The popular and therefore somewhat crowded and touristy resort of Alcudia in the north of the island of Mallorca is a “home from home” for British holiday-makers, right down to the local “chippie” and a thrilling waterpark, all within a stone’s throw of the ancient Roman town of Alcudia. A sprawl of unattractive hotels, apartmentmore
Good resort for families - Alison Jamieson. Date of travel: Sep 2010
Good resort for families
The beach nice, large and very clean. Ideal for kids. Enjoyed the large water park. Hidropark just one mile from sesdalies apartments.
Condes - Mark. Date of travel: Jul 2010
Stayed half board the hotel was very clean and the food was excellent, the night entertainment in the hotel was quite good especially for the kids. Now the bad bits: the 2 lifts were very small and always a queue and also the pool was quite small was promised a diabetic fridge but was told we could not have one and no late departure room the front desk attitude was take it or leave it, overall a decent hotel would we go again there are better hotels in the area but then its only a 3 star.
Golf in Alcudia - Mandy. Date of travel: Jan 2010
Enjoy the Alcanada Golf
We loved Alcudia - Mark & Claire. Date of travel: Aug 2009
Alcudia - The sand is beautifully soft and the sea is as warm as your bath at home, wonderful. All around the area are many bars, shops and restaurants. And there is so much choice whatever your taste. We loved Alcudia, the area is fantastic. It is very family orientated and you do not see any 18-30 type groups. I would definitely recommend this area for your next holiday.
Alcudia - Beautiful! - Lucie. Date of travel: Jun 2009
Alcudia town, they say it’s the quieter end. My god, who ever said that I don’t know. Bars open till 5am, free shots in every bar you go in, good deals on food and drink and generally a god-dam good night out. Get drunk with your all inclusive, go in town to top it up and party all night. What more can you ask for? The beach is amazing. most beautiful one I have ever seen. Town is quite small but very nice. Try the crepes, they are to die for. One thing - DON'T eat Chinese out there!!
Alcudia and restaurants - Amanda Pinder. Date of travel: May 2009
Alcudia and restaurants
Enjoy a meal in the harbour. Mateu the receptionist in the apartments recommend Es Caliu a front beach rest.
Go to Palma - Alexander. Date of travel: May 2009
Go to Alcudia, Palma for a day trip. There's lots of shops and monuments to see and explore for example Palma Catherdral was amazing. It only costs 4 Euros to go inside. Although near where we stayed was nice. The beach was lovley. As soon as you stepped in the sea it was so warm and crystal clear also it had no seaweed on the beach!!!
Perfect holidays - Peter. Date of travel: May 2009
Perfect holidays
Stayed here for 2 weeks in July, would recommend Venecia to anyone. Apartments are clean and well maintained, gardens are the same. The owners daughters man the reception and couldn't be friendier or more helpful. The beach is 2 mins away (no road to cross) and is safe and clean. Most entertainment is accross the road on Mas y Reus where you'll find all the best bars restaurants and clubs. Lunars Bar not to be missed, try their gigantic kebabs.
The water park - Emy & Jenifer. Date of travel: Feb 2009
The hidropark is one of the best water parks in the island.
Lots to do in Alcudia - James & Maria Gunter. Date of travel: Nov 2008
Visit the Roman ruins in th old town in Alcudia. The Natural Park.
We loved Hotel Alcudia - Wendy + Keith. Date of travel: Oct 2008
Just come back from 2 weeks in this hotel after getting a late availability last year. We usually go to 4star hotels but were surprised at the cleanliness at this hotel, the way I see it is if you want perfection go to a 5-star hotel. The location is excellent, only a 2 minute stroll to the shops, harbour and beach what more do you want. The staff were all very friendly and very helpful. We will definitely be going back in a couple of years.
Alcudia is expensive. - Family Holiday. Date of travel: Aug 2008
Over the years Alcudia has become more and more expensive, I would even say greedy. It has a beautiful beach and seafront, but a funny smell near the port area. The boat trips out have become too expensive and I believe it is a lot cheaper to make your own arrangements.
Alcudia is a very nice quiet resort - Debbie Craig Emily Callum. Date of travel: Jul 2008
Good resort for people who want a good beach and early nights ( most bars are closed by midnight).
Alcudia, lovely place - Debbie. Date of travel: Jul 2008
Didn't get to see much in Alcudia, apart from on the bus rides & walk to beach, but the beach was beautiful, lovely scenery everywhere.
Blackpool with Sun - Price. Date of travel: May 2008
Alcudia is tacky and extremely expensive!
Alcudia - Sandra Fleming. Date of travel: Mar 2008
Alcudia is an ideal location the apartments Ses Dalies. We had an excellent holiday in Alcudia. It's great for families with kids, and couples looking for a quiet and relaxing holidays. Wonderful!
Lovely Place - Anonymous. Date of travel: Oct 2007
Lovely Place
Alcudia has lots of shops and supermarkets. Cigs Benson €31 in tabaconist. Drink vodka 1ltr, €10. Great place nice clean beach with watersports. Never bored.
Lovely Alcudia - Peter. Date of travel: Oct 2007
Alcudia is a great holiday resort in Mallorca with nice shops, restaurants and Hydropark, a large water park worth visiting.
Alcudia is a fantastic place - Andy & Amanda. Date of travel: Sep 2007
When out of the Hellvue apartments, Alcudia is a fantastic place. The beach is the best I have seen or been to. The whole family loved it, there are some great places to eat, we had fantastic nights out with the kids at Cheers bar. We met up with a family who were in the same situation as we were and in the same block at the Hellvue. The beach was very good for the children the water was very shallow for about 200yds. You have got to try the melon man if you come here or the crazy crepes man on the main street in Alcudia. If the two families had not got together I think the holiday would have been a complete wash out. Thanks Danny, Karon, Becky and Dan.
A bit overrated - Sharon. Date of travel: Sep 2007
Never visited Alcudia before but was told it was lovely. It does have a very nice beach but dare I say it, we thought it was a bit overrated, Yummy Yummy's is a nice place to eat, we visited the stables, and enjoyed walking down the front at night when it was all lit up, just keep your wits about you and watch the kids, it does get very busy at night.
It was fantastic - Chelsea. Date of travel: Sep 2007
Alcudia was fantastic. There was lots of things to do for kids on the complex, the food was nice and the rooms were quite nice, there was lots of things to do and lots of places to go. The shops and restaurants are right on your doorstep as soon as you leave the Bellevue Complex and the beach is only 5 minutes up one road which is nice. The staff were very friendly and the pools were nice and clean. I will definitely be going back!
I hated Alcudia - Marjorie & Leonard Hook. Date of travel: Sep 2007
I hated Alcudia. We was pestered by restaurant owners every time we passed. There was a bar there just opposite opwned by Italians. It was very pleasant. Didn't think much of the English bars. The shops near to the Bellevue was all the same. Just sold air beds, bucket and spades and a few toys. Nothing to bring home for gifts. The restaurants were very good despite them pestering you as you walked by.
Typical Spanish Holiday! - Charlotte & Matt. Date of travel: Sep 2007
We thought it was exactly what we paid for, a cheap, hot holiday in Spain. The Bellevue Hotel has realy good food but the prices of even soft drinks were shocking. The beaches were fab even in September and the pubs were ok for the day. There were no good looking pubs/clubs for the night unfortunately, but there's a really good cocktail bar on the main street, authentic and cheap! It's not a romantic getaway but what do you expect. Yeah it's tacky but it's great for young people even if you're more into clubbing you definitely need to go to Magalluf!
Happy days - Martin and Caroline. Date of travel: Sep 2007
Went on holiday to Alcudia in September, loved the beach and the general cleanliness of the place. There was just a general feelgood factor I felt about the place and never once on the holiday did I feel in a situation where I felt uneasy. Cheers is brilliant for kids and adults alike and we ended up going to different places for food but always ending up there. Got to try the kebabs at Pago Pago on the main drag -delightful. All in all worth a visit.
For families not singles - Weir family. Date of travel: Aug 2007
Just returned from a holiday in Alcudia. The resort was very busy, with lots of bars, restaurants if you prefer self catering. Alcudia very much geared to families not young singles. There is an Inca Market every Wednesday, but very busy. Maybe better to go to the Alucdia market on a Tuesday and Sunday as it is easier and not so busy and spaced out. Drove to Caves of Drach on east coast. Worth seeing but not impressed with customer service, no guides to tell you a bit about them but men placed at strategic points along the pathways who shouted at anyone who dared to take a photo, almost military style!! When we came out they were selling photos of the caves which explained everything, wouldn't go again, not as nice a welcome we received in caves in North of Ibiza.
Alcudia - T Hiscock. Date of travel: Aug 2007
Everything is fairly close, even the old town is only 25 minutes up the road (walking distance). Again if you need any help ask the solecito staff especially Fester or Michelle. Oh and be very aware of the mosquitoes they are quite a problem, I was bitten 33 times!!! Water park is nice and so is the beach.
Going to Alcudia Pins hating the Britain people - Suus. Date of travel: Aug 2007
Our holiday in Alcudia Pins is a miserable experience because there were too much English and Irish people. You people from England and Ireland are totally out of control on your holidays that you cannot see your childness behaviour in front of other people. Fighting for beds at the pool at 8 in the morning, never wait until it's your turn by going into bus or taxicab, not open for a normal adult conversation! Horrible you are! Next time we are going to Turkey again because there are not so many bloody Britain people! And the men...almost every man with that ugly tattoes on their back and arms, disgusting!!! No for us no holiday in Spain anymore, can't you English people not think about anything else but bingo and karaoke? How simple a human being can act.....worthless you are!! Not to speak about almost all Britain women: why are they all having such a stupid Victoria Beckham look??? Don't they have their own identity?
We loved Alcudia - Iris, Paddy and the terrible teenagers. Date of travel: Aug 2007
Alcudia has so much to offer for young and old. Belleview has a multitude of pubs. Fun bars, cafes and restaurants, pro gocarts, play areas, tons of shops where you can pick up anything, leather, ceramic goods, designer t-shirts. And if you want a portrait for the kids be sure to visit the guy who sits across from the Tivoli Terrace snack and cocktail bar. His work is fantastic €45 but worth every penny. The port is also a must more of the same but add the stunning yachts and the beach. The old town is great if you like history fantastic buildings from the Roman era and fantastic views from the top of the Roman wall. Horse and cart travel will cost €25 from Muro to Bellview and €45 to the port from muro but great as a treat. Lots of water sports, para sailing banana boats, pedaloes, speed boat tours and extreme rides as well as the usual cruises round the island. Make the effort to visit Smiths bar/diner, fantastic food with a large menu, speedy service and warm friendly chatty staff, nightly quiz and bingo and the staff are always up for a good laugh. Please remember the repellent when going to the bellview though. The midges are thick and fast there, if you have no repellent then rub your arms with lemon. the blihters hate it and won't go near you. And dads be warned - the go carts at the Bellview are addictive. Huge track with staff who are very saftey concious... it's fast and it's fun!
We love Alcudia - Steve and Christine. Date of travel: Aug 2007
Lovely, lively and beautiful part of the world to visit.
Spoilt by the accommodation - Rochelle Liversidge. Date of travel: Aug 2007
Although we had a nightmare stay in the Bellevue for the 2 weeks, I must say that the rest of Alcudia is very nice. The beaches are spotless and the water is so clean and safe as it is extremely shallow. Lunas Grill is a good place to go to eat and the entertainment is good too. We also went to the Shine Bar nightly where we found the staff extremely friendly and helpful especially Emma. The marina is a nice place to go round too, some of the boats are amazing. Sadly we would never go back to Alcudia as the Bellevue spoilt everything.
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