Everything is warm in Sousse: the sun, the sea, and the welcome of the local people who have put all their energies into making this charming resort town on Tunisia’s east coast an idyllic get-away for international holiday-makers. There is something for everyone here, from gourmet to gad-about, beach bunny to bargain-hunter, and archaeologist tomore
I hated it - Kia. Date of travel: May 2010
When we where driving in the bus coming from Monistir air port I thought that its going to be terrible and it was .... the food was terrible, people rude and mean, taxi drivers drive too fast, it's like they are going to crash into another. We found out from our kind and helpful rep Hannah that if you are going to by gold in the port its not real gold because they can still stamp it although its not real gold. If you would like to get real gold you will have to go the Medina which is a lot of hassle to get through all the Tunisians all in your face ... If you going to go in a taxi ask how much dinars it will be because if its more than 5 dinars don't go in that taxi because it is a ripoff. In your hotel remember to tip your waiter every now and again. People who work in the Marhaba Salem Wat are wonderful people and the entertainment people where fantastic. Kehmo Alex and Ashtrev they are by the pool every morning doing dancing, mini golf, football, basket ball, darts in the afternoon ... they are just great people to be around. Eddie the bar man is fantastic and we met some lovely friends. x
Would never return to Sousse - James. Date of travel: Mar 2009
It states to add some good points about Sousse but I honestly cannot find one, I have never been to a place as bad as this in my life, the drive from the airport was like driving through Beirut and it never got better, I have never felt so uncomfortable, people were rude and we felt intimidated each time we went out by shopkeepers, taxi drivers etc, would never return.
My sousse Review - Naeemah. Date of travel: Jun 2008
Sousse was ace! The beach is beautiful! Not very busy and not too quiet!
Sousse is a great place to visit - Mary. Date of travel: Apr 2007
Do not be put off visiting Sousse by people who did not know what to expect. In North Africa you will always have people constantly trying to sell you things, and they are not at all politically correct!!!! Their idea of good hygeine is not the same as that found in western Europe either. However, the Tunisians are friendly and helpful. The beaches are wonderful. If you take time to find the local places the food is wonderful (beware though, the tourist traps tone down the harissa. If you are eating REAL Tunisian food, make sure they understand you want only a very small amount of harissa, or none at all. Harissa is hot enough to make your head explode!) Look out for Lablabi and Real Brik, both are great. Don't be afraid of getting lost in the Medina, somebody will always show you the way out for a very small payment. I went to the Medina by myself and felt perfectly safe, but do be sensible, pickpockets operate in every city in the world, and this is no exception. I also went out at night by myself, but I'm used to travelling alone, so I'm pretty cautious and know what to look for as a woman by herself. If, like me, you are a woman, do not be offended by the number of propositions you get, just be polite but very firm.
SOUSSE - Stella Froggatt. Date of travel: Dec 2006
Sousse is the worst place I've ever been, there are touts everywhere, I went with my partner and my son who is 16, the Tunisian men were looking at my son in a sexual way, and we often got followed, a taxi man was touching himself as we drove to the medina. It felt unsafe to go out in the day so we never dreamt about at night. wouldnt go back ever, terrible.
I loved Sousse - Louise Camilleri. Date of travel: Aug 2006
Sousse is really welcoming, with a lovely beach, plenty of bargains at the medina and helpful locals. I had no trouble to go out alone even at night. Transport is very cheap. The local food is delicious and cheap too. The nightlife is wonderful and you can find plenty of things to do during the day like camel rides, fourwheelers, parachuting, boat trips and train rides. The tuc-tuc goes really fast so hold on! I went once and went back three more times so that says it all!
Sousse - Susie and David. Date of travel: Jun 2006
Sousse is a large busy city and port, so plenty to do. Good day excursion to do independently is go to Tunis by train, Tunisian trains are very good, modern and fast. Very large souk (bazaar) in Sousse be careful though you can get lost easily, but compelling and oh so foreign to us brits. Souse town beach is long and clean, sea quite warm. Will definately holiday in Sousse again.
Sousse -never boring - Jan and Sean. Date of travel: Mar 2006
It certainly isn't boring and if you can handle to constant hassle (which we were accustomed to from previous north african visits) then Sousse is a great stop on the Tunisian tourist trail. The food is pretty standard all round and though the majority of the people are friendly one can expect touts almost everywhere.
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