gemma Robbie Jessica and Luke. Date of travel: Jun 2008
Well I've got to admit I wasn't too keen on some of the food in Puerto Rico but the chips and stuff were amazing. There was a place at night that I went to called the Chez Boys (drag show) that was good and that was in the Commercial Centre. I loved a place to eat out of called the Sang Bang.... Every other night me and my kids spent the night at Eden in the local club were games dances shows Caberets on it was just fab. x
Disappointed with Puerto Rico - JT. Date of travel: Dec 2007
Puerto Rico has changed a lot since I last went and I don't think I would go back again, the locals are very rude and the whole place appears dirty, even McDonalds was filthy. If you go the Europa Centre, try "flicks" it is English run and the food and service is excellent, there is a restaurant called "little italy" sometimes you can have a bit of a wait if they are busy but the food is excellent and for a drink try "the tavern" we had some great nights in here.
Puerto Rico - the same - Maria. Date of travel: Dec 2007
Loved Puerto Rico since 2002. Went back each year. Went back December 2007 and truthfully it is a bit too much the same. Espically the Irish bars. Same faces, same songs, same gags!!! And prices are a rip off (espically Diceys) Don't think we will go back this year, if we go back in 5yrs time I am sure it will be the same anyway!!! All inclusive holidays are the way to go as you know what you are spending.
Don't go to the Aqua Park in Puerto Rico - Grancanman27. Date of travel: Dec 2007
Do not go to the aqua park a complete rip off £90 for an ice cold watered, shoddy, zero safety facility. If you are with your family looking at the billboard for this aqua park and say "this looks really good, what do you say kids?" DONT GO! It's rubbish, save your money for drinks and food around the pool at marina suites :). The rest of the island is amazing, in particualr the marina suites.
Be careful - Mary Ellen O Connor. Date of travel: Oct 2007
We went on a buggy tour with BUGGY KING who are located across from the taxi rank at the commercial centre in Puerto Rico... we were involved in an accident up in the mountains during the tour... the tour operators treated us totally unprofessionally they did not even have a first aid kit and wrapped us up in kitchen roll. Unbelievable they would not call an ambulance as they did not want the call to be logged onto a report. They refused to give us their insurance details. Have never been treated so badly in my life. Would strongly advise that nobody uses the services of these cowboys... do not use Buggyking
The best! - Gillon/Thomson family. Date of travel: Oct 2007
The best!
Puerto Rico is the most beautiful place I have ever been to. The view from the coach window as you drive into it is lovely. Lots of things to do both during the day and at night and also for all ages.
I loved Puerto Rico - Ann-Marie Conway. Date of travel: Oct 2007
Go to the Harp bar in Puerto Rico!!!It's the best crack you will have on your holiday. The Harp Bar booze cruise was ths highlight of our holiday. Steve York is a class of his own. The place to eat is a restaurant called Bubbles. The food was fantastic. Watch out for Mr Bean!! M&M's bar is a must. The prices are the cheapest in Spain. I'll be going back.
Beautiful - Laura. Date of travel: Sep 2007
The scenery was amazing and I loved the beach, especially the Amadores Beach. But I also suggest getting a taxi there which was about €2.70. Cheap! Also Maspalomas is lovely.
Pueto Rico - Mel Hood. Date of travel: Sep 2007
There are a number of shops selling low cost, top brand, cameras near to the dive school at the side of the harbour. They seem to be all owned by Asians. Do not buy a camera as this is a scam. When you find out what you have "actually" bought and you take it back the problems start. You find youself in a very intimidating situation. As for getting what you payed for or a refund you've got no chance.
Puerto Rico Was Awesome!! - Janette Codling. Date of travel: Sep 2007
Puerto Rico Was Awesome!!
Puerto Rico was brilliant. There was a lot of steps going from the hotel to the town itself but a taxi was only €2 so that was ok. There was men trying to make you buy things (do not buy) everything they sell is fake!! But I bought sunglasses because they were calling me - they were very nice glasses!! Hahaha!! The night entertainment was excellent....The Guinness was brilliant. Me, my mother and sister had some laughs in there!! And also Snoopy Club (free shots all round!!!) Also many other clubs too. The thing was if you didn't want to stay out late then when you went to bed at your hotel, the music in Puerto Rico don't stop until about 5am!! But me mam and sister stayed out until then!! The best place to eat is San Migels!! The food there is excellent... Me, my sister and my mother loved it there. There was also drag queens walking about they were funny and fantastic!!Cant wait to go back!!!!
Puerto Rico is the best part of Gran Canaria!! - Janette Codling. Date of travel: Sep 2007
The location in Puerto Rico from Castillo Del Sol is fine... Has quite a lot of steps but it's ok going down but a nightmare coming back so we always used to get a taxi on the way back! It was only €2 which is good! The owners of the cafies and pubs would always try and drag you into them haha! You have just got to say NO! People always try and sell you things too for too much money because the things they sell on streets are fake! Hahaha! :) The people in Gan Cnaria are different to Spanish, they are not so loud! I think anyway! But they are all very nice people and welcoming! The women that braid our hair are all very bubbly and nice too! Well in your hotel you'll have holiday reps and please book the Aqualand Park in Maspalomas, it's awesome!
I loved Puerto Rico! Go back tomorrow!! - Audrey. Date of travel: Aug 2007
Puerto Rico is the best place I've ever been, the food is lovely the location and setting of Puerto Rico is beautiful. There is plenty to be doing day and night and is suitable for all ages.
I loved Puerto Rico - Emily Bryan. Date of travel: Aug 2007
The nightlife in Puerto Rico was good. The best bar was Harley's.
I loved Puerto Rico - l. Walt. Date of travel: Jul 2007
Puerto Rico is an excellent place, loved it. Been there 2 years ago and going in another 2. Lots of nightlife, restaurants and bars.
I loved Puerto Rico - Vicky and Patrick. Date of travel: Jul 2007
Puerto Rico is for all age groups, the commercial centre they are very pushy but I suppose that's their job. Europa centre smaller version of the commercial great for kids, some nice restaurants, Yates Disco bar is good, nice seating area outside, great service. We got nice picture taken in there! Well worth it. Down at the harbour is Maggies Irish Bar (crock of Gold) nice little pub overlooking the harbour, nice food, entertainment most nights, quizzes for the kids or bingo. We got a boat trip to Mogan, nice area, 20 minutes on the ferry. Overall it was a great holiday. I did not want to come home. Weather was just brilliant 40ºC -46ºC degrees every day. People were so friendly and helpful. Be aware if you have disposable camera and you want to get them printed. Look around for the best deals because we got ripped off. We got charged €70 for the print off of 3 diposable cameras at the first shop down at the harbour.
Puerto Rico - Great! - Robert Murphy. Date of travel: Jul 2007
Puerto Rico is a great place, entertainment every night, Tango and La Bolera the best places to go, Tango is a great nightclub that is free. La Bolera is the best Restaurant you have ever tasted. There is a stage right outside the Restaurant, so you can sit and have your meal while being entertained by the magicians, dancers, drag acts, gymnastics and acrobats.
Puerto Rico July 2007, going back Aug 2008 - Debbie. Date of travel: Jul 2007
This was the best holiday I've had, my son loved it and so did I. We mostly ate at Flicks in Europa Centre, they were lovely people and made you feel very welcome. Mary DS was also a very welcoming place. all in all, no complaints and can't wait to go back Aug 4th 2008. Oh that's 9 days to wait!!!!
Puerto Rico, Gran Canaria - Ferguson. Date of travel: Jul 2007
Puerto Rico, Gran Canaria
In Puerto Rico both shopping centres are cool, many food places, very cheap and easy to find your ideal restaurant. Even McDonald's sell freezing cold beer by the glass. The Tango was my favourite, good music, entertainment, kids loved it. The chef cooks steaks on the grill with flames too. I'd move there now if I had the money and go for walks on the beach every morning and night.
If You Aint Been, You Haven't Lived - Webbi. Date of travel: Jun 2007
If You Aint Been, You Haven't Lived
Where can I start? Gorgeous isn't the word! Puerto Rico is the place I have probably spent the best week of my life in. It has everythin a great holiday has to offer, lovely beach, great food, clubs and a great atmosphere. The people here are just so friendly, felt like I'd known them for years when I chatted to them! Us lot mainly went into the Jokers club, loved every minute whilst I was in there but there are so many bars you can go in and just has exactly the same atmosphere. The weather was great, topped 26ºC every day and not a drop of rain. We even went in the sea at 5 o'clock in the morning and we still felt warm. Says it all really hey?! The only thing that bothered me a little was the people trying to make you eat in their restaurants, it can get a little tedious. I strongly recommend Puerto Rico to 16-25 year-olds as it has everything for them. If you haven't been there yet then go because Puerto Rico, trust me, is the place to be! We are all coming back in September we enjoyed it so much, so till then Puerto Rico, Adios!
Best Holiday yet!! - Kerry. Date of travel: Jun 2007
Best Holiday yet!!
Puerto Rico is one of the best holidays I've been on. The place is lovely and our apartments were nice too. We lived in the Aquacanis Apts which were kept clean and the pool was great. The beach was good too but I prefered the Amadores beach which is man-made, so the sand doesn't stick to you as much. I would also recommend going to Aqualand which is in Maspalomas. It is a massive water park and is well worth the money. Was definitely the best day of my holiday. The Europa Centre at the top of Puerto Rico wasn't really up to much but there is a nice English restaurant. The Commercial Centre at the bottom however was fab. There are lots of restaurants, bars and clubs. Would also recommend going to the Las Brasas steakhouse-the steak is brilliant. If you do visit Puerto Rico you have to go to Harleys nightclub. It is absolutely minted. The dancers are amazing, and quite sexy. heehee. I would definitely go back, especially for Harleys, YeeHaaa!!
Puetro Rico is the best - Sharon. Date of travel: May 2007
Puerto Rico has very good restaurants in the commercial centre, especially the restaurant San Miguel only €6.50 for a huge portion. Most meals are this price and really tasty. Don't care much for the beach at Puerto Rico. Ammodores much better about 15 minute walk from the revoli or 5mins in taxi.
Gran Canaria a world of its own - Louise Evans. Date of travel: Mar 2007
Where are everybody's bad comments coming from? Puerto Rico is the best place to stay because it's so central but you don't have to say there all day! Go in to the mountains, hire a car, live a bit. Go to the markets in Arguinigin and Mogan, eat in more spanish restaurants. It's like another world over there. Yes, Puerto Rico has changed from years ago but it certainly has in England! But still gives you the bug to go back so much so we used to live over there and are going to next year. Wouldn't look back, much slower more relaxed way of living, even with 2 children!
Puerto Rcio - Emma Jones. Date of travel: Jan 2007
When I turned up in Puerto Rico I just thought 'wow'. It was lovely. I stayed in the Omar Apartments, they were great. The people were nice and the apartments were very clean. It had a nice clean swimming pool and a bar and a snack bar. The beach was great and it was a good break. The weather was fab. I went to most of the bars and the restaurants were nice. I ate at one called Las Vegas. The steak was lovley. There is load of activities, water park, mini golf and plenty more to do. I got my holiday for a great deal and am definitely coming back next year. Tour Operator: co-optravel
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