Puerto Del Carmen
The rollicking resort of Puerto del Carmen is the nightlife mecca of Lanzarote, with the secondary attractions of its two miles of sandy beach and spirited main road, The Strip, where holiday-makers can spend their cash on duty-free goods, all manner of tourist tat, and memorable meals. Architecturally, there is nothing to recommend the sprawlingmore
Warning Stay Away - Anon. Date of travel: Aug 2010
Be aware of Monica's Bar, Puerto del Carmen, fraudulently got hold of my Pin number, and used our credit card for a massive amount.
Sun & Beach - Michael Thor. Date of travel: May 2010
Puerto del Carmen is one of the nicer place to go on holiday
Puerto del Carmen is great !! - Helen Kerr. Date of travel: May 2010
Sun, fantastic beaches, nice restaurants, relax...
I love this place! - Fiona McKerral. Date of travel: Apr 2010
Weather is always shining no matter what time of year you go and I always get a great tan! It has got quieter over the years due to the euro however i would not go anywhere else for this type of beach/relaxation holiday. Beach is clean with some great banter from the guys who sell you fruit/water and from Maria, the massage expert! Loads of activities as well. Go to the main part of the beach (across from Bar Ruta, that's where it's all happening.) Places to eat - loads of great restaurants offering great value for money. My favourite places are Grill de Brassier which is across the road from cocktail corner, next to casino! Also a place called the Four Seasons in the Old town, best plank steak you will ever eat! Nightlife: Atlantico centro offers around 29 bars with a variety of music, the place to be at night for young clubbers and not too many PR guys to annoy you! And there is a chippy to get chips and cheese after you have gave up for the night and are heading home! For the oldies: There are markets galore and great places to visit as well as great boat excursions and great bars offering a variety of entertainment. Families: Water park, Rancho texas, go-karting and kids playgrounds, there is everything you would want and need to keep the young brood entertained! If i win the lottery then this is definitely a place i would buy a holiday home!
Puerto del Carmen is great - angry couple. Date of travel: Aug 2009
you will have a great time at Puerto del Carmen,just don't stay at Tamia Apartments.
The better end of Puerto Del Carmen - Frank Kavanagh. Date of travel: Mar 2009
Puerto Del Carmen has everything one could hope for in a winter sun holiday, plenty of uncrowded beaches, lots of restaurants and bars, and very reasonable prices.
Peurto Del Carmen - Ann Hine. Date of travel: Nov 2008
We went to Peurto del Carmen last year & found it a lot quieter - I think the credit crunch has hit there too. The only downside was the building work going on all across the sea front road - they are doing the drains - but should be finished for Xmas. This made if a little awkward for walking especially with a 2 year old & his buggy. Having been before though we know what it is supposed to be like.
I love Puerto del Carmen - J Foxton. Date of travel: Jul 2008
I love Puerto del Carmen
This holiday was my sixth visit to Puerto del Carmen. It has everything you need in a relaxing holiday. I won't deny the locals do not exactly keep the buildings up to scratch but you can get by with the great weather and fantastic restaurants. There are a few less the adequate restaurants up the strip where the waiters stand outside begging you to come in. But in the old town you will find more than enough great restaurants to fill a two week holiday. My favourite is Bodecos' which shouldn't be missed, not to be mistaken for Bodega Cascada. try their ribs for starters and cheesecake for dessert. It's on the road Calel Teide. I also recommend La Cascada Puerto for a good steak, but stay away from the T-bone. There are 3 great restaurants up the strip La Ola and La Casa Del Parmigiano and for Chinese, try the New World. Also go down to the harbour in the old town. You will find many great places to eat down there.
We loved Puerto del Carmen - Sarah and Pete. Date of travel: Jun 2008
We loved Puerto del Carmen
Having visited all 4 islands several times Lanzarote is definitely our fave! And Puerto del Carmen the best resort. It has the largest choice and variety of restaurants and let's face it, that's what we're all after on hols! It's so clean and well kept. We've just got back now end of June and the weather was high 30s every day. Don't listen to people when they say Lanzarote's too windy - believe me, you need it! For 3 days there was no wind and it became too hot to do much. Cafe Ola bar half way along the main strip was a real find, pool, restaurant, lush sunbeds, 4 poster bed to sunbathe on right on the beach so we were there most days as it's all rolled into one and cheap too which was a shock as it's so posh! There's some nice places overlooking the old town harbour. And a gorgeous little restaurant Terreza Playa 28 avenida de Las Playas. Enjoy!
Puerto del Carmen is the best resort in Lanzarote - Mary and Edward. Date of travel: May 2008
It's close to the airport, the shops are great especially if you like to haggle, there's always a bargin to find. The food is quite good for a resort, the Spanish restaurants are the best. But the only problem I have is the restaurants are not a cheap as they used to be but, a least you don't get food poisioning.
Puerto del carmen - Yvonne. Date of travel: Apr 2008
Puerto del Carmen is lively, good sandy main beach, clean water, lots of restaurants. Not posh, not laddish - no high rise apartments. Good for families. Favourite restaurant is family run Santi's - down road from new shopping complex. Local sole really good & friendly service.
Travellers - Welsh trio. Date of travel: Mar 2008
You've got to go to the Travellers next to MacDonald's, three times a week Tues, Fri, Sat. Miss Sparkle Lee show was free to get in. Drag artist. We also went to Titis show but not as good as Sparkle's show if you just want a fun time out. The three shows are all different. Friendly bar staff as well, families welcome.
Puerto del Carmen holiday - Frank and Anne. Date of travel: Nov 2007
After some 20 odd years of going to Lanzarote yearly we finally found somewhere where you can buy electronic goods at a reasonable price and yes, they do work. There are plenty of shops on the Puerto del Carmen strip which will rip you off quite happily and not bat an eyelid but the secret is to spend a little time going through the shops seperate and listening to what each one has to say and then going back to your apartment without any purchases and working out which one you feel is a fair shot. One of these shops is called Suncity electronics, it is on the right hand side as your just entering into the main strip, not the old town side, the new side. It is only a small shop and the guy in there called Philip will give you a good deal if you do a bit of bartering with him and for an instance we bought a nintendo ds with 88 games and a samsung digital S30 camera in pink and a ds carry case and a load of batteries, a watch, a keyfob, camera case, tripod stand, all the relevant hardware with the nintendo game, memory card for the camera and we almost got a cuddly toy (ha ha) for a price of Ł195. We have had them a month now and they are still working great and yes there was 88 games on the nintendo game card and they all work. So if you want a bargain go to Philip's shop and do some dealing. Have a nice day.
Puerto del Carmen - J Montague. Date of travel: Nov 2007
Puerto del Carmen is the best resort in Lanzarote. Best beaches - miles of golden sands. Every type of restaurant to suit all tastes plus entertainment in bars, clubs and hotels. Convenient, central location for seeing all the wonderful places that Lanzarote has to offer.
Fantastic resort - Gary and Diane. Date of travel: Oct 2007
Fantastic this was our second holiday to Puerto del Carmen in a year. Great places to eat Casa Cabana in the Old Town excellent Strogonoff, Mario's (montana Tropical) fantastic Itallian and stunning views from up there. Spanking Monkey and Purple Turtle good English Breakfast. Bars - Love Ricks Bar in the new town Dave behind the bar great fun and DJ Gary cheeky!!! Had lots of laughs and free shots in there. Plenty of shops and shopping centre Biosfere great. Beaches great and diving to be tried.
Great bars, but beware of the Asian rip off merchants - David John. Date of travel: Oct 2007
I paid for a sony camera with one of these con-artists in Puerto del Carmen. €150 transaction made, he started telling me all this stuff how a JCC is even better and the deal he could give me. I still cant believe it! It was in the box and I had turned around to leave. Must have been the fact I'd had a few beers. Anyway, I willingly swapped my shining silver sony for this blue plastic looking cheap-tack rubbish along with 200 more hard earned notes. I still got the thing somewhere but can't bring myself to look at it. Wonder why?
The most beautiful nightlife in my life! - Asia. Date of travel: Sep 2007
Lovely, warm, cheap, bit too empty and dry behind the city centre but lovely anyway.
Great - Gordon & Linda. Date of travel: Sep 2007
Our 5th time in Puerto del Carmen, excellent. The Old Town (Harbour) is a must for eating, probably the best restaurants in the Canaries, we found an excellent English restaurant called Casa Cabana in the Old Town, go down the hill until you reach the Spanking Monkey Pub, from there take the 2nd left after the Pub and it's about 100 yards on the left. The Cheese and Black pudding stack is to die for (2 slices of fillet steak, 2 slices of black pudding and melted cheese on a skewer) comes with 3 veg roast potatoes and sliced potato, it's a must try for only €11.95, you could eat there for the fortnight, the menu is excellent, great prices as well, also across the road is Emmas Cantina, real Mexican food cooked by Mexicans, try the real Chilli, very hot. Another great restaurant is the El Poril around the corner from Scotch Corner, head waiter is hilarious loves the Brits, try his extra hot sauce.
Loved it! - Carmen & Kevin. Date of travel: Sep 2007
I loved Puerto Del Carmen & would definitely go back as it has all I look for in a holiday. My boyfriend & I are 25 and love the clubbing and pubbing on holiday and Puerto Del Carmen didn't disappoint in that department. The beaches are gorgeous although the sea is freezing. Honestly it doesn't ever seem to heat up which can be a good thing when trying to escape the sizzling sun. We went 20th Sept for 2 weeks and the weather was scorching. Really, really hot, it was great! We went as a couple but there was loads of young families as well as middle aged couples, so I'd say this island had something for everyone young and old. Absolutely stunning scenery, lovely friendly locals, apart from the two Spanish girls who worked in the Spar along from our apartments Las Terrazas, honestly no one likes working but we just have to get one with it, the most ignorant dour faced people I've ever seen!! Other than them it's a fab holiday destination.
Just loved it! - Jeannie. Date of travel: Jul 2007
Puerto del Carmen is a lovely resort for a break. You can sun bathe, shop, walk, take tours, take a boat ride - anything really - except stay away from the guys in the electrical shops who try to pull you in and sell you something. Be well warned they are hooks, our rep told us some really sad stories about holiday makers who were conned. Charlies perfume shops are good, great discounts. Depending on where you stay you can encounter some hills!! The Old Town can be quite hilly. Best place to eat is a little Polish/Irish Restaurant named Bodeco's. Food is excellent here, all home cooked, no frozen chips etc everything is fresh. The desserts are to die for - especially the Strawberry/Meringue Roulade and the Polish Apple Pie. This little place is in the Old Town near the Aquarius apartments. Well worth a visit. Recommend the Island Tour which includes a Camel Ride, great day out.
Excellent nightlife - Katrina. Date of travel: Jul 2007
Excellent night life, unlimited amount of night clubs. Various eating places at reasonable prices, a very good clothes shopping centre at brilliant prices for great quality brands! There are a lot of Irish bars which I wouldn't recommend, fantastic weather. Very clean place. Tourists are mainly Irish.
I liked Puerto del Carmen - Fin. Date of travel: Jun 2007
It's a good resort, diverse with the old town's character and the new town's night life, there's loads of bars and good places to eat out, there's lots of small tourist type shops and in relation, some big ones like the Biosphere shopping centre too. The beach is nice with a kind of dark golden colour sand but it can be windy at times because of the trade winds so you could be getting more of a colour than you think. If you're a person who likes to explore all the shops, don't bother exploring all the Chinese owned ones as they all have similar stuff. Watch out for shops selling electronic goods, you will probably be getting knock offs, so be careful and examine whatever you're looking at a couple of times to make sure it is what they say, even sunglasses are over €15-€20! Don't buy in the first shop you go to, check the price in another first. There is one electronic shop that's legitimate. Ask at your hotel where to find it. On a final note, it's hilly, there are lots of hills to be walked up in Puerto del Carmen.
I loved Puerto del Carmen - Sue. Date of travel: May 2007
Fantastic beaches, lots of bars and restaurants. Plenty of shopping along the front. Generally a very clean resort.
Puerto del Carmen, Lanzarote - Alison, Emma, Katie. Date of travel: Jan 2007
The restaurants in Puerto del Carmen are great. (all on prom & free shot when you get the bill - everywhere!) Balali: Giant pizza, chips, Smirnoff and coke Ł8 - very nice. Drago Pizza/Restaurant: Had a 'cooked' breakfast, egg almost raw but the rest was ok (€3.00). Lani's Mexican: Spanish omelette and salad, tasty & good service, they give you sombreros for photos. American & Indian Bar: Full English breakfast, with chips and 2 eggs cooked!! Really delish and only €2.75! Hanover II: (next to Paradise) Really friendly - Garlic Bread & cheese, lovely. And carbonara quite nice (€7.50) Also had breakie there on the last day. They let us order combinations not listed on the menu. Sunset Beach: Toasties are to die for! Absolutely packed full, dripping with cheese. Breakfast was delicious too, loads on the plate. This place reminded me of The Corner Bar in Tenerife - almost identical. New World Chinese: Not the one upstairs by paradise, that's expensive - a smaller one on the ground level with a set menu. Lovely service and great food, free prawn crackers and lots of free shots of Schnapps €5.75.
Great - David Kerr. Date of travel: Oct 2006
A great holiday destination with a good climate. You could not ask for better! Tour Operator: Thomson
Puerto del Carmen is great! - Dav. Date of travel: Jul 2006
It was very hot and sunny on the whole of course, and Puerto del Carmen was no exception. The beach was nice and long, the sea clear and mostly rock free. There are pedalos and various water sports you can take advantage of, i.e. parasailing which we did and it was great. Lots of locals and tourists alike frequent. The beach umbrellas available to hire will be packed away about tea time so take your own, it's cheaper anyway! If you buy, get one under 10 Euro. Loads of resturants, nightlife ok if you like dance music. Not my scene. Also mostly Irish and British pubs around the resort. As previously mentioned watch for electrical retailers, I got a Pokemon game however although it's in English, it doesn't work fully. Thank goodness I haggled, it's water under the bridge. Don't buy cameras and expensive items unless someone reputable i.e. tour rep has recommended somewhere. Perfume same, go to Charlie's. Shopping is good, I recommend Grand Tour and Teguise market through Last Minute Travel, dotted around the resort. Car hire so very cheap, just check for insurance through hire company!! The Cambio's with the flags on the shop logo are cheapest for exchanges, i.e. 2% for Trav Chq's. Tour Operator: Seguro Holidays
Lovely Puerto Del Carmen - Ciara Phelan. Date of travel: Jul 2006
Puerto Del Carmen is my favourite holiday place of all the places I have been. It's friendly, nice shops within travelling distance, lots of nice restaurants and pubs and if you do want to go shopping (Biosfera-Puerto Del Carmen) you can put kids into a play area to give you a bit of peace!! The shopping centre has Zara, Mango, Pimki, Berska, a nice shoe shop, Foot Locker and a nice accessory shop and after your shopping you can sit down and relax and have a nice latte or cappicuno in the coffee shop downstairs with a sambo or burger!!
Isa Garayoa. Date of travel: Mar 2005
A Warning to fellow travellers - FOR THE LOVERS OF THE CANARY ISLANDS AND THE ELECTRONIC As many of you would know, Canary Islands, they are not just famous for the good weather but as well for the electronic product at a very juicy price. Thousands of tourist enjoy the sun at the same time that save some money buying a new digital camera, video camera, MP3 or any other electronic product on the new market. This is the moment to tell you: CAREFULL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I want to warn all those tourist of the thieves and scammers that you will find if you go to: ROYAL ELECTRONICS (DUTY FREE) CALLE LOS JAMEOS PLAYA – LOCAL N 14 PUERTO DEL CARMEN LANZAROTE – CANARY ISLANDS Be very careful, overall, those people who don’t have a lot of knowledge in this kind of product and they will take guidance and advise from the “kind and knowledgeable� owner of the shop. This shop, sells product of very good brands at a very attractive prices comparing with the UK or inland Spain, but what they are selling you is absolutely rubbish worthless than an electronic toy. My mother visited their shop last March and is one of the victims of these con-artists and thieves, paying 300 euros for a digital camera is not worth a fiver, she took the advised from this scum and trusted them. After her experience, she wants as many people as possible to be careful where they shop and who they take advised from, DEFENETELLY, NOT “ROYAL ELECTRONICS� She lives in Spain, but did ask me to publish this in the UK as many of you choose the Canary Islands as a holiday resort. Enjoy your holidays and be careful. Ana Malo
Moira. Date of travel: Mar 2004
Went in March 2004 with 4 other girls. Couldn't recommend high enough. Can't remember the name of accommodation but everything was brilliant. Weather, food and people. Went to the market on the Sunday but remember to take a coat as we were freezing. Did the cowboy night on Saturday, what a laugh even if you can't line dance but nothing a few jugs of Sangria didn't cure. Beautiful place just to stroll around and didn't get harassed by youngsters trying to drag you into clubs (maybe the fact we averaged 30 was the reason) Would definitely go back. Tour Operator: Air Tours
Puerto del Carmen - g.s. Date of travel: Jan 1970
Puerto del Carmen is a very nice, quiet resort with lots to see and do, but find somewhere else to stay.
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