Garachico is an area of Tenerife largely unspoilt by commercialism and tourism. It still retains its Spanish character and English speakers are less easy to find here than in other parts of the island. The area is made up of cobbled streets and although there is no beach to speak of there are various covesmore
Garachico - Tara. Date of travel: Feb 2009
If you don't want the typical Tenerife resort holiday but you do want the weather then go to Garachico. We discovered this gem purely by accident after hiring a car and exploring the island. You wont find British pubs and bars here or Playa de las Americas style entertainment, its more refined than that. Just really pretty and quaint and quiet.
Garachico something different - Leigh. Date of travel: Jun 2006
Garachico is a great alternative to the sleazy packages (and tourists!!) that one usually associates with Tenerife. Garachico attracts a much better crowd than several of the neighbouring resorts and one feels far more atune with actual Spanish culture here than elsewhere (ie. dont get mad if you dont get your fish and chips and warm beer haha dotn worry Im also English).