Neat and clean, the lovely scenic setting and lush gardens of the purpose-built holiday resort of Icmeler on Turkey’s south-east coast alleviates the harshness of its dozens of hotels and apartment blocks. Icmeler is surrounded by pine forests and is fronted by a lively promenade along its beautiful beach front. Attractions include great restaurants, amore
Would not stay at manderin hotel - Handley. Date of travel: Sep 2010
we didn't stay at this hotel but had a meal there on last day of holiday. my husband had chicken curry i had oinion steak. my husband only ate a little of his meal and said it didn't taste right so he didn't eat any more. as soon as we left the cafe my husband felt ill. when we got back to our hotel he was vomited and had diorria he is now in hospital on a drip and having tests to see what he has picked up from this meal at the manderin cafe. DON'T EAT THERE.
Icmeler coming home.Derrick/Danka,Scotland.2010 - derrick/danka. Date of travel: Sep 2010
Have been coming to Icmeler for 13 years. People are friendly and helpful, they never forget you. Resturants overall are good standard. Okemos excellent food, and Jimmy and staff give excellent service,no hassle. For excellent trip Carol at Icmeler Travel Center is the place to go. As for hassle on the streets this is now very modest, new laws has reduced this,and its easy just to be polite. Market stalls - you expect some hassle, anyway trying to get a bargain in part of the holiday.
Very nice - Lin & Steve. Date of travel: Sep 2010
We had a lovely holiday at the Efem Apartments & couldn’t fault the accommodation or the complex. The staff (Ali, Meli & colleagues) are always on hand & very friendly with it, organising a ‘not to be missed’ BBQ night. The Efem is set in a quiet area with very pretty views into the surrounding mountains, a leisurely stroll to the beach in 20 minutes & the main town in 10 mins.
Icmelar - Jean Holliday. Date of travel: Jul 2010
It was my first time in turkey and I won't be going back. The friends i went with have been going for 17 years and wont be going back either. Icmelar is a lovely place but was spoiled by being harassed all the time. You cant walk anywhere, they were jumpin on you all the time, every bar, every restraunt. They wouldn't leave you alone, it spoilt the holiday. Lots of the bars and restaurants were adding extra drink or meals to your bill hoping you would,nt notice. A lot of people had trouble with this so check your bill very carefully.
Icmeler - Nicola & Stephen. Date of travel: Jul 2010
We have just arrived home from a fantastic holiday in Icmeler! Have been once before and love it, Turkish are so friendly and funny!Go to the beach near the water sports the guys there are great! If it is your first time just be careful you don't get ripped off as they spot you if your new because you haven't got a tan! but once you have been there a few days they leave you alone, we bought some watches from ugler watch shop and they fell apart so we took them back and they took 15 lira off us for tax reasons so be careful! The food was fab! try the Erdem for lunch its along the beach nr Aqua hotel, they do the best milk shakes , sandwiches and pizza we have ever tasted!! for evening meals try the Wayside (a little expensive tho) the selem (was our fav place) the holiday (does the best pancakes ever) you will find the restaurants at the back of Icmeler away from main streets tend to be the best!!
Icmeler the best holiday ever - V Brown. Date of travel: Jul 2010
Excellent resort very picturesque, very friendly people, lots of bars and restaurant would definitely recommend it.
Icmeler is good - Nick. Date of travel: Jul 2010
Plenty of restaurants, beautiful beaches, lively resort unfortunately lots of harassment from Turkish people in the market. Plenty of restaurants to eat and spend your money.
Icmeler - Pat and Fred. Date of travel: Jun 2010
Went on holiday to Icmeler again. Tried a few hotels, finished up in the Diva, checked in around 8pm, put passports and English money in safe deposit boxes(£1,300) took £500 in lira with us. 5 days later went to get some money out of safe, £300 missing, camera facing boxes not working. Told the rep a couple of days later when they put new cams up. Asked to see tape but never got it. Insurance want to see bank withdrawal - no chance. So we were £300 up the swanny. Will never go to Turkey again.
Sheila's Restaurant Icmeler - Vin. Date of travel: Jun 2010
I was in Icmeler last week – I don’t know if it was the same bloke but this one was at the entrance coaxing people in. He’s the bald, short guy and offers everything – free drinks, free lift back to apartment etc, then pretends he doesn’t understand English – we weren’t so bothered at the time but then, every day we passed he shouted ‘taxi’ (taking the piss). This ended with a huge row outside. There was also skirmish right outside the restaurant, again caused by him. AVOID SYLVIAS RESTAURANT: food was very mediocre; service was ABYSMAL. Don't go.
Icmelar - Jean . Date of travel: Jun 2010
it was my first time in turkey and i won,t be going back, the friends i went with have been going for 17 years and wont be going back either, Icmelar is a lovely place but was spoiled by being harassed all the time you cant walk anywhere they were jumping on you all the time every bar every restaurant they wouldn't leave you alone it spoilt the holiday. Lots of the bars and restaurant were adding extra drink or meals to your bill hoping you would'nt notice. Alot of people had trouble with this so check your bill very carefully.
Icmeler is FAB! - Sigourney Hilton. Date of travel: Jun 2010
I'm not normally a sun, sea and sand type of holiday goer and I've never been to turkey before June this year, but i LOVED Icmeler! the weather was fantastic and the people were lovely, despite them wanting you to look at their menus and various 'knick-knacks' as you walk along the street. however once you get past that part and nicely tell them "no thank you" they are very pleasant people. we visited a couple of restaurants, but our favourite was 'cocoa beach' an Italian restaurant with both Italian and Turkish cuisine. the kebabs are nothing like they are in the UK, they are a million times better! the desserts especially the cake is mind blowingly lovely! and the staff are the friendliest and most welcoming of people you'll meet. we went on 2 trips; a boat trip and a jeep safari. the boat trip is only good for people who don't get sea sick and who don't mind being on a boat literally all day, from 9-5. this may not be good for people who also can swim or don't like swimming in open water and stops for long periods of time. but the people are friendly and would do anything for you to ensure you are happy. the jeep safari we went on was .....interesting. the first hour was spent being soaked by water pistols constantly (you can rent them at the start for 10 lera each) before visiting a small water fall about a quarter of the size of a large waterfall, as i was expecting, stopped for lunch and then visited some nice beaches that were pleasant. but the views were nice. oh and your constantly being filmed by a guy with a video camera for people who want a DVD of their trip. But Icmeler is a fantastic place and i can not wait to visit again, i would recommend this holiday to everyone.
Icmeler jiggy jiggy - Sarah. Date of travel: May 2010
Icmeler was the best holiday I've been to. The waiters were brilliant and the night club Eastenders was out of this world; me and my friend had sum right laughs in there. Going back to same hotel in September. If ya young I rate it! And the entertainers were a right laugh - Tommy, Shane and Musty.
Shingle beach - gill d. Date of travel: Sep 2009
Just returned and holiday in Icmeler was great . You are not harrased to buy and a firm no usually is understood. Plenty of bars and shopping. The beach is shingle but relaxed and plenty of trips to other islands reasonably cheap. English money is favoured and will get you a good deal. Haggle for bargains. You can eat out cheaply and get better quality food than in the hotel we were in.
Icmeler - Colette Mitchell. Date of travel: Aug 2009
The Icmeler nightlife was AMAZING, so many bars and clubs to choose from and the restaurants were fabulous as well - they all did a wonderful full English breakfast for a VERY cheap price. But the only thing that was bad was the Turkish men - they ALL seriously need to get a grip. I couldn't even walk down the street/market without getting called sexy or saying do you wanna come in my shop or do you want to have sex on the beach tonight! And they say its Ramadan - PFFTTTT, as if.
Icmeler - Whatley. Date of travel: Jul 2009
Icmeler I would recommend especially after spending a day in Marmaris, both had attractions and were both equally beautiful in different ways however this resort/town the people appeared to be much more laid back and did not pressure you to purchase anything and just a kind 'thank-you, but no thanks' is enough. The beach here is shingle but very pretty, some steps down to the private area could impose a problem for some but the scenery shots I took are fantastic, also make sure you have some change if you wish to spend a penny (literally)! only costs one Turkish lira. The mountains are spectacular and have a misty spiritual ambiance.
Icmeler, nice resort - John. Date of travel: Jul 2009
Icmeler is a lovely resort. It’s a quiet, small resort with some nice bars. Music in the bars has to be turned down at midnight. The livelier Marmaris is only 10mins away. Be prepared to be hassled a lot by the locals trying to sell you stuff or get you in to bars and restaurants, which really started to get too much. Often a polite 'no thanks' didn’t work and some got quite cheeky and pushy when you said no. If you do buy, make sure you barter, most will go to less than half original asking price. I would also be weary if you go with a teenage daughter as some barmen are very forward and pervy, all over the younger girls. Did some good trips which were reasonably priced. The jeep safari was really good fun and value for money (£14 for all day). White water rafting was good fun too, but 2 hours on a bus to the white water rafting centre and then another hour and a half on the bus up the mountain. Overall, a good holiday.
Icmeler, Turkey - Darren Johnson. Date of travel: Jul 2009
I had a fabulous holiday in Icmeler. Lovely place, very friendly, lots to do and see. Stayed in the Kapmar Hotel which I would recommend, it's very central, staff cannot do enough for you, rooms are cleaned daily etc. Excellent pool. Would recommend going into the old town, lovely place called Sylvia's Restaurant. The food is great and fun atmosphere, lots of different shows, the staff are great, especially Sylvia who is from England. Also would recommend the Denis Kapaz bar at the beach front, good night out along with the Harmony bar which hosts the Stella drag show, which is great. You will not be disappointed going to this beautiful part of the world.
Marmaris Bay - Stefan. Date of travel: Jun 2009
Marmaris Bay has a superb view but no sand beaches.
Best Boat Trip from Icmeler - Mrs Sanders. Date of travel: Jun 2009
Best Boat Trip from Icmeler
Operating from Icmeler for 7 years and everyone's favourite boat is the famous Finding Nemo Boat. This is a private charter boat that specialises in small groups up to 10 people. Not a double deck boat, this yearly refurbished, fully insured and Turkish Coast Guard approved boat with all relevant licenses, takes you on a sublime trip along the stunning Turquoise Coast. With informative, friendly, ENGLISH SPEAKING crew, your day on this boat will be one to be remembered. They can tailor your day to your own individual requirements, whether you're interested in fishing with "A catch Guarantee or your money back"; unhurried swim breaks; snorkeling; sightseeing taking in all the salient points of interest, islands, bays, coves and caves; your own private bay for lunch where you will be the only boat and just lay back, relax in comfort... Listen to the sounds of the cicadas singing in the silver green olive trees and the gentle waves lapping the sides of the boat as you sip a chilled glass of gorgeous Turkish wine, or sip a cold Effes beer. No loud music is played, unless you want it on the boat. This boat is ideal for families and very child-friendly. Ideal for the family, elderly and discerning customers who don't want a Double Deck Booze Cruise. The food on the boat is brought to you by the Chef/Captain Nemo and this meal will be one of the very best of your holiday. Any dietary requirements, drink and food preferences will be catered for, ideal for vegetarians and fussy children. Not a BBQ, the professionally cooked Turkish food is served to you on board in stunning scenery. Offering full-day charter with lunch; half-day charter; evening cruises with or without a meal; 3 hour fishing trip as part of a mixed group, or private charter with a "Catch Guaranteed". This boat has professional colour sonar, quality rods, choice of bait, tuition for first timers and a really experienced captain who makes sure you are on the fish! On fishing trips a license at a cost of 15TL is obtained for you - this is mandatory in Turkey for fishing on a boat. The boat can pick you up from the jetties in Icmeler and is able to fit wheelchairs on board.
Icmeler! - Chelsea. Date of travel: Jun 2009
My family and I were at Icmeler in June this year. We loved it! It was quiet and friendly. We stayed in the old part though. Peaceful and scenery was beautiful. Only bad point is no one takes no for an answer when asking you to go into their shop. We just booked today again for next summer. Sylvia's pub/restaurant was the best! ps. Can anyone tell me what apartments the Blue Star apartments are near?? I have no clue! I love Icmeler!!!!!!!!!!
Icmeler - Amanda Craw. Date of travel: Jun 2009
We went last year to Icemeler in 2009 - I loved it so much we are going back again with family. We used the sentence "we have already eaten" to anyone trying to get us to eat in their restaurant they left you alone. The beach is shingle but it just falls of you not like sand that sticks everywhere. The LoveBoat has the best steak ever. We did visit Marmaris it is busier but the harbour is lovely and plenty of restaurants to choose from.
Icmeler: Not for me - Matt. Date of travel: Jun 2009
First time to Turkey and Icemelr. Not for me this place. Loads of hassle. Only intrested in your money wherever you turn. Will stick to Spain, Greece, Tunisia and anywhere else apart from Turkey. Never again.
icmeler - laura. Date of travel: May 2009
i found icemeler is a great place, has lots to do i went to the market but it got a bit to much for me it got very busy but was nice to look around and see what the market was like. I found the people in shops and bars tried to get you into their place which was a bit intimiediating at first but you just said no and they left it. i enjoyed being here as it is different from england and relaxing but also you learn alot from just a week, how people live and etc. I dont think i have any bad points really. but there is a hell of alot hairdressers there im training to be a hairdresser but i dont think i would be able to come work here as the amount of hairdressers there isnt enough people.
Icmeler is fantastic - Janice Cullen. Date of travel: May 2009
Icmeler is fantastic
Icmeler is really beautiful, felt very safe and at home, made lots of friends and am looking forward to going back in October.. Although we went to a lot of places we kept getting drawn back to the Pop Inn (love the guys there, they made us so welcome and were so helpful, attentive and friendly), it felt like our local and I know we will stay in touch with the lads at the Pop Inn for a long time to come.. The food and service etc. is 2nd to none, they make you feel very special .. and I would recommend the Pop Inn to anyone and Icmeler it is beautiful.
ICMELER - Mavi gozler. Date of travel: May 2009
Hi I have been to Turkey for the last 13 years and the country is absolutely beautiful. I have been lucky enough to visit non-tourist places and eaten in turkish peoples homes. These are the real, true nice people. What people say below about the people in resort being sleazy and wanting to rip you off is right but if you have your wits about you you wont let it happen always remember they are there to make money for their families and themselves to last all winter long. Yes they do sleep with anyone aged 12-92 they don't care - if you want to do this fine just use them, given them nothing then come home and don't keep in contact and you wont go far wrong. The decent turks admit what sleazes these lads are. You can see a handsome 19 year old walking around with a 60 year old it's hilarious! We went in a shop to buy batteries and when we asked the price for 2 packs together then the price separately it didn't add up - he was trying to rip us off (opposite Three Bells near Tansas) - when we didn't buy the batteries and we walked out of the shop he called my partner a dickhead in Turkish. So I turned around and told him in Turkish what I thought of him same with the taxi driver who tried to rip us off in a taxi from Marmaris to Icmeler (he changed the price when we got there) he went away with a flea in his ear. Just stick to your guns with prices, don't take any hassle and just know deep down they will rip you off if they can. When you know this you are prepared and you can still enjoy your holiday in a truly beautiful country.
Go, its great - Kennady. Date of travel: Apr 2009
If I were to advise anything for Icmeler, you must go on the day trips that you book with the local people. We especially enjoyed the Turkish baths and the boat trip to Dalayan.
Stuff to do - Harvey Livy and Verity. Date of travel: Sep 2008
The are lots of activities to do and Wonder Boys is great so please please please go there!
Icmeler nice resort - Jim and Elizabeth Donaldson. Date of travel: Sep 2008
Icmeler is a lovely resort - just a pity the Litera Deluxe Hotel wastes it. Even the locals call it the hospital hotel.
Best holiday - Andy and Liz. Date of travel: Sep 2008
It was our first time in Icmeler and we love it! Fantastic people, fantastic food, everything superb. Every night we went to different restaurant and bars. Majestic restaurant we had lovely meal there. They do very good Chinese meal and of course we found a lovely place to eat our steak in Champagne Bar. Absolutely superb. We went to Champagne Bar 4 times to eat steak. We wish they would open one in Gasgow.
Nice location, people are too pushy and can be rude - James Eaglesfield. Date of travel: Aug 2008
Icmeler is tacky, sleazy people. Wouldn't go again!
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