The large resort town of Belek fronts the bright blue Mediterranean along the Turkish Riviera, featuring numerous luxury hotels and eight top golf courses for up-market visitors, who do not need to leave their comfortable “home from home” to enjoy a first class holiday. Most of the hotels face the beach and have reserved theirmore
Belek itself was quite interesting - Nicola, Ivan, Lesley, john, ollie. Date of travel: Sep 2008
Belek was a typical Turkish village/town - not sure which! Market day on saturday is worth visiting. Lovely feature in the town near the mosque. Taxis galore and very efficient and €3 into Belek but easy walk there. Worth a walk there any day. A handy pick up in tractor and trailer every half hour going round various local hotels also.
Great golf destination - Tim W. Date of travel: Jul 2007
Great golf destination
The holiday resort village of Belek is on the Turkish coast, 20 miles from Antalaya airport. Belek is an up-and-coming golf destination; it already has seven golf courses, Nick Faldo has just opened a course here, as has Colin Montgomery - next to the Papillon Hotel. There are 32 four or five-star hotels and first-class holiday villages in and around Belek and most have direct access to private beaches. There is also plenty of sightseeing: The Roman city of Perge is nearby, as is town of Side with its large and well-preserved amphitheater. We will definitely go back there again and recommend it to anyone.
Belek - Julie, Mark. Date of travel: Aug 2006
Belek was lovely, although the people stand outside the shops asking you to come in all the time and can get a little annoying! We went to the market which is on every Saturday and got some good bargains, make sure you barter though. I would consider you take Euros, we took Turkish Lira and it felt as though we were being ripped off for our money as everything was priced in Euros.
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5-Star Hotels
Adora Golf Resort Hotel | * * * * * |
Atlantis Hotel and Resort | * * * * * |
Cornelia Deluxe Resort Hotel | * * * * * |
Club Asteria | * * * * * |
Gloria Verde Hotel | * * * * * |
Grida Village Hotel | * * * * * |
Kaya Belek Hotel | * * * * * |
Papillon Belvil Hotel | * * * * * |
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4-Star Hotels
Arcadia Golf Resort | * * * * * |
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