Calas De Mallorca
The clifftop setting of the purpose-built holiday resort of Calas de Mallorca ensures spectacular views, but it does not suit those who are not fit enough to trek up and down to the lovely beaches below. The hotel complexes provide all mod-cons and entertainment, but those who like to get out and about can busmore
I love Calas de Mallorca - Julie and Harry. Date of travel: Jul 2009
Caas de Malorca for me was brilliant! The Hotel America where I stayed was lovely the staff were friendly and the hotel itself was really clean and the food was acceptable. The only bad point I have about Calas de Mallorca is there are few jellyfish in the sea but I gues you get jelly fish everywhere there is a choice of three beaches which are all very nice and great to relax on! The restaurants are also pretty good we ate out a few times even though the hotel is all inclusive. I particularly found a nice place to eat which also had access to the Internet. The bar was called Black Bull which sold the most divine pizzas! As for nightlife it is fantastic. There's enough pubs, bars and clubs to go to to keep you entertained throughout your holiday. My two favourite bars were Tiffanys and Sinatras which both play great music and the atmosphere is wicked! I especially liked Sinatras as the cocktails were delicious and they stay open till very early hours in the morning! Although its not like Magaluf it's just as good as you get a bit of everything from the nightlife to relaxing days on the beach or by the pool! Brilliant!
Calas Calas Calas de Mallorca!!!!!!!! - Julie and Dave. Date of travel: Jun 2009
Calas de Mallorca was great! I came here for one week and stayed in Calas Park. The resort is a lovely place, quite small but there is enough. This was one of the best holidays I have had the local people are very friendly. The best place I found to eat was the black bull the food is delicious and the staff are very friendly too which gave the place a great atmosphere. The music varies through out the day and night and they have Internet access which was ideal as I like to check my emails etc! I also found that the prices were very good in this bar and right opposite is Sinatras where they play great music and the cocktails are excellent there! I really enjoyed my stay here and would definitely go back to Calas de Mallorca!
This place is great - Cloe. Date of travel: Aug 2008
Calas de mallorca is a great place. I had to walk about 10 minutes to get here, which I didn't mind as the place was fab! The entertainment was awesome and the food was lovely. There are plenty of shops and arcades for you to visit, plus there are lots of bars for you at night time, We enjoyed Rock Cola and many more.
Calas de Mallorca - Davies. Date of travel: May 2007
Calas de Mallorca
Awesome scenery, crystal clear sea, small shopping centre, loads of pubs. Very relaxing place to stay. Locals are very friendly. No good for 10+ aged children, apart from swimming & crazy golf thats about it, unless you take a bus or boat trip elsewhere. Would recommend it for families with small children though. On the downside.... Shops sell far too much cannabis and pot smoking accessories & sex toys (bit like Blackpool) not what I like my children to see.
No louts, bonus - Bruce Nipper. Date of travel: Aug 2006
There is not much to this resort to speak of - Calas de mallorca is very small and set on a cliff - so not for those who dont like to walk! but the benefit of this is peace and quiet because this chase the louts away. yay for us! some good restaurants and plenty to do - excellent swimming though rough water a few of the days of our stay. If you're bored, hire a car and see the local sites.
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