Puerto Pollensa
Honeymooners and discerning families who prefer scenery and sophistication are the main clientele of the pretty holiday resort of Puerto Pollensa on Mallorca’s north coast. Accommodation here consists of elegant family hotels or secluded villas, whose occupants seek only peace and tranquility. Diversions include sea cruises, sightseeing, gentle strolls along the Pine Walk, sedate shopping,more
Dirty and shabby apartment Susanna on the Pine Walk - A King. Date of travel: Jun 2010
Lovely resort but beware of the 4 bed apartment Susanna on the Pine Walk. Here is a list of what we found: Faulty plumbing Leaky kettle, Dangerous wiring, Dangerous fitting of water heaters and boilers (pipes and cables everywhere), A pillow in the twin bedroom cupboard that was disgusting, Blankets that were musty, had holes in and with torn edges, Ineffective dishwasher, Very worn sheets, Old towels (clean but very well used), Poor water pressure, A water heater that only allowed one person to have a hot shower at a time, useless for a 4 bed apartment with 3 bathrooms. General dust and dirt in the apartment when we arrived. Very old glasses, cutlery, pots and pans, Grill on oven impossible to light, Very old bathroom suites with scratches and stains, Beds that were uncomfortable with mattresses with lumpy springs and frames that creaked if you moved an inch, Shelves in the wardrobes that were unsafe with sharp screws showing through and broken drawers.
Puerto Pollenca is a great place for everyone, old or young. - Ian Hunter. Date of travel: Apr 2010
Puerto Pollensa has great beaches, nice port, fantastic scenery. For bird-watchers, walkers, sun-worshippers, cyclists, honeymooners etc, perfect. All this and a good helping of live rock'n'roll to top it off! Simply can't beat it
Puerto Pollensa: Utopian holiday resort in Mallorca - Steve. Date of travel: Jul 2009
We've been going to Puerto Pollensa for the last 10 years, going again in May 2010. The 'wow' factor for me, originally, was the amazing backdrop of the resort, the Tramuntuna mountains! Stunning. It's a beautiful resort to relax in, with the Pine Walk to stroll along, with lots of restaurants to eat a meal, or have a coffee, right by the waters edge. The beach is perfect for young children, gently sloping into the sea.The beach is actually split into two sections; the main section from the car park (town end) to the long concrete jetty going out of the resort, loads of space, more than enough parasols. The rest of the beach is broken up by other concrete jetties. The resort market comes to life on a Wednesday, the ladies will probably enjoy the visit there. Would definitely recommend a visit inland to Pollensa, typical Mallorcan town, loads of shops for the ladies, great restaurants to eat at, great views from the top of the Calvari steps, 365 of them. The local buses from the bus stop (r'bout) at Puerto Pollensa every 1/2 hour will take you there, 1 euro 30. There are adequate sea sports to enjoy, also fishing from the beach is worth a go. Probably the best views of the resort, are from the look-out tower on the mountain r/h/s of the resort, accessed by heading for Formentor, turning right by the lay-by top of the road. There are a few walks to enjoy also, through the mountains to Cala San Vincente. Clubs, discos, there aren't, to my knowledge, great eating places there are, Tiberi, Pascalinos (is a must) on the pine Walk, Tango's (on the road out to Alcudia has great views of the bay) to name three. I'm really looking forward to my week off there in May....I'm sure you would also....
Pollensa - Rachel. Date of travel: Aug 2008
Some places were quite expensive that being the places on the beach front, however near the hotel I stayed at across the road was a cafe called 'bon dia' it was the most friendliest place I have ever been to, the people were so kind and helpful. As an 18-year-old it isn't always expected to be treated in the same way but I really couldn't recommend this place enough. Also one of the spar shops along that row did the best ice creams I've ever seen at a reasonable price!
Fantastic holiday - L Poulton. Date of travel: Oct 2007
Our Puerto Pollensa holiday was fantastic, good beaches, clean sea, the pine walk is a must, good places to eat - although a bit pricey. Suggest you get away from the front where restaurants are a bit cheaper.
Go here for the best value for money holiday! - Steve. Date of travel: Aug 2007
I've been to Puerto Pollensa loads of times and absolutely love it! Very relaxing, everyone is friendly, and the views accross the bay are breathtaking. Go to Formentor tower thing, on top of the mountain (windy roads, but well worth it as the views are spectacular!) Don Corleones do the best pizzas, Manducas do a mean sandwich, O'Haras is the place to be when you're starting your night out, go to Chivas or Kudos if you want to party til 6!! Don't ask the DJ for a request as he ALWAYS says 'I've just played that' even though he hasn't!!! If you're lucky, you might just see one of the best magicians ever doing table magic- oh yeah that's me!!!
Puerto Pollesa isa nice! - Morgans. Date of travel: Aug 2007
Puerto Pollensa is about hour from aport, centre very busy in high season, but quiet spots can be found without too much effort! Loads of bars ranging from tacky to very pleasant, same for eats!
Charming and good as it can get! - P B. Date of travel: Jul 2007
Charming and good as it can get!
The picture, taken from Puig Maria, helps get the vibe across.
Nice meals and nice pine walk - Dave and Family. Date of travel: Jun 2007
We went out to Puerto Pollensa the first week of June 2007. Our stay in Puerto Pollensa was great. The weather was great and that always helps. We had some great meals and some very bad meals. The first night we were told to try Macassar grill lounge, very expensive and not very good at all. Then tried Dakota and that was very bad, we went for the children and one of them felt sick after the meal. We then tried in the front of the ocean at the start of the pine walk, next to another Dakota. Not good. There is a restaurant called Corpmari, somthing like that, very nice. We went back to the square because we were told that Tiberi was nice, but for my taste, not at all. In front we saw Nico's, the best. It was our last night and it was the best, great food, nice waiter, good jazz music and I talked to the owner who is American, great.
Good Resort - Doreen and Robert. Date of travel: Nov 2006
We went on holiday to Puerto Pollensa in late November but still plenty of bars and cafes still open, locals very friendly, with it being quite late in the season, didnt think the weather would be up to much, didnt take any shorts, me big idiot, went looking for shop, found one at the back of resort with the most helpful shop assistant in the world, result super black shorts for the big idiot. Beach must be at least a mile long and spotless.
Loved the beach - Dave L, Sue L. Date of travel: Oct 2006
We had one of the best October vacations we have ever had in Mallorca this year. The weather was incredible, we went for a few nice swims. We were there for 7 days and had 7 days of great sun. We had some nice meals but the best by a long shot was " Nicos tex-mex " not dakota!!!!!!!!!!! Nicos has the best home-made tex-mex food that I have ever eaten. The chef and owner is American and you can tell that he likes serving his creations! Don´t miss a trip to the oldtown!
Puerto Pollensa was a revelation - George Blin. Date of travel: Oct 2006
Loved the friendly, family resort of Puerto Pollensa. Could not believe that we had not been been before!
I loved Pollensa - Gordon & Linda. Date of travel: Sep 2006
Absolutely fantastic, very laid back, great restuarants, Cafe La Font, Hibiscus,Tango are just a few I thought were top notch. Best pubs are the Edregole Tavern (E.T's,down the side street from burger king) Ed & Mags are excellent hosts, great atmosphere and great prices as well, the biggest measures ever, Sparrows Bar (behind Pollensa Park Hotel) is another, Spanish boys who run it have a great Scottish accent, J.K's bar is another good pub (next the Mirimar) internet for the customers as well and plenty of sport on the big screen.
Puerto Pollensa, Mallorca - Avril. Date of travel: Jul 2006
We can thoroughly recommend the 'Cafe La font', just off the square (next to the American Tex-mex restaurant). The food in there is something else....the chef is very talented and although there are plenty of restaurants and cafes in the port, this one is different, the food is definiately cordon bleu at very reasonable, sensible prices. During the day they serve brunch and you can even get Scottish sausage and home-made tattie scones. They also have a wonderful restaurant in the town of Pollensa called 'La font del gall'. They too serve fresh contemporary cuisine with a Scottish twist. Both places are first class and 'a must' to try! For evening entertainment, the place to go is Pub Imperial (opposite the marina). Raphael, Tina and their son Carlos run it. They are very friendly, make everyone welcome and ensure that you enjoy yourselves. It's great fun, you always get a laugh! Rolie and Nikki entertain 3 nights each per week, not forgetting 'Tony' the Spanish dancing Waiter who amazes us all with his acrobatic moves on the canopy outside! Don't miss it! Tour Operator: booked independently
Puerto Pollensa - Bernadette. Date of travel: Jul 2006
Puerto Pollensa is absolutely beautiful and I really enjoyed my stay in spite of the accommodation. The view of the mountains is so lovely and it's not too built up, with lots of families holidaying there. It is, however, very,very expensive (largely because of the euro) and they do take the mick, as far as that is concerned. Well worth a visit, though, and I will definitely be going back to Mallorca and maybe Puerto Pollensa again. Tour Operator: None
The pine walk is very nice - Joe and Kim. Date of travel: Jul 2006
The walk from the hotel to the town is great, its a nice pine walk. We had some nice meals, but we recomend " Nico´s Tex-Mex Restaurant " NOT DAKOTO THAT WAS VERY BAD! Nico´s is run buy an American chef and the food is all home-made, the music is also great. The thing is, it´s hard to find good home-made tex-mex normaly it´s all frozen! If you get a chance, get a bus to the old town of Pollensa, that was nice to see.
Porto Pollensa was great - Sue. Date of travel: Jun 2006
Porto Pollensa was great. Six of us went, looking for a relaxing, friendly resort. We knew this wasn't a young trendy place but it suited us fine. There are a few pubs and bars and we found there was a real mixture of people, groups, families etc. Sea is clean, the beach is cleaned every morning and although the shops closed a little early for me on the evenings it's a nice place to wander around. Try Pollensa for a more spanish feel. Watch the restaurants on the square though, a little pricey for what you get. Some great restaurants tucked around the back streets. Tour Operator: James Villa
Cafe Bon Dia - Steve, Karen, Tom, Sam, Charlie. Date of travel: Jun 2006
The Cafe Bon Dia , opposite Pollensa Park hotel was the most fantastic family place to eat. Breakfasts were fab, lunch menu was great for kids, main menu was very good and the prices were one of the best on the resort. Friendly, warm and very welcoming, they also offer a picnic menu for the beach. Internet cafe with one of the least expensive internet prices in the resort. They also offer a book swap service, with a large selection of books, if you are bored with the old one or have finished it, then this is the place for you! This place is worth a visit or two!!!!!!! Tour Operator: thomson
The Port - Sam. Date of travel: May 2006
Its a very nice town with good bars and restaurants and its right on the beach and a 20minute drive from Alcudia. We would say make the most of the Market which is there every Wednesday. And do as much as you can there. The two nightclubs that us and the rest of the lads really enjoyed. Tour Operator: Thompson
Puerto Pollensa - Sean & Lynne Goodman. Date of travel: May 2006
During the day opposite the beach by the jetty, Daves restaurant is great, not too expensive and they always make us welcome. For extra special evening meals try Cafe Side by the harbour, pricey, but the food and wine are excellent. As a family we have gone back for the last 4 years, quick flights, 1 hour from Palma Airport, ideal quick fix holiday destination.
Moira. Date of travel: Sep 2005
We booked to go on a last minute holiday and were guaranteed 4*. Had never heard of Puerto Pollensa so did investigate before confirming booking. Arrived on 31st Aug and told we were going to Club Del Sol. Absolutely loved it and would most definitely recommend. Fantastic apartments (we were in a studio and the beds aren't great) but clean and free air conditioning. Aimed at families but we had no kids and still loved it. Great atmosphere and received a free voucher for the restaurant. Buffet style and ended up eating in it several times. Great variety. The town of Puerto Pollensa is about a 30 minute walk from the apartments but a bus service runs every 15 min until 8.15 for €1 (taxi €6.50 thereafter) Nico's Tex Mex is fab for food - also tried The Codfather which was ok and the Everest Indian - also great grub. O'Hara's and Mulligans are lively bars where we met other couples sitting outside the bar. No tack or hassling to go to pubs/clubs. Clean town and very relaxed. Can't wait to go back. Went to the market in Inca - great for browsing and Aqualand in Arenal - also great if you're not a kid even though some queues were 1/2 and all kids should have been back at school. Very sad to leave. Tour Operator: First Choice
Nicest resort in Majorca - Angie. Date of travel: Sep 2005
I have been to Majorca 4 times staying in Cala D'or, Palma Nova and Santa Ponsa but Puerto Pollensa was the nicest resort of them all. I liked it as it is a more traditional Spanish resort and quite cosmopolitan. The beach is lovely and there is a pedestrian promanade and a lovely old square where there are some lovely cafes and restaurants. There is a local market on Wednesdays which is worth a visit. Nightlife is very low key it so it is not ideal for those seeking a lively holiday. Puerto Pollensa is ideal for couples and families looking for a relaxing beach based holiday in a quiet resort. Tour Operator: Thomas Cook
Brenda Mitchell. Date of travel: Sep 2005
Hello Folks, just a wee word about Puerto Pollensa, don't go near it. The beach is spotless, the restaurants are superb, the weekly market in the square is not to be missed. The Pinewalk now wot can one say other than ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh bliss, nite or day. The Marina well all u will do is depress urself it is breathtaking, the backdrop of hills just takes ur breath away, it is something else. Ora Playa Apts where we have stayed as well as the Flora Apts , ok basic but then again wot u want, they r clean and the cleaners are excellent at their job, reception is 24 hours and always on the ball, u report a fault it is rectified on the day of reporting it. The Supermarket on site is excellent maybe a few cents dearer than the main one 200 yds away but wots the odds it is on site and the staff are really friendly. The staff at the Ora Playa we found on all our visits are really plesant, they make u feel welcome and treat u with respect. The bar staff go outta their way to appease children, the entertainment some nites is excellent, then again if that don't suit ya, all u have to do is walk down to the Daina Hotel and sit and watch the world go by and their entertainment is superb, in the mid months, u have the street entertainers, which r well worthing dropping a few Euros to, believe me Im hard to please! Yet I enjoy it, ok maybe not everyones cuppa tea, but if u want a relaxing , CLEAN & WELL PRESERVED HOLIDAY RESORT u cant go wrong with PP. So to those of u who was sucked in by the first line yep believe it, don't go near PP, leave it to me and mine, cos we just Love IT. Can't wait till June to get back for yet another 2 weeks. Excellent place for a meal is the Nacienta, wow it is summit else, albeit we r now known in it, the service is excellent, the layout is summit else, maybe it is of the beaten track for some, but when u think of it, it aint really, of the main walkway, turn at the Boutique Corner, (beside the bust of Jaime_ (Ladies beware u will spend a fortune, Anne's clothes r summit else, costly then again u only get wot u pay for)head up street to sign that says Flora, turn left at spar supermarket about 200 yds down entrance to Nacienta, really worth a visit for summit u can eat and enjoy, service as I say second to none.Not cheap like, but a delicious meal, plenty on offer, try their Tapas, hmmmmmmmmmm So Folks if u r thinking of going to PP I would think twice, may not be wot u r looking for in a Holiday. Albeit on a serious note, I would not recommend PP for a family with teenagers, much to laid back and sedate, I think there is only 1 disco and we have yet to find it, not that we r interested like. Okie Dokie Folks so think twice fore going to PP cos it really is MY SPOT and I don't like to be disturbed, of MY PEACE AND TRANQUILITY. ( HA HA) PP not to be missed, it is the Jewel in the Crown.!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Tour Operator: Direct Holidays
What A Place!! - Paula. Date of travel: Aug 2005
What A Place!!
I've been to Puerto Pollenca 17 times and I feel as though I'm an expert on the topic of holidays there! I LOVE Puerto Pollenca which is why I keep going back! I have so many good friends there, some Scottish some English, and lots of the local Mallorcan people who always look happy to see us year after year! I feel that Puerto Pollenca can accomodate everyone from children to young adults and even older people! I have to disagree with previous comments on the night life! Although unlike many other tourist resorts Puerto Pollenca is not full of tacky nightclubs, I was out every night at "Kudos" or "O'haras" and even club "Shivas" and never once felt deprived of a good night out! If you are adventurous enough to sample typical Mallorcan cuisine El Posito and Na Ruixa are the best places to eat! Nicos Mexican is also really good especially if you have children! Tolos does the best pizza in the port and the best place to go for an evening drink or sun downer is Bar Cultural! It also lets you meet friendly locals. I definitely recommend beauty spa Son Brull for anyone who enjoys pampering!! Its sooo relaxing and the setting is beautiful! The boat trip to Formentor is great and I would encourage everyone to be brave and jump off the boat when it anchors for 30mins to let people have a swim in the deep sea! For children I recommend a trip to Agua park in Alcudia: it makes a great day out but don't forget suncream, it is very exposed and can become sooo hottt! If you are looking for a restaurant for a special evening I recommend you take a approx 10 min taxi/car journey to Can Cuarassa: its reeely good and again the setting is superb! Rancho Grande is great for horseriding and if you like golf a beautiful 9 hole course is just a short journey away in Pollenca however if you venture out further many fab 18 hole courses are to be found. I LOVE the Wednesday market but I know not everyone likes it as much as I do!! Go karting is something a bit different in Alcudia there are also Internet cafes and lovely boutiques along the front to see. The best bit of beach is beside Tamarels beach bar but you have to be careful at about 3pm because I was one of a few unlucky people to be stung by a jelly fish! Renting out a pedalo is great fun too!! The Polisportiu is a good place for people who love sport and in July and August football tournaments are held 3 times a week there between Scotland England and Spain!! All a good bit of fun! Squash tennis, basketball, table tennis are also available as well as a high standard swimming pool! As you can probably tell I love Puerto Pollenca. I am sad to have to go home every year!! I can honestly see myself going there when I am old! It is rare to hear of someone only going once, most people continue to go back!! The local people are soo helpful and friendly and they really appreciate it if you try your hand at some Spanish: they are always willing to teach new phrases!! I would recommend a holiday in Puerto Pollenca to anyone and everyone and can almost guarantee you would have a brilll time!! As I said before there is honestly some thing for everyone there!!! PAULA XXXxxxXXX Tour Operator: none
Lucy Walker, Steve Walker, Abigail Walker. Date of travel: Aug 2005
We really liked the resort of Puerto Pollensa. It was quiet enough and relaxing enough for us, but with enough to do for our 10 year old daughter. We were only a short walk from the beach, which was a very nice clean beach and we spent plenty of time there when it wasn't too hot. The port area of the resort was very beautiful, with quaint shops and local bars and restaurants, as well as livelier bars for tourists. We went on the island tour, which took us to Calobra, Puerto Soller and Soller, all stunningly beautiful places. It was lovely for my husband and I sightseeing and our daughter didn't get bored because we went by coach, then by boat and then by train (the 1912 wooden train). It was the best day of the holiday by far. We don't normally like to book organised tours but this was great because we got free time in Calobra and in Puerto Soller. We booked the tour through the reception at the hotel and paid about 12 euros less than what First Choice were charging for the same excursion. We only came for a week because it was our second holiday of the year. In May we went to Palma Nova but we definitely preferred the North of the island. Tour Operator: First Choice
Anne Pink. Date of travel: Jul 2005
It was 11 years since we were last in Puerto Pollensa and on that occasion we were in a Villa on the Pollensa road. The Puerto area is certainly much more developed than we remembered but nonetheless still has a quiet quality feel to it. The beach is a lovely cove area and you have great views of the hills and boats in the harbour area. Plenty of restaurants. Prices aren't cheap any longer particulalry if you like to eat out every night as we do. We enjoyed the 'main' element of the meal at Tango ie. the maeta or fiss, but were disappointed with the accompanying veg etc The sister restaurant Titos was very disappointing although as a bar the staff were very personable. Tots was our favourite restaurant of the visit. Our daughter was a little unwell one night so we decided to do something very 'British Tourist' (and unusual for us) and take Fish AND chips back to the apartment from the much hailed Codfather; it was extremeley disappointing and whilst the fish was Ok it most certainly wasnt cod, and the batter wasn't crisp. Still we enjoyed our break with a visit to Polensa on fiesta day and a walk round the market at Puerto Pollensa on Wednesday, and my daughter's highlight was the Moonlight ride at Rancho Grande (evening enjoyable, food dreadful). Tour Operator: Thomson
Ian James. Date of travel: Jun 2005
The resort was great, perfect for a family holiday. The beach was clean and not too crowded. Every wednesday there is a market in the square which we found interesting although selling the usual tourist tat. Taxis were expensive although the local bus system well organised. Tour Operator: Thomas Cook
Very nice - Steven Norwel. Date of travel: Mar 2005
I had a very nice stay in Puerto Pollensa. I rented a car for three days and had a nice visit of the island but to my opinion, Puerto Pollensa was the best. I had a very relaxing stay. I had some very nice meals. I felt right at home the night I discoverd a great home-made American restaurant right off the main pinewalk called, Nico´s tex-mex. I also had a nice meal in a pasta restaurant called Laroc. You must take a drive to the old town of Pollensa, a very nice town. 10 min. in the bus or car there is the old town of Alcudia that is also very nice. Tour Operator: inter-net
Lynn Buckle. Date of travel: Mar 2005
Lovely setting though a little quiet at the start of the season. Few shops, bars and restaurants open Tour Operator: Bath Travel
Peter Pearce. Date of travel: Sep 2004
My wife and I like a lively resort despite our ages (both OAPs) so when we where told Porto Pollensa was leaning towards the busy side we thought this is for us. What a let down: the resort is more like a coastal graveyard. Shops were shutting at nine oclock. So that by the time we had finished our evening meal, walked the twenty minutes round the bay, Nothing! For my birthday my wife took me to a restaurant for a fish meal. I ordered grilled prawns: that's what I got only they were more like the size of prawns we get in England and they cost us the equivilent of £1. 80p per prawn. Tour Operator: First Choice
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