The beautiful region of Arta in Mallorca is one of the Balearics best kept secrets. This stunning area on the coast of the island is a cultural treasure trove of churches and ancestral homes. Arta is home to the Sanctuary of Sant Salvador which is well worth a visit. It is the idealmore
Hire a car and explore Mallorca - Nikki Sanderson & family. Date of travel: Feb 2009
Mallorca is such beautiful island and Arta is particularly stunning. It's set in the valley and driving through took us ages since we kept stopping to take pictures. A trip to Sanctuary of Sant Salvador is a must, from there you get the best views of Arta and also you should visit the caves. If solitude, natural beauty and being far from the maddening crowd is your thing then Arta will suit you down to the ground.
Lovely - Jessame. Date of travel: Aug 2006
Arta is lovely with lots of character, beautiful views. Peace and quiet - what bliss. Not for those looking to get drunk and disorderly but good for relaxation. Hire a car and explore the area - we went to the Caves at Drach - very interesting. Anf there are other areas to explore on the island. Great holiday.