A real “Turkish Delight”, the holiday resort town of Side stretches along a peninsula, lined on each flank by stretches of sandy beach. What makes Side unique is the fact that the ruins of its ancient past are incorporated within the modern town, with the remains of Roman baths and an amphitheatre alongside the hotelsmore
Side - tania and ken. Date of travel: Jun 2010
Wonderful place! Loved it so much we bought an apartment there.
Do not go to Side - DLT, HP. Date of travel: Jul 2009
Unless you like being hassled by every shop and restaurant whenever you want to go anywhere, and love highly commercialized places, do not go to Side.
Side - Ang and Gaz. Date of travel: Aug 2008
Only went into side a couple of times but it was a lovely experience the shops open til 1am which is handy cause of the heat in the day is to hot to shop when you take the kids. The veiw of the sea is breathtaking and if your lucky you might see the turtles in 'turtle bay' plenty of nice places to eat and drink so you wont go hungry.
Antique town with lots of Greek and Roman ruins - Nick and Tania. Date of travel: Jul 2008
Antique town with lots of Greek and Roman ruins
We really loved Side. It gives you the opportunity to choose between relaxing in a seaside restaurant, dance in a nightclub, or touch the history exploring tens of millenary ruins. Side is full of antique ruins that you can see all over the place, but the antique theatre and Apollon Temple is really breathtaking. It takes you 15 min to get to the city center from the hotel, where you can find a lot of bars, shops, markets, some nigh clubs, or to rent a car for 35 Euro/day or a scooter for $35/day, and about 20 min to get to the antique theatre (5 turkish lira for entrance). And in some week days they have a great dance show there called "The fire of Anatolia" for $55. You can also go on a boat trip around Side for 10 Tukish lira ($8), or longer trips to neighbouring towns. It is amazing to see palm trees, olive and pomegranate trees growing all over the place. This town really gives more than just the hotel and the sea, you can actually touch millenary history, even if just for a moment...
Good staff, food and experience - Pat, Vicki & Tricia. Date of travel: Sep 2007
Side is like all Turkish towns, cheap 'rubbish' (shopkeepers words not mine) to sell to the tourists. Good value for money on food and drink. Nice beach.
Historical - Doris. Date of travel: Aug 2007
Side was a 10 minute mini bus ride from the hotel, which cost €1 which I thought was very reasonable, there are lots of shops selling more or less the same thing. The shopkeepers are constantly pestering you to have a look in their shop and will not take no for an answer, some are very forceful. The remains of the Amphitheatre was worth the visit costing 5 lira each.
A great place - Pamela. Date of travel: Jul 2007
Side is a wonderful place, as for it being a horrible place, and hot, why do you not check the heat of a place before you go, factor 15 is not enough anyway. Mivering? Be polite and say no thank you, they'll get the message. I have been going to Side for 15 years, and have lived there, I am going back to live there next year. It is a place of great historical interest as well as great beaches.
Beautiful SIDE - Helen. Date of travel: Apr 2007
Side is a wonderful place to visit with something for everyone. Beach and lovely sea, ancient ruins, the largest standing Roman ampitheatre in the Eastern Mediteranean. Take the opportunity to see a show if you can. The sound is amazing. Ancient ruins such as Apollos Temple, Roman roads and the remains of shops. Three excellent nightclubs and many restaurants. The harbour is full of interesting boat tours and activities. The Turtles can be visited on a daily tour. Scuba Diving, horse riding, lots of shopping and close to the local bus (Dolmus) service. Exceptionally friendly people with great hospitality.
Visit Side in Antalya - Helen Slater. Date of travel: Jan 2007
Side is a fantastic place to visit. Close to the Beach and sea and Harbour. Many places of interest to include the historical ruins. Two great nightclubs. Loads of places to eat including the Restaurant in the ruins. Great activities such as horse riding, boat tours, beach sports, close to places to visit including Manavgat waterfalls and Manavgat market, Sorgun and Kumkoy. Loads for all the family. The local Dolmush (bus) service will take you from any point to your destination for the same fare. Simply put your hand out and the driver will stop and allow you to alight. Learn how to say hello before you go: Merhaba nasilsin - hello how are you? Lutfen - please Thank you Side for my excellent holiday!
Side is a beautiful place - Rob, Lynn, Sam, Dave, Lyndsey, Andy, Jean, Kerry, John and Jason. Date of travel: Sep 2006
Me and my family had been to Side the previous year and stayed at the Green Apart. We loved Side so much that we recommended it to my brother. Side itself is a beautiful place to stay with fantastic ruins to visit and a marvellous ampitheatre to walk around. You do get hassled in the centre but we found that if you just say no or ignore them they leave you alone. There are many wonderful places to eat, our favorite being the Anatolia cafe and bar right next door to the Yesil Oz Apart. It is owned by an English lady called Linda and they do lovely English food such as shepards pie, fish and chips, a fantastic English breakfast and a cracking sunday roast. The Turkish people are so friendly and they don't forget you as many of them remembered us from the previous year. All in all we had a fantastic holiday and were booking up to go again very soon but not to Yesil Oz Apart.
Our holiday in Side - Diane and family. Date of travel: Jul 2006
We found Turkey a lively friendly place, and while the shopkeepers and stall holders do try to get you to buy there wares, what do you expect! None were offensive or rude when we declined and we had a good laugh with most, especially Alex at the kebab stall on the main street down to the harbour, my 15 year old son went back time and again to enjoy a ckicken donar. Side harbour is hive of activity both day and night and we booked a boat tour with Dem travel agents run by Abdulah. Brilliant boat trip at a brilliant price. A member of the crew takes loads of photos you and your party and sells them to you during the cruise; they are of very high quality and worth buying but don't forget to haggle the price, they can be quite dear. All in all our holiday to Side in Turkey was a wonderful experience and we would definately go back to Club Pacific, though in May or October as the heat in August is unbelievable! Tour Operator: First Choice
Happy times - Betty Barbara & Bella. Date of travel: Jun 2006
Side is a wonderfull place and I have had many happy times there. I havent had a bad visit yet and have been going for 2 years.
Pleasant little town - Alan Jolly. Date of travel: Sep 2005
Prices here are very high compared to other Turkish resorts, we found that drinks outside the hotel were not much cheaper especially if you take advantage of happy hour, but if you do go outside I would strongly recommend Linda’s Bar for great music and dancing, if you stick to just 1 bar throughout your stay you will find that by the end of your visit you are treated like royalty, we received plenty of free drinks and snacks and were even able to reserve tables for the following evening which when we arrived were covered in flowers and decorations. Side is a pleasant little town full of shops bars and restaurants which can easily be explored in a morning, the goods in all the shops (including jewellers) are not priced which means if you are interested in buying something you have to ask, be prepared to haggle otherwise you will be better off in the hotel shops, never pay the asking price and don’t be afraid to walk away as they will soon come after you if the price can be lowered, a calculator with exchange rate option will help you secure a bargain . Take a Dolmus to travel locally, for only 65p you can visit Manavgat market on Thursdays, I would recommend this to buy Jeans, T Shirts and Leather Goods at the best prices locally but as in most cases you get what you pay for, don’t buy the cheapest (4 for £10) T Shirts unless you want them for dusters after a couple of washes. On previous holidays we have always booked our own excursions using local tour companies to save money, however this time we failed miserably, we used Island Touristic who managed to send us on the wrong tour, left us stranded 50 miles from the hotel and overcharged us, I would recommend you use your travel company for all excursions in this resort to save time and money, even trips to Antalya and Alanya by bus were dearer than with Thomson. Tour Operator: Thomson
We hated Side! - sharon and katie. Date of travel: Aug 2005
We went to Side in the middle of summer in 2005 and as soon as we got there we were disapointed! It was horrible from day one. The hotel was down the longest dirt-track road imaginable and not one bit of shade along the way so we ended up spending a lot of money on taxis down to the town! The town of Side itself was unbearable: the Turks were constantly mivering us to eat at their restaurants. The Turks in this area definitely favour the Germans to the English! The heat was over powering and although using factor 15 all through the holiday we still got badly burnt! I would not even recommend this place to my worst enemy!!!!! Tour Operator: cantremember
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