The next best thing to holidaying at the seaside, is holidaying within a short distance of it with the option of easily reaching a variety of secluded bays and coves. Hisaronu, a hill town a short drive from Turkey’s Mediterranean coast, is just such a place, set high and therefore cool, surrounded by amore
Hisaroni. . . . . . . . - DEBBIE. . . . . . . . Date of travel: Aug 2011
A lovely place. . .all the people are lovely . . they love you to barter with them . . their restarants are of fantastic quality. . their night life is buzzing and on all night . . A very clean and the people are very proud of their country. and love you to sample their food and drink. . plenty of transport to get about to other towns. . all shops have plenty of bargins. . and some lovely lace. t shirts plenty of bags. and harrods towels. . . markets are full of bargins and their is a lot of trips that you can book and go on . . and all well priced. . . its really hot. .. . beaches are beautifull and their is plenty to do day and night for all ages. . ..
hisaronu a great place - lawton. Date of travel: Jun 2011
Hisaronu is nice place to visit, it's heaving with bars, shops and restaurants. When its really hot there is a welcoming breeze.
Hisaronu - Any & Jane. Date of travel: Sep 2010
Hisaronu is realy well established and really does have something for everyone.
Love Hisaronu and the people - Maureen Ryan . Date of travel: Sep 2010
Hi, I have been to Hisaronu and love the place really friendly feeling and fun. The blue lagoon is very peaceful and well worth paying small amount to visit, and spend relaxing time sunbathing there. Bar staff and everyone in this area really friendly, going back in April 2011 with my son, this time going self catering in apartment, liked all the restaurants we ate in, everyone obliging. Loved Olu Deniz, great beach and atmosphere. Help Bar is nice and fun, it is right on beach front. Watching the paragliders is good. This will be my 3rd visit, will be there for my bday and cant wait, counting down the weeks already. I LOVE TURKEY AND THE TURKISH PEOPLE .
Great place - James. Date of travel: Aug 2010
Hisaronu is very central. 2 minutes walk into the bars and shops. And then the same to the bus stop into Olu Deniz.
Happy resort Hisaronu is hot n sunny with a breeze - Zahra. Date of travel: Jul 2010
Great atmosphere in the day and evening. Lots of shopping, ladies. Amazing bars at night if you feel you are on your jolly hols. I am going back in October just to chill and rest, but I am a sun babe and love a holiday in Oludeniz. Go to the blue lagoon, Olu deniz it is like paradise you will love the beach. Try buzz bar. Sea horse restaurant food is tasty as well as cutie boys.
I love Hisaronu - Cazzieann. Date of travel: Jul 2010
Hisaronu is a great village/town. There is so much to do here, great for shopping, eating out, bars, nightlife - something for everyone. Try to avoid mid summer august-school hols etc so very busy. Olu Deniz beach and resort is short ride away on dolmus (minibus)-beautiful beaches and lovely shopping and eating out - although a little more higher priced than Hisaronu. I recommend La Mamas restaurant in Hisaronu-great food at reasonable prices. Excellent service from all the staff (who are dressed in white-very smart). The food is always freshly cooked and presented well. Nothing seems too much of a problem for them-just order from the menu or even ask for something special if required-I know I like my peppered steak so they cooked that for me-so delicious-tender steak-they seem to use the best cuts and quality of meat. This is why I go back time and time again. Back in October-cant wait! Looking forward to shopping and seeing friends-they never forget you-I look forward to visiting again.
Beware of bike hire - Brian. Date of travel: Jun 2010
My son hired a small moped from the dealer situated by the atm machine near the taxi rank for two days when he returned it 2 hrs later with a fault the man took the keys refused a refund and pulled a knife (not illegal in turkey according to our rep). He was backed up by the slate artist on the other side of the road. Apart from this one incident the holiday was brill. DON'T GIVE THIS MAN ANY OF YOU MONEY.
Hisaronu- what a fantastic place! - Charlotte and Adrian. Date of travel: Jun 2010
Hisaronu is set in a stunning location, with a back drop of mountains and scenic pine forests it's has many great photo opportunities. The restaurants and bars are all welcoming and friendly, we would especially recommend 'Cheers' the owners and staff were so friendly,we ate there several times during our stay and would definitely go back their again. Many fond memories of a wonderful holiday in Hisaronu!
Best place ever! - karen. Date of travel: May 2010
I have been going to Hisoranu for the last 11 years. It is the best place ever. We had a break for a couple of years and went to lots of places in Spain. I can tell you it dosnt come anywhere near Turkey. My aunty and mother-in-law have villas in Ovajik. The weather is pretty much guaranteed. The food is lovely wherever you go. The kebabs from the stalls on the street are wonderfull, its still cheaper than here and Spain! I am going back again 3 weeks tomorrow with my partner and kids and family and friends. There will be 16 of us, the more the merrier. The boat trips are bril, we are going to hire our own boat this year. Anyone thats thinking of going and never been before I guarantee you will have a brilliant time and will go back again. XX
Love Hisaronu - jewels. Date of travel: May 2010
Went on holiday to Hisaronu with the girls in May 2010 have just booked to go back with hubbie sept 2010. Most nights we went to the Q bar Donna one of the owners is a english women and lovely she makes everyone so welcome the bar staff are great and cant do enough for you , give Q Bar a go you wont be disapointed
Hisaronu recommendations - John & James. Date of travel: Sep 2009
Recommended trips:- Jeep Safari (£18) was great value for money - see loads of different places (Tlos, Trout farm at Yakkapark, Saklikent gorge, mud bath & Patara beach etc) and is great fun too. 12 island boat trip from Fethiye was really good value for money too (£12) - another full day excursion with plenty to see & do + lunch included - great day for 'topping up the tan' without feeling the burn. A Turkish bath is highly recommended - lots of places do them, but the old Turkish bath near the harbour front in Fethiye is definitely the best - be aware that you really get a good scrubbing though, so it's best to have this at the beginning of your holiday, otherwise your tan will be scrubbed away too! Disappointing trips:- The 6 stop boat trip from Olu Deniz (£8) was a waste of time - there was nothing to see at most of the coves that the boat stopped at and the boat stayed for much too long at each stop. Ghost village at Kayakoy was disappointing too - just a load of old derelict buildings, each one the same as the last (apart from the little church). Recommended restaurants in Hisaronu:- The Olive Tree, Dragonaro (Chinese),Panda & Dominoes.
Hisaronu - Kath & Mick Harrison. Date of travel: Sep 2009
Hisaronu - central location, good bus service, beaches brilliant, plenty to do, nightlife great, shopping great. Market on Monday, very friendly people, worth haggling. Love it, we have been twice this year, hope to go back next year.
Gorgeous Hisaronu - Keith and Linda Wright. Date of travel: Aug 2009
Hisaronu is a fantastic place, not too commercialised and yet there is plenty to do. There are many bars and restaurants and the people are so friendly. The scenery is wonderful and you are always guaranteed great weather. Been there five times and love it so much we are buying a villa in Ovacik.
Orka Hotel, Hisaronu - Martin & Jo. Date of travel: Aug 2009
Hisaronu was lively at night but had a very safe feel to it and very friendly. Beach Boys is a great kebab shop, excellent fish at Mariners and if it hadn't been for the Mirage Bar and Restaurant we would have gone very hungry!! Lovely friendly staff and great food, nothing too much trouble. Effes Bar was a great place to sit and watch Hisaronu at night. If you want good leather handbags etc. go and see Aysa opposite the Azda in the centre of Hisaronu.
Hisaronu - Becky and Karen Higgins. Date of travel: Aug 2009
Hisaronu, what a fantastic place to be. Friends had recommended Hisaronu after visiting every summer for the previous 6 years. They were going again with their parents who are in their 70's and their teenage children. Me and my sister stayed in the Marcan, which was clean and friendly. So much to do during the day, we used Explora to book a Jeep Safari and an Olu Deniz Boat trip. You are collected at your accommodation at the beginning of the day and dropped back at the end. The jeep safari is one of the most enjoyable, bizarre and exhausting things I've done, 11 hours for £16 including lunch. The boat trip enabled me to feel more relaxed than I can ever remember being. The people in Hisaronu are lovely, friendly and helpful. Yes people try to persuade you to go into their shops but if you don't want to just smile and politely say no thank you. The Santana is a nice place to eat with staff who treat you like friends. Where to choose in the evening is the only problem you may encounter as there are so many great places. Heads or Tails is fantastic, with good music and highly entertaining staff. As soon as I got home after what seemed a very short week I was arranging a trip for next year.
Hisaronu - 14 years and still going back for more! - Margaret, Phil and Alistair. Date of travel: Aug 2009
We have just returned from our 14th visit to Hisaronu and have already booked for August 2010. It has something for every taste, nighlife or quiet bars to make new friends. It has fast food reasonably priced or exquisite dining (The Olive Tree) - still excellent value compared to here. The beach is a 10 minute ride away but the air is cooler in this mountain resort. The views of the lagoon are stunning as is the Babadag mountain. Try Dominoes and Ozi Boo Restaurants for English or Turkish food and Shine for fantastic Indian cuisine, Harrys Bar and Heads and Tails Bar and Oz Gold for jewellery
Hisaronu, great for all - WR. Date of travel: Aug 2009
Hisaronu - Good resort for all ages, plenty of good excursions and bars/restaurants.
I love Hisaronu - Shelly Waudby. Date of travel: Aug 2009
There is all you need in Hisaronu resort. I have been 16 times now and already looking to book next year. There are all sorts of places to eat and drink, and the shops have everything you need. A must-see is the market.
Hisaronu, God's little paradise - Trevor, Wendy and the grandkids. Date of travel: Aug 2009
Hisaronu is a hidden gem overlooking the Azure water of Olu Deniz, often not visited by tourists which is a shame. For a short Dolmus ride, the top class restaurants and cafe/bars offer all the Turkish Delights in food and drink that you could ask for, the people are so warm and friendly too and love a haggle or just say hello. English is their second language so no problem communicating. The Monday Market is a must and an experience not to be missed. Have a free cuppa or drink with the local jewellers and perhaps purchase a bargain or have something made to your fancy!!
Hisaronu, be there soon - Anna. Date of travel: Jul 2009
Hisaronu is a really nice area, plenty of nightlife and shops. Ideal for couples, singles, families. Not long to go and we'll be there. Yipeee
Wonderful Hisaronu - Joanna and Spencer Jackson. Date of travel: Jun 2009
Hisaronu is a beautiful resort set up in the mountains above Olu Deniz. It has many shops, bars and restaurants which are spotlessly clean. The local people are very lovely and cannot do enough for you. The mountain views are also spectacular and you can enjoy candle lit meals looking over the stunning views. Nightlife is good - visit Eski Karaoke Bar and it's wonderful staff, consisting of Alfie the manager and Jack (a true Sylvester Stallone/Rambo lookalike), and they will give you an enjoyable evening of both singing and dancing. All ages from 20 to 45 go in there. They also play good dance music and dance on the bar!!! Go and check it out. Days can be relaxing (visit the Blue Lagoon - very well worth it), you can also visit the many shops for super bargains.
Hisaronu - Jill, Caz, Barbs, Julie & Trish. Date of travel: May 2009
Hisaronu is the best place, locals are great. Relaxed boat trip on Olu Deniz beach, we were singing in the rain!! May 2009, the crew were fantastic, good cheap food. Fishbowl cocktails at Gap Bar, Izzy & Jimmy. We are the only Brits to take on the Turks at Connect 4. Draganara for Chinese. Suntrap pizzas. White Man calamari. Not like Blackpool at all.
Hisaronu is lovely - Michelle Huws-Thomas. Date of travel: Oct 2008
I reluctantly went as thought Hisaronu may be like Blackpool with sun but what a pleasant and glorious surprise! My sister has an apartment there and we went with my two neices in late October. The resort was quiet and we sunbathed under 70 degrees heat every day. The resort is lovely, within the mountainous region and I can totally understand why Olu Deniz is so well covered in mage and media. We sunbathed by the lagoon every day and paying to go in for the priviledge also made me feel I was contributing to its upkeep and beauty. I am not a bar/club person, but because the resort was so quiet it was delightful to sit by a bar and sip drinks withough being surrounded by British drunk louts or gangs. The Turkish people are beautiful and love it when you try to speak their language (which is really hard!). Aziz and Daphne's Bistro was one of our favourites as my sister is friendly with the owners. A 'no frills' restaurant with lovely satisfying food, very family oriented and lovely people. It struck me that although capitalism has naturally hit Turkey, the greed has not yet permeated through to its people in this region. Yes, there are tacky gift shops galore, yes there are the odd loud tacky bars and clubs but they are not everywhere and my small neices were welcomed everywhere we went (pushchairs and teddybears alike). I cannot believe I am saying this, but it's probably the bset holiday I have ever been on and I am hard to please!
Nicholas Gate Apartments - Michelle Huws-Thomas. Date of travel: Oct 2008
My sister owns one of these apartments which is only a 5 min walk to village. It is near the main hotels Nicholas Gate/Nicholas Heights and guests can also use facilities in these hotels. The complex is beautiful, clean and has spotless swimming pool. The Nicholas Group who manage the complex keep it spotless and were there straight away (my sister pays high maintainence charges so they should be!) when we needed them to sort out shower.
Hisaranu 5th time round - Paul Jackie. Date of travel: Sep 2008
Firstly weather in Hisaronu is great, prices have increased on everything about 20% the the best place to eat I found was Shanghi Blue. It far outshines any Chinese I have ever been in for both food and hospitality, I tried various other places but always went back. For jewellery I go to Pinari jewelers good value and trustworthy. Accommodation, I go to St Nicholas gardens but it is well overdue for renovation although it has a very friendly atmosphere and good food.
Hisaronu - Valcrossley. Date of travel: Sep 2008
Just returned from a holiday in Turkey in the last couple of days. Been wanting to go there for some time and am really pleased I managed to get there this year. Hisaronu itself is really beautiful located in the mountains which is surrounded by wonderful scenery. The hotel Seden at which I stayed was ideally located for a short walk into the town itself. The rooms in the hotel were basic but ideal for what I wanted. The staff themselves at the hotel were all friendly and very attentive to your every need. The pool area was ideal kept clean and tidy and the breakfast provided was not a varied choice but always fresh. The town area of Hisaronu is bigger than I actually thought with great shops bars and beautiful restaurants. You are spoilt for choice. The local market is on a Monday and a must to go to if only for the banter of the locals, you can also grab a great bargain if you barter. 1 great cocktail bar is called Q which provides 3 times a week entertainment although each night you will be entertained by 2 of the local guys whom dance on the bar most nights. Serge who is manager of the bar will always make you welcome and performs dances usually performs to MICHEAL JACKSON. Always had a great night when there. Give it a try you have nothing to lose. The staff are both friendly and polite what more could you ask for.
Hisaronu - good value for money - Barbara and Joseph. Date of travel: Sep 2008
My husband and I have just came back from Hisaronu for the 16th time over 6 years. We both like the area for the friendliness over Spain. It is like a home from home especially when staying in a family run apartments such as the Malibu, where Josef and Nevin invites people into their family. We found that for food a good place to go is the ALFORA in Olu Deniz, a small but pricey restaurant that is very good, as the food was delicious. Fethiye market on Tuesday is busy as always with both locals and inteprid holidaymakers from all over the world.
Perfect Hhisaronu - Sian Davies. Date of travel: Aug 2008
Wherever you eat in Hisaronu all the restaurants serve lovely food. There are some cheaper than others. The Olive Tree is quite expensive for what you have, Robin Hood is very good. The nightlife in Hisaronu can be as quiet or as loud as you want it. You can stay in the restaurants and have a good night just chatting to the locals or you can go to karaoke bars or to the disco, whatever, the choice is up to the individual. Eefs beer is very good!
Hisaronu is fantastic - Julie / Gareth Williams . Date of travel: Aug 2008
We have been going to Ovacik in Hisaronu for the past few years after going to a friends wedding, we was not sure if we enjoyed it so much because of the circle of friends at the wedding so we tried again the next year but that ended up being a reunion so we tried yet again and I can honestly say it was still fantastic! We stayed at the Orka hotel and I have to say the staff and the hotel was second to none (has been rebuilt since the first time we have been but still amazing). We are going again in Aug '09 and can't wait!
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