The most happening resort on Mallorca for the young crowd is manic Magalluf, epitomized by sun-burn and hangovers, crowded with party-goers on low budgets but high spirits. The revelers on holiday in Magalluf pack the basic accommodation blocks and fuel up on fast-food, sunning themselves on the long sandy beach until the pulsating night-life awakens.more
No way jose....never again. - Willies McWilly. Date of travel: Oct 2009
We went there last year, myself and three other guys. We got to the town centre and to be fair, it was what we expected - neons, everyone is British, and everything is in 's. Then when going a little deeper into the bar areas, we notice that most corners stink, from people pissing there the night before (and yes the day too we saw). We were having an early evening drink in one place when a group of lads walked past, all about 15/16 years old. They were clearly hammered, and one of them stopped, vomited in the middle of the road, got a round of applause from his mates and most people watching from the bars, then carried on drinking as he walked along. I'm not a snob, really, I'm really not, but Magaluf is full of pi55ed up teenagers throwing up all over the place (inside bars mainly) and making the entire place stink of urine. Couple this with busy bars that sell drinks that smell like sick, and that's Magaluf. So....if you like that kind of thing, go for it. Otherwise.....go somewhere else and have a little respect for yourself!
Fantastic - M Rice & I Williams. Date of travel: Aug 2008
What a great place to go, the hotel was basic and a little dated but clean and practically on the beach. The pool didn't seem to have a shallow end and was a little small but this didn't bother us and there are some nice shady areas if you are not one for cooking yourself all day. We did have to ask for clean towels twice but again not the worst thing in the world. This hotels location suited us as all we wanted was somewhere clean to shower and sleep and not have to walk for miles to get anywhere, we got all of this, breakfast was well worth getting up for but we ate in town most evenings as the hotels menu was pretty much the same every night. We did not have a problem at all with the younger party goers they seemed to be out all night and asleep all day. Magalluf can be as relaxing or rowdy as you wish it to be and there are a huge range of bars, nightclubs and restaurants to suit all ages and all types, we particularly liked Tom Brown's restaurant which is also right by the beach, good food, good prices and a free glass of beer or wine with your meal. The Pirate show is a must, there are 2 showings the family show being the earliest but we still didn't get out till gone 11, a little pricey but food and alcoholic and soft drinks all in,we loved it. Alexandra Bar was good and had people of our own age there and we also went to Bacos who have tribute bands like Abba and Rod Stewart again aimed at a slightly more mature crowd.The Britannia bar had live music and is a stones throw from the hotel a good starting point, we did venture a little further into the main strip one night but it was a little to young for us but again not at all offensive considering the hundreds of 20 somethings there. We even went to the Western water park not for the faint hearted. What else can I say , the weather was great, plenty to eat drink and do, we loved it and wished we had booked 10 days instead of a week. Will definitely be going back.
I loved it - what an amazing place - Mary. Date of travel: Aug 2008
I loved it - what an amazing place
Magalluf was amazing! Was best holiday I've ever had! We stayed in the Fiesta Jungla - OMG best craic ever!! Although it's not the sort of place you'd want to stay if you're looking for sleep is all I can say!!! If you want to party 24/7 then this is your ideal place!!!
Magalluf best holiday place ever! - Natalie. Date of travel: Jul 2008
During the day and at night Magalluf is the best place to be. The BCM is amazing and I'd definitly recommend Pirates over 18s. Both waterparks are amazing and Palma is very good for shopping. I met loads of amazing people and I'm looking at going back this year.
Magalluf is the best - Carol, Nick, Danny and Ellie. Date of travel: Jun 2008
Magalluf is awesome - the best place I've ever been, fantastic nightlife, gotta go Green Parrot for best night ever. Funny DJs. Been going 13 years now, twice a year, never stop laughing, can't wait to see you all this year, great beaches, eat at Tom Brown's, Happy House, go Western Water Park, Son Amar, Pirates for great entertainment, Manos for live tribute bands. Never stayed in a bad hotel, best hotel is Royal Beach.
Unbelievable place!!! A must! - Kim. Date of travel: Jun 2008
I went to Magalluf on the 28th June '08 for two weeks, we loved it and didn't want to come back at all!! We cried all the way home!! We're going back in the last week of August!! We started the night in The Green Parrot Bar, Gobshite and Bash are brill, Arran my little stripper dude is ace, he is queer not gay people!! Then we moved on to Manos till 4am and then went to Panama Jacks till 6am then moved on too the 24/7 pub Robin Hoods, Maria who owns it is lovely!! Weather was boiling, and everything else was just great, thinking about moving to Magalluf next year, definite place to go..... if you don't like music or have young children I wouldn't advise you to stay in the Tropico hotel because the jungla behind is very rowdy all day everyday and night xxx
Just go!!! - Northern ladies!. Date of travel: Jun 2008
Magaluff is brill! I have been on holiday to Magalluf 4 times stayed in 4 different places and its still getting better! The strip is immense and the accommadation has always been great!! Staff are helpful and friendly! Usually great speaking english as well! Holiday reps as gorgeous as ever and you will deffo see me joing them again soon either working or playing we'll see!!! LOVE IT!
I love Magaluf. - Harry Burd. Date of travel: May 2008
I love Magaluf.
It is a very clean resort, full of bars, cafes, shops places of interest.Loads of adventurous things to do,easy bus service into Palma and many other destinations. There is one spot just at the bottom of the strip which stinks when you pass it. How people can eat in the cafes nearby surprises me. That is about the only thing I don't like about Magaluf. This is a photo of The House of Katmandhu.
Looking to go again soon - Rich. Date of travel: Oct 2007
Just got back from Magalluf last night - already looking to go again soon. Everywhere's good in Magalluf but the Windsor Bar is an absolute must for anyone who's going out in Magalluf. You'll not find better bar staff anywhere - absolutely fantastic - they're a right laugh and make you feel very welcome! If you go I hope you have as much fun as we did in there.
Magalluf is fantastic!!! - Hayley Atkinson. Date of travel: Sep 2007
This is my second visit to Magalluf and I absolutely love it!! The atmosphere is great, everyone is there for one thing, lots of partying!!! We went out about 11 at night, started at BCM square and had a blast!
I love Magalluf, can't wait to go back - Lyndsay Fairbrother. Date of travel: Sep 2007
I love magaluf I go twice a year, especially love the windsor bar with sexy Alberto, Ricky, Dani, Joanne and Herson especially when Alberto gets me up dancing to dirty dancing and picks me up over his head like in da film! He is well fit XXXXX
Arfurs, give it a go! - Emma. Date of travel: Sep 2007
Just got back from Magalluf. Really good. Found a little bar round the back of Green Parrot called Arfurs. What a laugh. The owners are brill, made you feel like one of them. Great sound for karaoke, the best! Makes you sound like a superstar lol. Big drinks VERY cheap. All British food carveries on Wednesdays and Sundays. help yourself. 8 (about 5) Brill and late. Didn't walk out of there till 8am. Everyone just go and check it out. What a laugh, love everything about it. Be back next month. See you all soon Arfurs XX
Wonderful in Magalluf - Duncan. Date of travel: Sep 2007
Wonderful in Magalluf
Go to Magalluf three times a year, great place to party or just relax and watch the world go by. Windsors Bar or Clems, as it's known, is a warm friendly bar day or night with good food and great staff. Well worth a visit. Pirates is the best show to see a must for young and old. See you in Clems soon.
We love Magalluf - Allan and Jean. Date of travel: Aug 2007
Great place for holiday plenty to do for all ages. A visit to pirates a must. Aqua park, go karts, friend and I hired quad bikes 30 for 2 hours and toured round outskirts of Magalluf and Palma Nova. Good bars Mano's and Dreams in particular. BCM big nightclub for the 18 plus group.
The best week of my life - Operation Bagamuf 2007. Date of travel: Aug 2007
The best week of my life
First time we've been aborad with the lads. 9 of us in total. Absolutely amazing holiday. Days by the pool or beach and nights on the strip or the BCM square. You gotta start ya night at The Green Parrot, DJ Gobshite and Bash are absolute legends, will rip you to bits as soon as you walk through the door, don't come if you're offended by anything, haha! I personally think the square is better than the strip cause there are less reps, but apparently there aren't going to be any reps next year so will probably get even better!! You got to go there before you die. We're thinking of doing it every year as a renuion type of thing.
Great Family holiday destination - Derek. Date of travel: Jul 2007
Magalluf has something for everyone, great resort for all, only short distance from airport approx 30 by taxis. Don't be put off by the lager louts everone goes on about as 90 percent of them are just out to have fun and cause no trouble.
Magalluf was boss! - Lauren. Date of travel: Jul 2007
We went to Megalluf at the beginning of July and it was great! It was really hot every day and we all came home black! Favourite bar by far was Windsors with Alberto, Ricki, Shelley and Joanne... We always had a great time there especially when they got us dancing behind the bar to boomba! The strip was good too but it gets annoying, everyone try to get you into their clubs. The Green Parrot was fab as well and DJ Gobshite and Bash are dead funny! Go there just to see Aaron dressed up outside tryin to get you in. We went to the Happy House next to the beach for tea loads because the foods great so go if you get a chance! Make sure you get Ivan to repeat his specials!
AMAZING is all I can say... - Jenny and Becky Stretford. Date of travel: Jul 2007
This is the second year I've been to Magalluf and it just gets better. I would go again in a blink. Bananas, Boomerang, BCM square...best places to be at night. Absolutely amazing... Me and my mate started off in 3 Lions every night and then moved on to every club going, usually Icon with the fittie behind the bar and the sambuca. Jelly's with the whipped cream... you go shot girl!!! They got you absolutely slaughtered...BRILL...Magalluf beach was the best beach for the young ones. It was like a constant party. We went for 2 weeks and I could have stayed for 3. I love it.
Magaluf shit whole - Kelly. Date of travel: Jul 2007
Everyone has written on here how great Magalluf was. Me and 5 other mates went on holiday to Magalluf in July for my friends 21st. Got there all excited and looking forward to getting the holiday started. The holiday resort was mainly full of northeners which aint a problem until the northeren men find out you're from the South of the country. We came under alot of abuse from them. When getting dressed up to go into town they decide to throw drinks at us and all sorts. One nite after having a crap nite at the BCM foam party where the foam did not even go anywhere and just was a waste of money where we kept getting hit on by a load of Spanish men. We came out and got attacked by four northen men who hit and threw bottles at us. Thank god about 20 boys from Croydon saw what was going on and the northerners soon went. I suggest if ya wanna feel safe and have a great time go else where because Magaluf feels very unsafe for women. One good thing the weather was great and the hotel was great except we had no entertainment or games around the pool during the afternoon and it was suppose to be twentys! Spend a little bit more and go have a proper holiday.
Manic Magalluf - Lorraine Cannon, Jane Wheatly and Tracy Meggison. Date of travel: Jun 2007
Magalluf is great, fantastic beach, great bars and resturants. Something for everyone. The Motown bar is great. George the DJ always plays requests, bar staff lovely. If you want something different and a chill night, this place is a must.
Magaluff is AMAZING!! - Stace n Adam. Date of travel: Jun 2007
Maglluf is great, me n my fiance went last June and are planning to return next year. We couldn't fault it, after an amazing week staying at the Sol Magalluf Park Hotel, visiting club BCM and hiring speedboats and mopeds we truly can't find one bad word to say. Strongly advice a holiday to Magalluf xxx
magaluf :) - Claire. Date of travel: Jun 2007
Magaluf is the best destination if your lookin 4 a lively holiday :) iv been to ibiza and magaluf tops it by a long mile! im going to be back there for a second year running in june with my 3 best mates and cant wait! BCM is incredible...wicked parites and guest dj's! not to mention the mile and a half strip with some buzzing clubs and bars! all about the fiesta jungla.. best hotel on the island!
The place to be seen - Nick Wright. Date of travel: Oct 2006
Magalluf as a holiday resort is fab. This is our 14th year that we have been to Magalluf and the pubs are great and no probs with the kids. My son went to BCM and loved it. We spent a lot of the time at Benny Hill Bar and Green Parrot if you want live music. Go to Bacos or Manos, example Queen, ABBA, Tina Turner, Elvis, Temptations, all tribute bands. Would recommend Western Water Park for some water slide fun. Pirates is a great night for the family but also has adult nights. Plenty of nice eateries, would recommend Tom Brown's for the best breakfast in Magalluf only 5 for a big breakfast. Gran Mundo in Palma Nova is the best chinese 9 for all you can eat.
Magalluf - Andrea and Normski. Date of travel: Sep 2006
Magalluf was great. More for 18-30 year olds but we really enjoyed it.
Maga July 2006 - James Jones. Date of travel: Aug 2006
Just got back from magaluff for the third year in a row its still amazing but there was far to many lads there this year. It does seem that the ratio for lads to girls is 1 - 5. The best place on the island has got be Bananas, got the best music and girls going there. Got to also admitt that Boomerangs has got alot better this year. The weather is tremendous and the beach is nice. The Jungla has got to be the best hotel aswell everyone always up having a party and its so lively in the afternoon with the massive pool they got there, if your staying there tho would advise you to get up earlyish becoz all the sunbeds go.
Fantastic - John Bell. Date of travel: Aug 2006
We had a fantastic time in Magalluf. The best bar by far was the Windsor Bar, the staff were all really friendly. We had a great laugh with David doing his Micheal Jackson impression and throwing bottles around the bar, they have a special shot that knocks u out called doctor clems (ask them about it). We also visited the Piano Bar which is the sister pub, they're all very friendly and make u feal like family. I hope you visit them because they're wonderfull people. 10 out of 10 Tour Operator: Thompsons
Definately recommend goin to Magalluf... - The chesterfield girls. Date of travel: Aug 2006
Magalluf is crazy! There were 8 girls in our party and we stayed in Palma Nova. Palma Nova is quite quiet and we didn't go to any of the bars there because we only had to walk for 5 minutes to get to the Magalluf night life. There are so many men in Magalluf, most of them are chavs or middle aged men but there are some decent ones, if you look carefully. Our favourite bar was Revolution because the music was good and the DJ said our names alot. Went to BCM twice and saw Judge Jules and DJ Sammy. The atmosphere and music is immense and you get stuff free like t shirts! The four clubs, Bannana, Car wash, Tokio Joes and Boomerang are well worth going to at around 2am if you're not going to BCM. If you go to a foam party at Car Wash don't wear your nicest clothes because they smell of soap and set. There were two really nice reps on the corner on our way in to Magalluf who told us all the best places to go. Alot of the other reps get on your nerves after a while but if you use them to get the best drink deals in their club it's worth it. We loved Magalluf and wish we were back...
Magalluf Aug 2006 - Jen Jen. Date of travel: Aug 2006
Fantastic holiday!! There was 3 of us girls we had a brilliant time - the weather was boiling apart from some evenings the rain felt like a monsoon - but the days were lovely and hot!! Nightlife was fantastic - if you like r n b start at Alex's bar on the strip and then move onto Tokyo Joes - best club Ive ever been to - parties till about 6-7 am!! Plenty to choose from - i'm going back for a long weekend on 28 sep 2006 hoping its still warm a bit worried!! Definately recommended in August!!
I had the best time ever... - david,penny,rebecca,elliott,hannah,nichola,fred and jane. Date of travel: Aug 2006
Magalluf is just unbelievable. Not what i expected at all. I had the time of my life and met lots of lovely people. I advise people to go. The atmosphere was amazing. The clubs were mint, I think the best ones are bananas, boomerang, carwash and BCM and they had something different going on every night. There's was twice as nice with romeo and lisa maffia and clubland were there, fhm girls, pleasure rooms, popcorn partys, water partys and foam partys. It was a brilliant place to be. I loved it that much that im going back next year just me and my friend. I went with my family my friend and her family. Our brother and sister are 12 and there was a lot for the kids to do at night. Plenty of arcades. There weren't really alot of resturaunts unless u like pizza, burger king and kfc. Magalluf beach was amazing the sea was very clear and the sand was soft, no litter or anything was lying around on the floor. There was people cleaning up all day. Watch out for the people who try and sell u a can or fruit on the beach because they will try and charge you about 10euros for a can of coke. There is a little shop though just of the beach for drinks and ice cream. I advise you to go if your thinking about it.
The dogs b******s - Barlow, Buckle, Nev, Weeman, Kieren, Square head, Frosty, Chapman, God. (nicknames on our shirts). Date of travel: Aug 2006
Magalluf was quality. Non stop partying for 14 nights. It takes a while to get used to the sleeping pattern because u go to bed at 8 in the morning and wake up at 3 in the afternoon and go out at 12 midnight. We all came back with no tan but it was worth it. Everyone out there is so freindly because your all there to do the saem thing. GET WASTED!. I think we are all gonna go back next year. Best holiday ever, miss it so much. Best time to go is late July early August.
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