A laid-back and relatively quiet resort, a holiday in Altinkum (which means ďgolden sandsĒ) is ideal for families with children, particularly Britishers who will find fish ní chips, karaoke bars and bingo halls to make them feel at home. There is little need to stray beyond the inviting beaches and pedestrianised seafront promenade to findmore
Tacky and bad roads and half built buildings - Pete and Kay. Date of travel: May 2011
The front is ok and a sandy beach but the rest is tacky, untidy and full of expats. TVs showing sport in most bars, the odd bar, all of which do karaoke, turkish and dancing boys.
Amazing place - Emma. Date of travel: Aug 2010
It has amazing night life although the clubs do not get going until around 1:30am the right side of the beach is party central where as the left side is the quieter area.
Altinkum is the place to be :) - Emma. Date of travel: Aug 2010
I have been to altinkum 4 times in the last year and will be going back at christmas. I love it over there. Everyone there are so friendly they can't do enough for you. There is lots to do through the day and night. I love the night life there. If i had to say which bars are the best i'd say palm beach first then galaxy. They are on the front near dolphin square you pay a little bit more for the beer with it being on the front, but you won't be disappointed everyone in both bars make you feel so welcome. I can't wait to go back looking at flights now and will be booking very soon :)
I LOVE ALTINKUM 2010 - Andrea Daniel And Kieren Mcnair. Date of travel: Aug 2010
My first trip to turkey and i was in love at first sight just love love love Altinkum. Especially British karaoke bar, cafe sabri, cheers bar, jollys restaurant. Had the most fab time Iím totally in love with Altinkum I love the people the shops the markets the sights the weather the food the drinks i just love everything about the place. I love it so much i have booked to back again next year so it will be hello Altinkum hello Tuntas apartments and hello to my new friends. And yes i will be spending every night in British karaoke bar as i did this year watching amazing dancing and having the time of my life. My children will be in the galaxy bar and palm beach and will only cum back to either sleep or get more cash what more cud u ask for. So Altinkum donít worry i will be back and will be recommending u 2 ev1 i know as a fab place to go. And who knows u may even find the love of ur life if not u can have a good time looking . Until next year xxx
Altinkum - Samantha. Date of travel: Aug 2010
Very disappointed for my first time in Turkey. Our apartment was broken into and got a few valuables stolen, the police informed us that nearly 80% of apartments in the area get broken into each year. We got more hassle than expected when walking in the town. A plus to the holiday was the staff in the restaurants, they couldn't do enough to make our meals pleasant.
A lovely place for a holiday in the sun. - Warren. Date of travel: Jul 2010
I own an apartment in Altinkum and therefore am a fairly frequent visitor. Many reviews talk about British pubs, chips etc. I would differ slightly and recommend moving away from the main promenade to explore the areas away from the beach, and the town of Didim itself. This way you experience proper Turkish hospitality, you find restaurants where the Turkish eat (therefore cheaper and the food is wonderful)and get a better feel of the Turkish culture and way of life. So instead of pie and chips you get turkish mese, kebabs, salads, kofte and stews at half the price. We have paid 40 lira for a good meal for 2. Main beach is not for the faint hearted. Overcrowded and noisy. Try second beach (by Kamaci restaurant) which is much nicer. The bar owner Hassan is a nice guy. Third (or Marina) beach is lovely. Much more uncrowded and very relaxed and the sea is beautiful. You can get the Dolmus to the marina itself which is very cosmopolitan but do be aware of the high prices of food and drink. Be warned! Excursions are aplenty, and many tour operators in Altnkum offer good deals. Try a Turkish bath, and a Turkish shave (scary).
Lovely place and lots of fun :-) - AltinkumLover. Date of travel: Jun 2010
I love Altinkum, I go back as often as possible. It's got a good balance of day time and evening entertainment, with a lovely beach, boat trips (can even go to Kos for £35), water park, trips to Ephesus etc, then you have the bars and restaurants, where you can choose to eat at a quieter place or have a fun place with dancing and music.. then onto drinking bars and clubs if you wanted to. And it's quite cheap to get there and stay there.. lager is 3.50 lira (£1.50) in most places but it is dearer at the front (5 lira). You will have lovely food cheaply too, especially if you try the local places. You sometimes get 'hassled' by waiters to get you into the bar. But 99 times out of 100 it's a friendly banter...what people don't realise is that the bar staff's wages are generally based on the bar's level of custom. If the bar is quiet, then they get next to nothing for the month and wont afford to live. An empty bar = an early close = no money/wages....and the wages they get in the summer may have to last them for the winter time too when the bars are closed. so yes, they will try to get you into their bars, fair enough!! If you are not interested, smile and say no thank you. If you growl and be snappy at someone trying to do a job, then you may find that they are rude to you back - I would be too!! It isn't dirty. Dolphin square, the promenade, the beach...all lovely. Altinkum is being built upon and so as you leave the beach area there are building sites (not noisy ones) and can be messy, but these areas aren't the 'important' areas..and you have to overlook knowing that it's a developing town. Re the cats and dogs, yes it is sad. But another thing that needs to be pointed out is quite often, these animals belong to UK expats who moved out there, had a pet and moved home, leaving the animal behind on the streets. My neighbour there did just that so it's not fair for the blame to lie with just the turkish. Re poisoning... who knows? Rumours like that get started easily... like the local Chinese takeaways here catching cats... total rubbish but becomes an urban legend.
ALTINKUM for ever !!!! - Adam Milton. Date of travel: Jun 2010
I have been to Altinkum more times than i can remember but every time it gets better. From the beaches to the amazing weather to the clubs, restaurants and the people, i cant fault . The local staff become like family which is what attracts me back year in year out and usually twice a year. If there was ever a place to live and retire to it would be Altinkum. A special thanks to APO and staff from the TEMUZ, YULMUS and METIN from the Victorias and TOBY from the FOUR SEASONS, i love you all.
Best food in Altinkum - Aisling . Date of travel: May 2010
Altinkum is the place to be in the summer. Its weather, lovely beaches and totally relaxed mood. I would also like to recommend Moonlight Barand restaurant for its fantastic food and lovley staff, and also cheap but delicous. The chef is Irish so your meal will be exactly what uou want and just the way you like it but less money to pay, and the homemade chips are to die for! Best restaurant in Altinkum by far!
Not a nice place - Janet Stephen. Date of travel: May 2010
Altinkum is dirty and looks like some third world town in many places. The shopkeepers are rude and can be extremely nasty if you don't buy their immitation rubbish. The amount of dogs that roam the streets being treated badly is heartbreaking. The bars treat them nicely when the tourists are there just to bring us softy Brits into their establishments. But at the end of the holiday season - then what? I've heard that both dogs and cats are poisoned as they've served their purpose.
Altinkum - I loved it - Catherine . Date of travel: Sep 2009
Altinkum - Well! This was my first time to Turkey, and I think it might be the only place I visit there because it was brilliant! and I will be going again on September 20th for another 2 weeks. I've nothing bad to say about it, beautiful beaches, good atmosphere at night and everyone just relaxes in the day. Dolphin square is a must to visit. I recommend going to the cheers bar - wonderful staff, really friendly - and Linekars near the second beach for their talented dancers. If you don't fall in love with Altinkum, you must have no idea what fun is about :-)
Altinkum Here I come - CR. Date of travel: Aug 2009
Going back again to Altinkum for the 6th time this year... hopefully will do a little more sightseeing, Ephesus is a must... Moonlight bar and Restaurant is fab, (near Dolphin Square sort of behind shopping centre) home from home... prices are excellent, no hassle and many familiar faces. Food there is simple but with a little finesse!!! Many home favs to choose from.... enjoy!!
Altinkum: Lively, 24 hour resort - Joshy. Date of travel: Jul 2009
Altinkum is a clean place with lovely sandy beaches. Lots to do and located close to other sites of a historical nature.
The best place to go to is Altinkum, Turkey - The Clampits. Date of travel: Jun 2009
Have had an apartment in Altinkum for 4 years. It has the best weather, the Turkish people are very friendly and anyone who says that they did not enjoy it needs to go to Spain or Blackpool for a hoilday.
Great holiday in Altinkum - A & R. Date of travel: Jun 2009
Altinkum is a lovely place for both families and young people, there's something for everybody. I shall definitely be going back next year!
Altinkum - Lauren, Sam. Date of travel: Jun 2009
We went to Altinkum for the first time in June. We loved it that much, as soon as we got home we booked to go again - in a week! Really can't wait. We recommend A Touch Of Class for eating and Lineker's Bar for night. Dolphin Square was so busy when we went, only had a few drinks in Ege bar, but was okay. It's the best holiday we've been on. Thanks to everyone who made it worth while!
I loved Altinkum - Anonymous. Date of travel: May 2009
We will be visiting Altinkum in May this year, this will be our fourth time. We would recommend the second beach, it is a small cove and not over crowded. Our favorite pub was the British Pub, this is located near to the second beach area. We spent all our two weeks on an evening there. The entertainment was great and the Turkish men that worked there were always friendly. We ate at places called Your Choice Restaurant, Crystal Restaurant and Jollys, together with the British Fryer for real good English fish and chips. We can honestly say, we do not have a bad word about our times spent in Altinkum.
Altinkum - Anonymous. Date of travel: May 2009
Well I have just got back from Altinkum & I have to say it is the best place I have been in my life. The weather was gorgeous and so was the scenery. Most people were very friendly, there are some that aren't. My favourite bars/restaurants were the Toy Bar & Sultans & Kings. The Toy Bar was just across from the beach and you could watch what was going on, the people are very lively & are always entertaining, they dance for you, they have karaoke night, Turkish night and lots more, they'll even put the football on. The people were so lovely & are great friends, I cant wait to go back next year to see them. Sultans & Kings was beautifully placed, it looked right onto the sea and even had its own private beach. Again, the people were lovely. The would was lovely in both places. I basically loved it so much & cant wait to take my friend along with my family next year. x
Altinkum, Great place to Holiday - Steve & Maxine Owen. Date of travel: Dec 2008
We have been coming to Turkey for the last 15 years and have visited nearly all of the resorts on the Aegean Coast (West Side) last year was our first visit to Altinkum which is a up and coming resort with a New Marina and golf course planned to open May this year (2009). We loved it out there so much that just before Xmas this year we went out again and guess what we bought a brand new apartment just off Marina Road which we move into the end of this month(Jan 2009) so flights all booked we are off in 2 weeks time to our new apartment, we used to stay at the Orion Hotel on 2nd beach, which is a beach front hotel all rooms have a fantastic view, Altinkum is a lovely place to holiday or perhaps retire.
Golden Sands Altinkum - Susan and John Bell. Date of travel: Sep 2008
Try the Sunshine Bar in Altinkum, really nice people Muzzaffa, Celal, and Paul. And the dancers are wicked if you know what I mean. Also we have stayed in 10 hotels but love the Miletos - friendly staff nothing is a problem and the owner a very nice chap going back next year twice.
I love Altinkum - Becky, Steph, Tina, Clint, Zoe, Sue. Date of travel: Sep 2008
Hi ya guys, I been to Turkey and Altinkum 10 times. It was good years ago we used to be in Toy Bar all the time but now it not that good so now we all go to Swanbar. Swanbar is really good, good dancing, good music, you're made to feel so welcome. Good service, good entertainment and clubs. Well years ago we used to always be in Flamingo, yeah Flamingo is good but now this year we went to Palm Beach for first time and we was in there all holiday. It's so good so I suggest people go to Swanbar then Palm Beach. swanbar closed at 3 palm beach opens earlier but it better to go later caause there will be more people in there z
Loved it. - Claire. Date of travel: Aug 2008
It was my first time in Turkey and it was great! Youíve got to have a Turkish bath at Sultan, your trip is not complete without it. My favourite places for drinking were the Ege Bar to start with (how fit are the breakdancers there!) and I loved Roof Top Bar, the lads there are so friendly. Also youíve got to check out the Palm Beach Bar. Iíll be back there again next year, canít wait!
Altinkium is a family resort and the people there love children and are very respectful - C.R.. Date of travel: Aug 2008
The footpaths are in bad condition so make sure you wear sturdy shoes and be careful where you walk especially at dark. If you go to the Marina beach restaurant on third beach be sure to bring your own loo paper as there has never been any in the portaloo the three times I was there, not that suitable for young children as facilities are poor, food is ok, and there is a free shuttle home, the Penguin bar opposite is not a bad venue for a quite relaxing drink, Try the Bulvar on the the main road on the left up from Altinkium beach next to Little Britain, food was very good here.
Own accommodation - C.R.. Date of travel: Aug 2008
When going to Altinkium use Sem tours they are the best we have tried, buy bottles of water at Bim opposite carrefour for less than 20 cent/pence. Make sure you take a trip to Apollo, (temple ruins) just ten mins on the local bus, called the ~Dolmus (dolmush prononced) 1.25 lira each way pick it up on the right hand side of road up from the beach. go there before 5pm. If visiting mosque, be sure to dress sensibly ie long sleeve and skirt of pants past knees, don't go on Fridays as it is busiest day, there are a few in Altinkium/Didim. New market in Didim on Saturdays, asked to be dropped there on the dolmus again from the beach, pick it up on the right hand side of main drag. It takes bout 10 mins to get there 1.25 lira, be prepared to be hassled, and watch your wallet, be firm and they will drop their initial prices by sometimes half.
Believe me - Anita, Jane, Amanda, Madeleine. Date of travel: Aug 2008
Altinkum has to be the worst resort in Turkey. Ruined by a nightlife that consists of teenage Turkish boys working for a pittance in the bars, with underage teenage girls who have no respect for themselves drinking vast quantities of alcoholic drinks and dribbling after the poor young turks. Where the parents are is anyone's business. It's like a schoolkids away trip. You've also got the other side of the spectrum depending which part of the resort you are where you have the Mutton dressed as Lamb who lower the tone of the decent British woman. All in all it's a grotty resort that attracts the more unrefined type. I would liken it to Blackpool with sunshine. If you don't mind all this then enjoy it but it was not my idea of an enjoyable Turkish Resort !!
Altinkum - what a great place - Anonymous. Date of travel: Jul 2008
We loved it in Altinkum. It's our first time in Turkey and we loved it! We will be back next year! The best holiday we have ever had!
Our first trip to Altinkum, but hopefully not our last!!!! - Judy & Keith Turner. Date of travel: Jul 2008
Our first trip to Altinkum, but hopefully not our last!!!!
This was our first time in Altinkum, though not to Turkey itself! We thought it was pretty, though very lively in places though we preferred to walk around the harbour/boat end of the resort. We went for a recuperative/relaxing holiday which we got. Our hotel was situated in a quiet residential area, not too far from every amenity though. The beach was heaving, lots of Turkish burying themselves in the sand so we tried 3rd beach & swam from the wall/boat area on main beach. Would certainly go again in a heartbeat! We need to explore the other pretty little beaches we heard so much about from others. A week just wasn't long enough!!!! So it will have to be 2 weeks next time. Temperature into the 40s too, brilliant!
The chav capital of Turkey - GeeBee. Date of travel: May 2008
If you want to see the real beauty of Turkey don't go the Altinkum. If you want to sit in a Sports bar all day with your family all dressed in the same football strip, eating all day full English breakfast and downing John Smiths, this is the place for you. It makes Bradford and Dewsbury look like top notch places to live.
Altinkum - J. Date of travel: May 2008
Altinkum was lovely, beach beautiful and everyone was just so friendly. The Saturday markets good but very busy. Spent our two weeks in a bar called Pinocchio's and it was great. Staff very friendly, we had a good laugh with them, food good and party nights good with Turkish dancing, definitely a place to visit. We enjoyed it that much were planning to go again next year.
Not that good, a bit of a disappointment. - KC. Date of travel: Sep 2007
Not as many bars and restaurants as other resorts in Turkey, a bit more expensive for sure. It was a sandy beach, but it was filthy, absolutely covered in cigarette butts. And many stray dogs about. Icmeler or Marmaris are much better, apart from Shingle beach.
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