Port El Kantaoui
Those who holiday in Port El Kantaoui, Tunisia’s up-market Mediterranean resort town, often find it hard to believe that this quaint Moorish village is purpose-built and cleverly designed to emulate the “real thing”, from its buzzing bazaar and cobbled alleyways to its lush gardens and low-rise bright white hotels. Undoubtedly modern, though, is the cosmopolitanmore
Good Life in Port El Kantaoui - J.Edge. Date of travel: Sep 2010
A beautiful marina very picturesque. interesting mix of culture. Several cafe/bars to people-watch. Enjoyed a meal on the pirate ship relatively inexpensive, the staff were very polite and obliging and the the tables were full each time we visited.
Great place to relax - Conall. Date of travel: Jul 2009
Had a relaxing holiday staff excellent nothing is too much trouble brilliant with children very courteous and polite entertainment in resort every night.
Restaurants - Jayne Arrowsmith. Date of travel: Nov 2008
At all costs avoid Le Mediterranee in Port El Kantaoui. The food was appalling and incredibly expensive.
Port El Kantaoui great - Adrian Dawson. Date of travel: May 2008
Port El Kantaoui is a very nice place to do without the noise and crowds from bigger resorts. Will be back.
Port el Kantaoui, Tunisia - Martin and Karen. Date of travel: Dec 2007
Port el Kantaoui is a nice resort, marina area lovely too.
Tunisia - Kayley and Malcom Rochdale. Date of travel: Nov 2006
I went to Tunisia in 2006 and it was rubbish. I got food poisoning and Im never going back again, so I suggest people who are going to Tunisia should go self catering because then you know the food is right because youve made it your self.
I loved Port el Kantaoui - Miss. Smith. Date of travel: Sep 2006
It was a lovely place to visit full of friendly people. Couldnt find a fault with it apart from the fact that there isn't much to do in the way of nightlife. Better holiday for people wanting a quiet break away in the sun.
Total relaxation - Dessie McKenzie. Date of travel: Jun 2006
Total relaxation
My girlfriend and I travelled to Tunisia in September 2005, after a long year I was looking forward to a two week break and found Tunisia to be ideal for a total relaxation break and very reasonable in price indeed. The centre of Port El Kantaoui is beautiful with a lovely water fountain and a selection of Restaurants and coffee shops and moorish cafes to choose from. There are plenty of shops selling local crafts and cheap sports gear. It does pay to haggle as the vendors usually start by quoting a price three to four times what you usually end up buying it for. The marina is also worth visiting and is a busy vibrant centre where wannabe jet setters and holiday makers can mingle in an intimate atmosphere. I felt very safe walking around the resort late in the evening with my girlfriend and in general people were friendly and courteous. If you tip them, they could not do enough for you. All in all Tunisia offered total relaxation and tranquil and magical surroundings. I would advise groups of girls travelling to beware of "hissing" men (that is their version of the wolf whistle) but in general Tunisia is a nice alternative to the booze cruise style of holiday that the majority of young people tend to go on. Tour Operator: Airtours
Helen Crisp. Date of travel: Sep 2005
After reading the reviews on Port el Kantaoui I had quite high expectations of the town and I wasn't disappointed. It is a beautiful place with lots to do and see. The beach is beautiful and if you're not a sun worshipper like myself you can find something different every day. Shopping was amazing. I found it hard to spend my money and getting around was even easier. Just agree a price with your taxi driver before you leave and you're on your way. I am currently planning my return visit and I would recommend this destination to everybody. I can't wait to be back there. Tour Operator: My travel
Woman should avoid Port El Kantaoui - Jan. Date of travel: Sep 2005
Based on my experience of this resort in late November 2005, I would strongly recommend that any respectable woman should avoid the hell-hole of Port El Kantaoui, Tunisia. The guide books downplay the problems of male prostitution and sexual harassment of unaccompanied women. They suggest that if you dress modestly, wear sunglasses to avoid unwanted eye contact and behave demurely, you will be fine. Believe me, you won’t be. I am a middle aged woman who has travelled to a number of places all around the world alone. Never in my life before, at any age, have I had such a vile experience. Despite dressing modestly, wearing sunglasses to avoid accidental eye contact and learning the Arabic for Go away! And Shame on you!, etc, and being reasonably fluent in French (Tunisia’s second language) so I could make my lack of interest absolutely clear, I couldn’t walk about in the daytime for more than a few minutes without being pestered. By day four I had decided not to go into the resort and marina any more as I was sick of being abused and insulted by the male whores when I made it politely but firmly clear that I wasn’t interested in their services. Having aggressive prostitutes hustle me is unsurprisingly not my idea of a relaxing time. I did discuss it with the Mytravel Representative, a local male, who said that I should go to the police and complain (yeah, right, like they don’t know) but added that when Tunisian men see a European women without a man, they assume that she is looking for sex. Which just about sums up their sad, unsophisticated approach. Another local tour guide said I should slap these boys as I would be quite safe in doing so. I wasn’t convinced by this and anyway, I don’t go on holiday to engage in fist fights with the local prostitutes. He also confirmed my view that complaining to the police would be pointless as he said that the police were taking bribes to allow the prostitutes to operate. When I asked why local businesses did not collectively intervene, he told me that many of the tourists based ones were themselves involved in this type of business. There isn’t the problem of extremes of poverty in Tunisia that I’ve seen in Ghana, Egypt, Jamaica and India; also everyone gets free education up to the age of 18 and free medical care, so the sex industry is driven by idleness rather than desperation. All of the pests seemed to assume that one day some dozy European woman would take them back to her county and let them ponce off her. In any event, although quite pretty, the resort and harbour at Port El Kantoui weren’t my idea of “sophisticated�; the shops were full of the usual tourist tat like stuffed camels, it was difficult to find a European newspaper on sale and usually they were several days old and clearly recycled; similarly the paperbacks on sale had obviously been left on the beach by previous readers. Needless to add, the “exchange� system that is very popular in India didn’t exist, and these battered grubby books were on sale at the Tunisian equivalent of the £sterling or euro price printed on them. So when venturing out (and obviously, never after dark, which fell at 5.30pm) I went into Sousse which was a short taxi ride away. I still had to tolerate loud “compliments� like “Nice ars*!� “Great t*ts!� . The guide book also claimed that theft was unlikely as it would be considered shameful to steal – tsk. Must have seen that sucker who wrote it coming. I met one UK disabled female pensioner whose bag had been snatched by a youth on a motorcycle and I was frequently warned about this, it is apparently very prevalent. To say that this pestering really poked me off is the understatement of the year. Obviously it was impossible to relax. The only time that there was any respite from this sexual harassment was on organised tours (which I had to undertake as clearly the possibility of travelling on public transport as I usually do at a destination was a non- starter) which meant going to things on the itinery which didn’t interest me and not having enough time at places that did, like the Bardo museum in Tunis. Some stops had the tedium of past school trips, with the guide going on endlessly about local industry and how many olive trees there were in Tunisia. I’ve never been so glad to get back to London in my life. Tour Operator: Mytravel
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