The beautiful beach resort of Portinatx was the location for the filming of South Pacific and with its golden beaches and crystal clear waters it is easy to see why. Portinatx is the perfect spot for holiday makers who wanting to sunbathe during the day and let their hair down at night. Come sunsetmore
Party in Portinatx - Emile, Luke, Lloyd and David. Date of travel: Oct 2008
Wow what a time! We had a wicked lads holiday in Portinatx and have already booked to go back next year. It's got ace beaches, loads of bars, pretty girls (!) and we stayed in a great apartment with views of the sea. There's no where else quite like Ibiza. It's definitely still the party capital of Europe.
Portinax was the best Hoilday - Jade. Date of travel: Jul 2007
Portinax was good for the nighlife. There was one bar I really loved called Vincents. I loved it. Open till the last person leaves. Mick was Brill. I also love the festival they had on. Fireparks in the sea looked lovely. The food was great. Just like home cooking. My apartment was lovely. Best one so far. I spent most of my time on the beach. I didn't need to go far as the restaurants were so close. Del boy's and Es Grop are my fav. I did get a job in Es grop In 2006. But didn't take it as I was too young I thought. But lovely friendly staff in all pubs and shops. I met new friends out there and still have contact till this day. I have been to Portinax 2 times and I have enjoy both trips. I hope people will love it just as much as I did.
Best Holiday in Portinatx Ibiza - Elaine Moncrieff. Date of travel: Jul 2006
Best Holiday in Portinatx Ibiza
Ibiza Portinatx was my best holiday ever. The beaches were big and pleasant, the food is lovely and meeting people definitely made the holiday!! It isn't perfect to go out clubbing or to go to the best bars ever although one little bar called the Boar Bar is located down near the Paradise Hotel and is the best ever. There is also a fantastic Portinatx Festival lasting 3 days in July, it involves a number of activities on the beach, a saturday night rave (lasting all night) and a Mr and Mrs Portinatx competition definitely worth getting involved in. If you want a quite but extremely fun holiday go to Portinatx Ibiza and number one tip is to meet people!! It definitely made my holiday!!
Portinatx is amazing - Steve Ward, Dawn Connellan, Karl & Sharon Ward. Date of travel: May 2006
Our apartments were situated between two beaches, the sea was crystal clear and though a bit cool it was fantastic. When out of the apartment we tended to go to the smaller of the two, (S'Arenal Petit) which has the best bars. Zulu Lounge a great chill out bar which serves wicked cocktails and the views are great looking over the bay. La Ciguena is fantastic; the owner works in the bar and it stays open till the very early hours (Last Man Standing). Prices are great: 4 shorts and mixers for fourteen euros !!!. La Ciguena also has the best restaurant in Portinatx, the food is brill especially the Shoulder of Lamb: I've never seen anything like it, there's so much couldn't eat it all. Must admit they served the best Sangria as well. The resort of Portinatx is quite small; not very many bars, only one English bar being Del-boys which serves a nice breakfast if you want to eat English, their evening meals are really good, def gotta to try the mustard sauce makes my mouth water thinking of it. Bev, Brian and Mark and the rest of the staff make everyone feel welcome, Mark's a bit of a clown making everyone laugh, if anyone goes there you've gotta play boozy bingo. There's another bar called Vincent's which has some good entertainment and is where Elvis lives now, they have got the pictures to prove it. They play some not too bad music, but come 1.00pm it tends to become a bar for the locals who use it to pull anything, in fact if anyone reads this from Nottingham theres a club call Obsessions - it's just like that (if it breaths then it's willing as my fiancée found out in the ladies toilet 1 night when she saw a local guy and girl coming out the cubicle very sheepishly). Overall I would recommend any restaurant in Portinatx apart from The Don Quixote we had spent most of one of our afternoons sat outside this bar having beers and a few jugs of very nice sangria, every-time we ordered we were served Tapas at no charge, the service was faultless from the young lady who waited on us, so we decided that we would go back the same evening for a meal to say thank you for the service given that afternoon. To cut a long story short, we all got food poisoning. We would not recommend that anyone eats at the Don Quixote or if they do at there own risk.We all really enjoyed our time in Portinatx and intend on going back next year on our own again, we are going to San Antonio Bay in October with the children and will visit with them as well. Steve Ward Tour Operator: Portland
Tony Dawson. Date of travel: Oct 2003
We booked with Sunset holidays to stay in the Granada apartments in Portinatx Ibiza. The in-flight meal was the usual chicken in a sauce; sweet and sour this time. however we couldn’t have any drinks due to the turbulence. It was lightening and we were being thrown all over the sky.The storm died down just as we started over the Mediterranean. We were glad when we landed. The pilot said we had flown through a thunderstorm with 120 MPH winds so it wasn’t the smoothest of flights,to say the least. We were met at Ibiza airport by one of the Sunset reps Michelle and shown which bus to get on. Michelle our Rep travelled with us on the coach to Portinatx told us when our rep would meet us and made sure everyone was checked in. It was now well past 2 am but we were shown to our room by one of the apartment staff who obviously spoke very little English she gave us a bottle of mineral water and the keys for the apartment. The apartment we stayed in was D1 on the first floor above the bar overlooking the road into Portinatx. Some of the furniture had seen better days but the apartment was clean and tidy and surprisingly rather spacious. The kitchenette was equipped with a fridge, microwave, gas cooker, and kettle. The main bedroom had a rounded double bed made out of tiled stone! So it was rather hard, however If you had a back problem it would have been ideal. The other 2 single beds in the second bedroom were what you would call normal. There was also a double sized pull out sofa bed in the lounge/dinning area. The Granada Apartments are family run and all the staff were very polite and most of them spoke some English. The bar /restaurant is officially open from 10:30am till midnight however if people are still drinking or eating they tend not to close. but we were told to shush at 1:30 one morning The food was excellent if slightly expensive. (Approx 13-16 Euros per person for a main course). We went to our welcome meeting with our rep Cheryl she was very helpful and gave us the low-down on the resort and hotel. We booked for two excursions a cruise on a glass-bottomed catamaran with a beach party and BBQ and Ibiza by night. On the first excursion we were told that we would be doing the beach party first because the sea was a bit choppy. So It was Down to San Antonio. We were sat at tables with sangria lager and orange. An OK singer sang 4 or 5 songs then we were told the food was ready it wasn’t a BBQ but cooked chicken coleslaw and jacket potatoes. There was no kids menu and no choice of food. After we had eaten we were herded into a sandpit area for the games, the reps organised a couple of adult type 18-30 games i.e. press-ups on top of one of the reps and drinking cocktails then running around sticks. (Most of the people there were families with children) There were no activities planned for the kids The cruise had to be cancelled due to the weather. Apparently the waves were too big. (Think of a calm day at Scarborough then half the size of the waves) so we were told we could go to the beach as the bar had now closed. Where just to add insult to injury in came a glass bottomed cat from another tour operator. The next day our rep met us at the hotel and gave us a full refund but it still had been badly organised I felt that we had wasted a day of our holiday. The second Sunset holidays excursion Ibiza by night was excellent the rep we went with; Stuart was excellent both with the kids and the adults. He was entertaining and informative without being pushy we were left to explore the town by Ourselves. Ibiza is the largest town on the island, the old part of it, built on the hill, is known as Dalt Villa, or the old town, it is surrounded by huge walls. We had a great time wandering around the old town, which is really picturesque full of narrow alleys and dark passages to explore, and climbing up to the high point, where the cathedral is unfortunately the kids spotted a Mc Donald’s from the top so that’s where we ended up eating. We met back at the bus by the harbour for the journey home. The best trip we went on was not an organised trip but defiantly worth doing on the glass bottomed boat from Portinatx only 7 euros each we saw octopus, barracuda, and even a small shark as well as feeding the fish by hand with bread. (Something, which you could also do whilst swimming the smaller fish would take bread from your hand they tended to feed in shoals my daughter thought this was great till one fish got stuck down her bikini top!) We also took the road train from Portinatx to the caves at San Miguel another good trip which introduced us to some of the local fair Aioli a sort of garlic mayonnaise eaten with fresh bread, and green olives and Hierbas A local Spirit made with fennel it tastes rather like cough medicine Only lots more alcoholic about26% vol !! the caves were pretty spectacular as well . The flight back was quite uneventful and smooth So all in all it was a great holiday. Tour Operator: sunset
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