In the heart of the “Turkish Riviera” on the country’s Mediterranean coast, Alanya is a well-equipped holiday resort town well-utilised by package-tour operators who bring thousands of visitors to enjoy the miles of beaches, lively harbour-front, bargain shopping and some adventure activities like bungee jumping and river rafting. Sight-seers are catered for with some interestingmore
NOT GOOD AT ALL - Charlie & tyler. Date of travel: Aug 2010
Alanya wasn't very nice place at all, it smells horrible.
Alanya - Catherine Charles. Date of travel: May 2009
We didn't really go to Alanya much but there are plenty of shops where you can buy many things that would be more expensive in England. The castle is very nice and the sunset cruise around it was lovely. The Turkish people can annoy though but make sure you haggle them to get the best deal possible. Looks like a nice place but we didnt see much of it.
Alanya/Marmutla - Danny Silk. Date of travel: Sep 2008
Alanya is warm, hot mainly a Russian and Polish destination. Not much to do. Jeep Safari a must, Turkish night a waste of time!
Visited Alanya - Sally & John Easterby. Date of travel: Sep 2008
Alanya is clean and full of polite people who liked to have a laugh with you. Made a refreshing change.
Alanya town - Mr and Mrs Watson. Date of travel: Sep 2008
It may well be very nice but was so far away from the Sun Gardens. We only went once and there was a massive thunderstorm.
A perfect first time holiday together - Kerry. Date of travel: Aug 2008
It was our first holiday together and we loved it. We were just out of the centre and had to get the dolmus into town. It wasn't bad though around 75p and the dolmus would take you anywhere. We found a fabulous place to eat and drink called Bally Mutlar. It was fanstastic the staff took real good care of us and gave us free drinks on our last night! We have just booked to go back to Alanya for the end of May and will be staying in the centre this time. A fabulous holiday for a couple.
Alanya was nice - W Smith and L Humes. Date of travel: Jul 2008
We only made one trip into Alanya on the dolmus. We went in to town for an evening meal and some shopping. The restaurant prices are about the same as in England. Everything is priced in lira and euros which is a con because they give the lowest rate for euros and why are they using the euro when they aren't in the EU. The town is about 30 minutes from the hotel.
Alanya is great! - Shonia. Date of travel: May 2008
There's so many shops to go to and markets all at cheap prices, go to Alanya and shop you will get some great deals :)
Alanya - the best holiday so far - Sweety. Date of travel: May 2008
Went to Alanya in May 2008. Had a fantastic time, we stayed at Alaiye apartment, the view was amazing stepped outside on the balcony, scenery was beautiful, you could see the beach opposite. Nightlife was really good spent most our nights at the Lambada bar, smoking Shisha (water pipe). Prices were really reasonable, food was great. I would certainly recommend a trip to Alanya. Hospitality 10/10. Will be going back again.
Alanya was lovely - Parker. Date of travel: Apr 2008
Plenty of bars, restaurants and shops. Beautiful harbour and castle.
Alanya was good - Shaz. Date of travel: Mar 2008
Alanya Turkey is a good place for a holiday. I had fun and made some friends. People are really friendly and some do speak English, but I advise people to brush up on their Dutch because it is spoken there. There is a tour place that does real good deals near Cleopatra Beach. They speak English and are really friendly. Lovely tours.
Super! - Marie-Ann. Date of travel: Mar 2008
It's just the Turkish atmosphere I love the best! The place if fantastic for good nightlife and for people who want to soak up the hot Turkish sun! Alanya is busy from June onwards so if a busy holiday isn't what you had in mind, then June, July + August are out of the question. Basically it's just lovely and I go every year!
Stay away from the Pinar - Anonymous. Date of travel: Aug 2007
Kleopatra beach nice, heard comments such as "F-you" if didn't want to buy in the bazaar. Big Bens and Crusoe good eating place.
Alanya itself - Caroline Muir. Date of travel: Jul 2007
Don't have any points bad about Alanya, although do recommend that you shop around and at the markets, ensure you reduce the asking price by half. Best place to eat is Big Bens and I highly recommend it.
My shopping in Alanya - Wendy and Amin. Date of travel: Jul 2007
We only went in to Alanya twice when we where there as we were only there for 7 days this time we are going for 14. It was very hot so the best time to go and shop was late at night when I was there in July. The town is very nice when it is all lit up. I had never been to Turkey before. The thing I do not like is they will not just let you look around the shop they follow you and try and sell you everything so it is hard to look and see what you want. You must watch the price they give you as they try and charge the English a lot more than anyone else.
We loved Alanya - Sarah Loughran. Date of travel: Jun 2007
Alanya centre had plenty of bars of varying types to suit all tastes, however beware of over-charging on drinks. Top tip: Don't run a tab in the bars. Pay for each round individually. The staff are really friendly and very polite.
I love Alanya - Angie and Dave Wilkinson. Date of travel: Jul 2006
I love Alanya
Alanya (on Turkey's east coast) is a small place and 2 weeks was too long. The sights from the castle are breathtaking and places to eat reasonable. Some places like New Elvis did a beer for a euro or 2tl. Big Ben's was our local as most of the time we were too tired to go anywhere else but Tony is great and a genuine guy. Say hi to him and Vinny from the Grimsby crew and you read it on the internet. Also try Galipos near Migros supermarket gorgeous food. We loved our holiday to Alanya. Tour Operator: Travelcare
Alanya is FAB!!!! - Kayleigh and the Bailey family. Date of travel: Jul 2006
We have an apartment over in Konakli about 10 mins away from the centre of Alanya and we love it there!!!! The locals are friendly and keep an eye out for you when you're out and about! Turkish night is fantastic in Alarahan and also the boat trip around the coastline...try the Aqua park too. It's brilliant!
Alanya Mahmutlar - Mahmut. Date of travel: Jan 2006
Alanya city itself is a lively labyrinth of shops, bars and restaurants where even the most hardcore shopper can run out of steam and need refreshment at one of the cosy cafés in Centrum or along the beautiful marina. Due to the kilometre long, wide beaches, the great hotels, the exciting and foreign atmosphere and the incredible friendly and especially hospitable population, Alanya is definitely a favourite holiday place of many visitors from Europe if not the whole world!
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