Playa De Las Americas
Those who enjoy being where the action is, and not averse in fighting for a place on one of six greyish sandy (volcanic) beaches, will revel in a holiday in Playa de las Americas, Tenerife’s hustling and bustling major resort on the south of the island. Divided into three sections, fronted by a long promenademore
Costa De Adeje - Huckle/Booth. Date of travel: Jul 2010
Good location, with good selection of bars, restaurant etc. No nightclubs so a bit out of it for a young crowd. Good beaches and shops and close to Park Siam and Aqualand (could walk there if fairly fit with comfortable shoes) Bus to Park Siam gets full quickly - be warned and only the English queue. Book online to make savings as you can only get them for E30 when you get there unless you bargain hard. We got them (6) for E28.
Fantastic famili holiday - Barry Moore. Date of travel: Mar 2010
Just got back from Playa de las Americas & had fantastic two weeks.My wife & I ARE BOTH IN OUR SIXTY'S.We went with our daughter, her partner & 2 grand daughters & there was plenty for all of us to do.There are plenty places to eat all of which were friendly with good food. We were conned in one The Elarrozal.On takeing our seat we were given!!!! bread & butter which as we hadn't asked for assumed was complimentary. When the bill arrived we found we had been charged 2 euro's PER SLICE. We stayed at Parque Sandiago 3 which was fantastic value for money
Playa de las Amerıcas - Ellen and Liz. Date of travel: Jan 2010
Loved the holiday. All went really well with great weather. I think some of the comments on Foto Expert in Costa Adeje are very harsh and untrue. I bought a digital camera which I tried out over the week I spent there. I decided to get a slightly better camera ın the end and had absolutely no problem in changing it. In fact, I found the shop manager to be extremely helpful and courteous. I also bought an MP3 player towards the end of the holiday which didn't work properly when I came home. I contacted the Manager and I returned the one I bought. Within a very short time I received a new MP3 player and it is working fine. Furthermore,the Manager contacted me by telephone to check if I had received the package. Again I found him to be very helpful. So, I must praise Foto Expert highly for the way they helped me out. I found the Manager to be very obliging.
Playa de las Americas, Tenerife South. - Will & Rob. Date of travel: Aug 2009
Playa de las Americas - Stayed in Tenerife from 25 August until 8 September 2009. I stayed in Laguna Park 2 with my best mate (Costa Adeje). The hotel was fantastic, the only problem I could find was that it is on a very steep hill, but if you don't mind a walk then this won't be a problem as the apartments are very clean and spacious with lots to offer. However, we went out in Las Americas one night and were robbed as we left our stuff on the beach and lost 2 mobile telephones and 200 euro, along with sentimental pictures etc. Therefore I would recommend to always be on your guard, seriously it is a dangerous place - as relaxing as it seems, it is actually dangerous! Be alert, don't get too drunk as they will take advantage of you and follow you (which is what happened to us). Nonetheless, we laid a trap for them and caught them. We have been told that the guys should get 7 years for violent robbery. Therefore that's a few less to worry about. But I will say that I noticed these dodgy looking men everywhere, ready to pounce. This incident happened to us in our first week because we weren't warned about it but funny enough after it happened we noticed a few people have the same thing happen. So if you want a good holiday, Tenerife offers a lot to do with great weather and average nightlife - just do not buy anything from strangers (as they rip you off) and do not ever leave your stuff unattended when going to the beach, just bring the essentials and hide the rest! Hope this helps!
Playa de las Americas - Excellent, suitable for all ages - Christine Barker. Date of travel: Jul 2009
Playa de las Americas has everything for everyone. The best climate in the world and just a 4 hour flight away from UK.
Playa de las Americas - Michelle. Date of travel: Feb 2009
Playa de las Americas is a beautiful town and unbelievably clean. Plenty to do for both adults and kids. If you enjoy shopping then you will love it here. There are also great days out at Siam Park, Loro Park, Jungle Park and Aqualand.
I Hated Playa de las Americas - Janet. Date of travel: Dec 2008
I am a pensioner and I was robbed in an Index store in the town.They put a cheaper version of camcorder in my box and when I got home the crooks in the shop had also taken twice the amount out of my bank account. I hate the country it is full of crooks and theives.
Los Cristianos - Forrest. Date of travel: Sep 2008
Second trip to Playa las Americas with my parents, stayed at the H10 Oasis Moreque - great value, bar next door with super music entertainment - parents elderly and everything they could want for. Flat, easy to walk super. Hotel staff friendly, clean and great value for money, going again next Feb.
We loved Costa Adeje. - Dawn, Jimmy, Craig, Claire and Dean. Date of travel: Aug 2008
We were in the Costa Adeje part of Las Americas. We went into the centre to Veronica Strip a couple of times but it was all geared towards the really young ones and the PR’s were always in your face so we were pleased we were situated in Costa Adeje. We were near the shops, bars, restaurants and Aqualand. We walked to from our apartments and it only took about 15 minutes. St Eugeines, The Temple and O’Reillys Irish Bar are all only a few minutes walk. Kick, the live band that play at O’ Reillys every night from 12.30am to 4am are brilliant and they have a lot of laughs with each other and the audience. We ended up there at the end of very night.
PLlaya de las Americas/Costa Adeje - Mr & Mrs Brett. Date of travel: Aug 2008
Playa de las Americas is a beautiful place, very clean and full of friendly people.
I absolutely loved Playa de las Americas!! - Emma Fox. Date of travel: Jul 2008
We went to Playa de las Americas July '08, absolutely brilliant time, in fact we are going back in 4 weeks time! Stayed in Iberostar Bouganville Playa, good nice clean hotel, room was lovely, people generally nice apart from one disagreement with a woman in the restaurant, food was ok but not my choice, if you're not keen on fish then there isn't a lot to choose from but what I did eat was nice. View from the room was lovely, pool was nice although we didn't get to go in it as it was so overly packed! Bit of an extra long walk down to the beach that we liked and too many hills in hot weather but I think you get hills wherever you go! Beaches are lovely, but don't try walking on sand without shoes, you will BURN your feet as I found out! People are fantastic! Met some lovely people in a bar called Bahia Beach bar, wonderful food, good atmosphere although singing leaves much to be desired at times!! Ask for Abdal, he was great! People selling things are enough to drive you up the wall but once you get used to it just say 'no thanks' and keep walking, they soon get the message!! Loro Parque highly recommended, and a show called Showtime was brill! Overall it's a beautiful place, can't wait to go back!!
Playa de las Americas - C Mon. Date of travel: Jul 2008
Playa de las Americas was ok, very busy and didn't like the sun glass sellers, bit of a torture. Some parts are quite old but there is a lot of new parts. Do not buy anything like cameras or electrical goods off Asian men - they are all gangsters.
Playa de las Amercas - Jeff and Sandra. Date of travel: Jan 2008
Playa de las Americas was clean and we enjoyed our stay. The hotel ( Best Tenerife ) was reasonable, though the room had some signs of wear and tear.
Lovely resort - Sue and Andrew. Date of travel: Jan 2008
Playa de las Americas has lots to do for all ages, weather wonderful, very good public transport able to travel all over the the island easily. Plenty of trips available.
Las Americas is great - Kirsty. Date of travel: Jan 2008
Las Americas was good, met a lot of great people over there. Going back this year in June with my partner and again at the end of July with a group of friends. There is plenty to do and you can never be bored.
I thought it was ok - Cathy. Date of travel: Oct 2007
Best places to eat in Playa de las Americas were Oscars and the Chinese beside the above apartments. Would not recommend Le Karinas as the food was cold and I'm still waiting for my cocktail. Temple Bar, The Dubliner, Oscars and Leonadors were good and Linikers if you were 18.The pub called Shinanigans in the patch I would not enter it again if I was paid, as myself and my two friends were picked on the minute we walked in by a band called Looney Tunes. When they found out we were Irish the names we were called are not repeatable. So bad when we left we were clapped out the door. Other than that the resort is ok.
i loved it - Ashleigh. Date of travel: Oct 2007
Me and my sister went to Playa de las Americas last month for my first time and my sister's second time. It was brillant, words couldn't even describe the nightlife. I loved Bobby's, there was a seriosly hot Romanian guy there!! But food, shopping, beaches, everything, you couldn't go wrong going there. We went on Mount Teide, was fantisic. You can see all the other islands on a clear day up there!!
Costa Adeje is not Las Americas! - Alen Mcerlean. Date of travel: Oct 2007
Go see the volcano, the whales, Los Christianos. Walk down to the Castle from the Costa Adeje Hotel. Enjoy Santos the hotel entertainer and the hotel facilities also. There's an underground supermarket and strip mall next to the hotel also. Taxis are affordable but get the driver to write the price of the fare on a piece of paper, that way there's no misunderstanding. I would avoid Las Americas but as I mentioned the hotel is not there anyway.
Playa de las Americas PARTY ON - Lara-May Gratton. Date of travel: Aug 2007
There are many restaurants around and they are all brilliant, Top Bar which is just outside the apartments which is one of the cheapest restaurants out there. If going out to get drunk, drink up at one of these bars first as your drinks are around €2 -€4, where as drinks at bars and night clubs are €5 - €9 and can be more. There are many PRs out there and they are asking you to go in for drinks as they get commission. Go to Bonkers bar and ask for Tot. He is amazing. But if you do go out and do all then save all the tickets that you get for a free drink and save them all for the last night as that is when you are most likely not to have any money. Really good holiday, go to Loral Park, amazing dolphin and whale show, but see the sealion show first otherwise you will be very disappointed as the others are so amazing. Also go and see the penguins in the amazing home (the floor moves) there is loads to do, scoober diving, jet skiing, banana boat, booze cruise, loads, endless things to do. Go to Linikers, there is a blonde-haired barman there. Young but very hot, and DJ Pauler awesome. Top stuff. Bad point - need a new liver and kidneys and need entertainment around the pool. Got a bit boring after a while, but really good, oh and when going out don't go out till bout 23h30 and get drunk. It's dead otherwise. Been out at 8 and no one around at all. Go for dinner then go back to room and then get ready and go out, but drink all the time, otherwise things just are not funny. Have a really good holiday!
Loved it! - Amber. Date of travel: Aug 2007
So so good. Shopping and nightlife great, don't like the beaches though. I would rather make my own beach with a paddling pool full of sand, leave the cold tap on and brag a mouth full of salt.
Playa Las Americas is AMAZING!! - Claire and Donna. Date of travel: Aug 2007
Playa Las Americas is best place EVER!!! Seriously go there! Also try out Bobby's Bar!!!
I loved Playa de las Americas - Ciara. Date of travel: Jun 2007
Nightlife is next to none! Brill! Can't go wrong if you head 2 Veronicas strip... although we started off most nights at the Full Monty Karaoke bar with the fab Andy P and 6ft 5 Biba (our very own Bob Marley!!) Great crack! All in all, would recommend it! Great for all ages!
Fine fine and fine - Trumel. Date of travel: Jun 2007
Top weather, ideal for walking, shopping, tanning....
Playa de las Americas - Kelli. Date of travel: Jun 2007
Playa de las Americas is great!
Playa de las Americas, San Eugeneo and Adeje - Shel and Gaz. Date of travel: Jan 2007
Visit St Euegens--Mike Carlton the VV best - The Rum Pot, the Scotch Corber great value, tasty home cooked meals, very cheap and loads of sports on for the fellas. I love Tenerife. My mother-in-law lives there and I have now been 4 times, I will be moving there cos it's ace! The best pace on Earth - go to Puerto Colon and see the sports factory, very friendly people and the slow boat Chinese down there. Don't forget the Toby Jug, good old British home from home pub around the back of the Aqua Park. A must is the Dolphin show - very good. Slides great! Watch out for your fella on the white one cos it smashes them in the crotch. Back again 1 week today. Cannot wait!
Beware Playa de las Americas - Patrick. Date of travel: Jan 2007
Was there 2007. Got pushed out of a glass door, badly cutting my wrist. Police did not wanna know. Don't drink too much as there are thieves who will not hesitate to throttle you. Also walk away of anybody offering you scratch cards for timeshares. Make sure you take out travel insurance going there, lucky i did or hospital fee would have been 5000 euro. dangerous place.
Playa de las Americas - Anon. Date of travel: Nov 2006
While away I was attacked at the Tramps club totally unasked for by a drunk woman. Security at this club then man handled me - a 19 year old young girl while I was blacked out and another security guard then tried to push me down a flight of stairs. I suffered a concusion, bruises, scratches cigarette burns and shock. I got no help from the police they don't want to know. While on holiday I met another two young girls who had also been attacked at the same club also by security. My advice never go to TRAMPS as that is exactly the trye of clientel who go there! The security will hit innocent women and nobody will help you! I wont be going back ever again.
Playa de las Americas - Lee. Date of travel: Jul 2006
The best holiday Ive had. There were 8 of us all aged 19. We had the best time eva. The night life is wicked - you gota go to Tramps, best club on the island. Lisa Lashes is there every monday nite. Hotel was good - Compostella beach. Met a load of Essex girls they were quality. Edwards, Yates, and Linekers are the bars to go to start off and then to Tramps about 2.00. Cant tell you much about the day cuz i was in bed. The water park was crap though.
Costa Adeje - Derek & Lynette Davies. Date of travel: May 2006
Go to far end of Las Americas, Costa Adeje, if youre over 30, loads of cabaret bars etc with great entertainment, most have 3 acts on per night and visit St Eugenes bar, across the road from Irish Fiddler, it has the best compere in Tenerife "Mike Carlton" very few touts or PR's to bother you in this area, Irish bars also, 3 in close proximity, Harleys American Cocktail bar is must to visit also, this area caters mostly for families and couples, been going to Tenerife for over 20 years, great people and entertainment if you know where to go, this is all away from Veronicas strip hassle. Going again 19-11-2006
Los Americas, watch out again for Foto Expert,con merchants - Erica Smith. Date of travel: Apr 2006
Foto Expert camera shop in Las Americas also conned us. Bought a lovely Samsung mini digital Camcorder: they put it in free camera bag and kept the box and when we got back to England and converted things onto DVD found the camera faulty and also not the model we had looked at. It was only optical by 10 and not 20 as we had been shown. Obviously had swapped cameras over when putting it in the free camera bag. Spoke with Samsung customer care centre who refused to do anything because on the credit card reciept given it did not have any information saying what the item bought was and said we could have bought anything. Great customer service, not!!! So be warned, get a receipt stating the product bought and stamped properly with shop guarantee and also check fully before you leave the shop exactly what you have bought and that it works. Another scam is that some shops take out accessories supplied with goods and then try and sell them seperately back to you. On the whole a great holiday, weather very hot. Super Tour Operator: First Choice
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