Tourism in Antalya, the main city on Turkey’s Mediterranean coast, is centred on its old quarter, Kaleiçi, full of charm and enticing shops and restaurants. The city is perfectly placed for those on holiday in Antalya to take a variety of interesting excursions to archaeological sites or get back to nature in the Karaoglanoglumore
I hated Antalya - Peg and Sue. Date of travel: Apr 2009
Of all the tourist areas of Turkey I think Antalya is the most spoilt. If they had planned out with any common sense 20 years ago it could have been equivalent to the south of France by now. Instead it is full of economy tourists, pushy shopkeepers selling rubbish. The cultural attractions around Antalya are unique but badly presented. The Turks have been given a beautiful country and all they do is spoil, spoil, spoil due to greed and corruption.
Stuart, Sonia, Claire. Date of travel: May 2005
I recomend going white water rafting and any show in Turkey always goes down well. The food is extremely nice and the waiters will go all the way to make sure you are happy, especially if you are English. The shops are very cheap yet the shop keepers can be very forceful. Overall i had a nice time and Antalya is worth going to see. Also, if you get a chance, go to see a show called "Ney". It is in an ampitheatre and the architecture is amazing!
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