San Antonio
The “hotspot” on the island of Ibiza, San Antonio (fondly known as “San An” by thousands of night revelers) is crammed with rollicking clubs where some of the top international DJs man the decks during holiday season, delighting the partying crowds of mainly British clubbers who descend on the resort. Those who manage to emergemore
This was the worst place i Hve ever been - John Creagh Chapman. Date of travel: Mar 2010
I have never been in such a distasteful hotel in my life they got all the interior of the rooms totally wrong. and the pool i felt some child urinating and only later to find out there was no chlorine, it was disgusting. The only good point about this place was the airport because it gave me hope of leaving hell on earth.
San Antonio rocks! - Yani Mason. Date of travel: Oct 2008
San Antonio rocks! Had the best nights out here. Clubbers paradise. There's a wicked party atmosphere and you can literally dance till you drop. We stayed in Es Cana and took taxis to San An most nights, during the day we just lay around the pool recovering from the night before. Next time I'd like to see a bit more of the island because there is more to do than the clubbing, it's a really beautiful place.
Nice city - Anna. Date of travel: Aug 2008
San Antonio is close to famous discos like Paradis.
I love San Antonio, that's why we go back every year - The Millward Family. Date of travel: Oct 2007
The beach is just over the road from the the Marina Playa Apartments. We also found a great restaurant next to a pub called the Pink Panther Bar. The staff were very friendly and the meals were good for the money.
San Antonio - Donz. Date of travel: Sep 2007
Nighlife in San Antonio is really good but costs a bank loan!!! Spent between £200 - £300 a night (clubbing). It is well worth it though as the clubs are out of this world. Beach party at PLaya Den Bossa is a must too and a real eye opener. West End's quite good and is reasonably cheap. Overall - great party island!
Brilliant - John Dougall. Date of travel: Jun 2007
San Antonio the best night out I've ever had in my life..... end of story!!!
San Antonio - Mart & Corinne. Date of travel: Jun 2007
I like San Antonio better than Ibiza town. Quieter and much cheaper.
Nice place San Antonio Bay - Jim & Karen McCann. Date of travel: Oct 2006
It was nice and quiet when we were there in October '06, the weather was brilliant and sunny, the nightlife was low key but exellent just the same. The Casa Blanca Bar had a different act on every night and was the best bar in the bay area.
Great place - Sandra. Date of travel: Sep 2006
We stayed at the San Antonio Hotel, everything about it was a holiday and half. Right on the beach, lovely swimming pool. great location. Good value for money.
Best time ever - Faye. Date of travel: Sep 2006
San Antonio is a great city, especially the West End part.
Beautiful - Sean McCinnis. Date of travel: Mar 2006
We had some reservations about going to Ibiza but can honestly say that it was the most beautiful of the Balearic Islands and everyone was out to have a good time. It's dirt cheap and we were both extremely enhibriated on quite a small sum of money regularily. Go to Cafe del Mar and L'attica which was my personal favourite to chill out and kick off your shoes. We will be returning to Ibiza and can't wait. Tour Operator: Direct Holidays
Crystal clear water - Brian McCalden, Gladys McCalden. Date of travel: May 2005
Crystal clear water
The little beach front restaurant opposite the Marina Playa (just a few steps across a quite quiet single-carriageway road) serves brilliant breakfasts (huge!) for about E3.50 which set you up for the day. The water is crystal-clear and jumping with all manner of fish. We used to take a piece of bread down to break up and throw it in to attract them so you can watch them swim around you. Actually, even without the bait, if you wait around long enough, they get to ‘smell’ you anyway and the apparently empty water soon fills up with different sizes and colours of fish that circle around you. They seem to be most plentiful around the few places with a rocky bottom (although almost all the area is soft, comfortable sand underfoot). As far as entertainment goes, take your pick. Turn left from Marina Playa and you hit the family-style entertainment that is mostly based in other apartment complexes and hotels, (including the one 100 yards along). However, don’t miss the Café Royale, (about a 10 minute dander) for a really good FREE show that changes each night. These are really good, class acts such as a 60s tribute band and on different nights a female black artiste (like Diana Ross) and a good Mowtown-style black guy another night. The compere is brilliant, who always takes time to talk to you if you take the time to talk to him, (tell him the middle-aged Belfast couple whom he introduced to the Belfast lad who does the DJ part of the show were asking after him!!). It’s really that kind of place. There is also an ‘Irish’ bar just before you get to the Café Royale, with live music and the usual tat that is supposed to make it like the real article, but we were not impressed with the décor or the music, but there are many different tastes. Turning right out of the Marina Playa and there’s a very pleasant 10-15 minute walk to San Antonio town along a traffic free promenade, or take the water bus if feeling lazy, which has it’s last stop at the first jetty you come to on the promenade (under the Hawaii Hotel). Note that the police patrol the prom.frequently so there’s no danger there, even at night. Just as you hit the town, (just before the main roundabout) is one of the island’s biggest clubs, which wasn’t yet open when we were there, but is no doubt bringing in the hordes now. It looked very modern from the outside, and is one of several such real nightclubs on the island itself. In San Antonio town the action is all round the marina, which is where the various cruises depart during the day. You should try the 1 hour 45 minute run to Formentera and not only get to see nature at sea (dolphins are often seen alongside) but also get to see nature on the beach, with nudists galore all round this enchanting island paradise. It looks and feels like the Caribbean with white sand, clear water and beautiful (very sophisticated) beach front restaurants (the food is very reasonably priced, given the location) but look out for the cocktails (lovely, but cost about E10!!!). Millionaire style cruisers and yachts moor off the beach and the restaurant sends out a launch to pick up the customers!! Wow! Even saw Bernie Ecclestone and his F1 40 foot checker-flagged cruiser! But, back at base, the main (free) night life is the West End, which is the pubs etc. in the streets behind the marina and running up towards the old church, (still in use). Great for a spot of people watching. It’s also very clean, with the local authorities also mlooking after the whole area very well, plenty of environmental work, new paving etc. going in (compare that to Corfu where even the main roads are death traps that haven’t had a Euro spent on them in decades!! Look at Kavos for example where I saw a young man killed!) As for the bars, it’s the ususal PRs trying to get you into their bar with a BOGOF, but just say no and walk on, or go in and have a look-you don’t need to be shy and there’s no charge for entry in any of them. Age wise, the earlier part of the evening, (after about 11pm) there’s all sorts, even oldies like us, and no one minds. Later on though, there seems to be less older people as the young and (sometimes?) trendy come out in force. Tour Operator: Falcon
Rebekah Price. Date of travel: Aug 2004
San Antonio is the best place to go if your looking for a good club scene with some of the biggest clubs in europe and enough variety in music to suit all tastes if not you can try the west end where its a saturday night every night but abit cheesy for my liking Tour Operator: jmc
San Antonio - Julz n Micky. Date of travel: Jun 2004
San Antonio
San Antonio was a great holiday destination. Loads to do. We went go karting which was wicked! The beaches are nice but not too big; you can walk about a mile out to sea and the water will only go up to your knees! Theres lots of boat trips 2. We took one round the island and watched the sun setting while drinking champagne and we saw the dolphins! Also the night life is amazing: theres always coaches to the big clubs but theres 2 big clubs in the West end, Es Paradise and Eden, which is only a short walk away and a great place to start off. Sgt Peppers was the best British pub showing all the football and cheap drinks and a great atmosphere. Theres also loads of restaurants to choose from, pizzas, Indian, chinese etc. Tour Operator: Thomas Cook 18-30's
San Antonio - Karen, Jim. Date of travel: Jul 2003
Ibiza and San Antonio is gorgeous and we'll definitely be returning. It's well worth renting a car for a couple of days to see the island.
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