The resort of Gumbet on Turkey’s Aegean coast has been built up to cater for the overflow from the area’s super-popular resort of Bodrum, which is about 10 minutes drive away. As a result those who holiday in Gumbet have the advantage of being able to easily access the facilities of larger Bodrum besides Gumbet’smore
Gumbet Turkey - Rosemary Jeff Davies. Date of travel: May 2010
You'll be hard pushded to find a cook or chef in Gumbet who knows any thing about Turkish cuisine. It's a place for the Brits, and CHIPS rule! the standards are mediocre food wise. You have to hunt good nosh down, and really there is only one cook in the area that can actually prepare COUS COUS! He's at Jack's Place by the way, The best place in town. The FAMILY DOOR is o.k. but be warned diners, the waiters are VERY sharp. They'll fetch gear to your table when it hasn't been ordered, and expect you to pay!They'll feign ignorance and often servitude when pulled up about it, in an effort to make the diner feel bad. They also have a nasty habit of giving diners wrong information regarding food and the cooking thereof, in an effort to get you to spend. When it arrives it's not what you had in mind and they know it, that's where it gets a little bit obsequious and embarrassing. This happened to me on 2 occasions first with drinks then the meals. Also watch out for additions to your bill, thier favourite at my time of holidaying was mysterios pizza and a pint that often appeared on diners bills. The grubs not bad, but spoiled because you're watching out for a rip-off, and trust me.....it will happen.
Gumbet - Me and Her. Date of travel: Sep 2009
I just wanted to say that not all the beach in Gumbet is pebble - if you go further along to places like Allora Beach and Chinese Mels there's only a little bit when you reach the water itself. Sometimes it pays to explore. And yes, the people working in the resort do "hassle" you to buy from them, be it food or goods, but it's their livelihood so it's to be expected, and for the vast majority it's friendly banter or requests. If you go with an open mind you soon realise that it's all part of the holiday fun. And finally, there is no way you can get food in the UK like what you can get in Turkey, that is unless you're eating "traditional British dishes" in which case you really do not know what you are missing and again, exploring is certainly the best way to get the best dishes. There's a little place just opposite Shamrock(now Heaven) and Shakers that do some amazingly tasty Turkish dishes.
Gumbet - Georgiana. Date of travel: Aug 2009
I recommend you to go to Bodrum or Bites and avoid Gumbet. In Gumbet you have only a stone beach, a few terraces and night life. Also the water is muddy. Go to Bodrum, to the Halykarnas Mausoleum. Don't go to Catamaran Club, the entrance is 20 euro and a drink 15 euro. The Boat Look is not impressive at all and is very expensive because instead of putting good whiskey and vodka they put local drinks that will burn your stomach. Go to the bar White House in Bodrum, it is very animated and the drinks are OK.
Gumbet Is A SECOND HOME - hayley . Date of travel: May 2009
I have been to Gumbet 3 times and will be heading back there next year if you like friendly atmosphere and you like a laugh then its a place to go there so down to earth its great. In fact i love it so much in 2 years i am going to live there. The night life is good there is plenty of places to choose from with all different types of music. Okay the people in the shops can be a bit hastlely but you get used to it after a while. i recommend it to anyone :)
Won't be returning - Lynne and Paul. Date of travel: Aug 2008
I did enjoy my 2 weeks here in Gumbet but that was enough! Was fed up being hassled to buy their goods or eat in a restaurant it all gets to be very irritating. It's expensive the food is the same as the UK, drinks are more expensive and the fake goods are a bit silly, it's nice to have seen it, the weather is terrific but it's NOT the cheap and friendly place I was led to believe.
Amazing - Becky. Date of travel: Aug 2008
Gumbet was absolutely fabulous. Best holiday yet! The night life was amazing, better than anywhere I have been before. The people you meet and friendly and stay friends forever! Amazing place! Smileys, Chicos, Shakers, best bars there!
I really liked Gumbet - Megan and family. Date of travel: Jul 2008
I really liked Gumbet 'cos it was always lively and always music playing. It was a really happy place. I enjoyed taking walks with my family down town. It was so nice and also the beach was nice too.
Best holiday :) - Kim. Date of travel: Jun 2008
Hey I'm going to Gumbet third time this year in June. I suggest you don't go on many trips as most of them are about four hours on bus, which isn't the best way to spend your time. :) The public are friendly and you will meet some great people. We still keep in touch with some and know a lot of the locals miss them all. The best club I would say is X BAR! We went there nearly every night it's great :) Boat trips are the best trips especially if you're wanting a great tan & the sea breeze is lovley. I don't think I'll go abroad to any other place this is number one for me.
Amazing Nightlife!! - Kenzie. Date of travel: Jun 2008
Amazing Nightlife!!
Bar street in Gumbet has something for everyone, must visit, Chico's (proper cheesey dance pub but amazing) Shakers - Molly Molones - Corner Bar - Smiley's - Legends - Escape Bar And XBar!!!! If you fancy karaoke definitely go to Mr Frogs. Restaurants: Chinese Mels - Family Door and Kenny's Bistro, all absolutely brilliant! Gumbet Beach has lots of water sports.... Banana Boat - Big Mabel (Toppa!!!) - Try the rings if you don't mind getting thrown off :)
Gumbet - Mr & Mrs A Bullas. Date of travel: May 2008
Gumbet is not a bad place to go but we prefer Mamaris.
Nice place - Bile. Date of travel: Sep 2007
It's a fine place. There are many shops, restaurants and bars. Not far from the centre of Bodrum, only 10 min by bus.
Must visit Gumbet - Kerry Omalley. Date of travel: Sep 2007
Gumbet has excellent nightlife and restaurants, especially Roxy's bar and Corner bar. You must visit Kenny's bistro as they serve lovely meals and kids eat free on a night.
I adored Gumbet - Len, Marg, Chelsea and Courtney. Date of travel: Aug 2007
I recommend bar street to the young people because it is very busy and it has lots of bars and the food is good anywhere you go in Gumbet.
Superb Nightlife - Sharon and Amanda. Date of travel: Jul 2007
We spent the first night in Corner Bar Restaurant which is linked to the La Maison. We were told you get a 10% discount when you eat there. However we didn't all week! (but hey, it was only 10%) Down on Bar Street is Alin's Restaurant, the food there was fantastic, priced well and we got great service without any hassle. You do tend to get a lot places beckoning you in with their banter, however Alin's didn't. Along Bar St the bars are plenty and are open untill 5am. It was normal for us to last till the end, would have been a shame not to! Our favourite was Shaker's bar and the X-bar but prefered Shaker's as X-bar was very busy and took ages to get served. We were well looked after in Shaker's, great staff and as far security, well erm that's another story! (excellent) Beach bar down at the bottom of the Street is a good one to start off in. Happy hour till 02h00. Just don't eat there as we got recommended by staff mixed meat kebab and another member of staff (Bozo) had to run up the street, order it and collect it! Ok it was greatly presented, tasted great but came to £37! Think we got robbed there. A must is a Turkish bath. Have one the day before you go on a boat trip. The massage is out of this world - 30 minute one and I didn't want to get off the bed, felt like I had died and gone to heaven. You do tend to get hassled by the smaller bars and restaurants a little but just politely say no and that usually suffices. The beach is ok but not brilliant. We were advised to go to Bitez beach as it's cleaner and the water is clearer. Not too far away in a taxi or the Dolmus and they are running all day and plenty of them, not like over here in England. Let's just say that YES, I would go back to Gumbet. Only got back home yesterday 9 July '07, so I will upload photo's when they are developed.
Gumbet - Denise Lipton. Date of travel: May 2006
Gumbet is great. I love going. Most of the people on the street know me and I have some good friends there. Nitelife is good and usually starts from 10 and ends at 4; then you get a kebab on the way home. Food is lovely for two people its bout 10 for both of you including drinks not bad. The clothes are great fill you case the stuff is good material Tour Operator: My Travel
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