Lake Tahoe
Lying across the border between the States of California and Nevada, the magnificent blue alpine Lake Tahoe is perched literally a mile high on the Sierra Nevada. The lake is the focal point for a holiday wonderland of top ski resorts, luxury hotels, spas, casinos and professional standard golf courses, which draws hordes of wintermore
Vacation bliss at Lake Tahoe - Paula Vern. Date of travel: Nov 2008
Our vacation at Lake Tahoe was brilliant, literally. The bright blue, beautiful lake is set a mile up the Sierra Nevada, apparently the 2nd largest alpine lake in the world! We took full advantage of our stunning hotel, the golf course and spa, and the casinos of course... The scenery and facilities were also great. The weather was fantastic, we got a powder snow-cover (perfect for skiing) just days into our trip.
Where to Stay in Tahoe - Dee, Carolyn, Lily, Quinn. Date of travel: Sep 2008
Lake Tahoe is the most beautiful place on earth during the summer and winter. I visit South Lake Tahoe about six times a year and each time I stay at one of three places; all of them are highly recommended! If you want to stay in the downtown area I suggest you stay at the Americana Vacation Club or the Stardust Vacation Club. Both resorts offer suites exclusively. Both resorts also offer lots of fun on-site activities as well as free snow shoe, sled, and movie rentals. They also offer donuts, juice, and coffee in the mornings. The rates are right around $100 a night. You can view details about both resorts on the Internet - do a search! The other place I stay is off the beat and path but only a short five or ten minute drive to town. It's a huge one bedroom suite with an amazing view of the mountains and airport. It is surprisingly quiet. There is a private hot tub on your private deck. The rates are between $75-$150 per night depending on availability. I hope these reviews are helpful. Do yourself a favor and visit Tahoe; you'll be glad you did!
Great Place - Lidon. Date of travel: Feb 2008
Lake Tahoe is a great place. Just be aware of the hotel you are staying at check reviews before you book it.
Lake Tahoe is great - Nick Vine. Date of travel: Aug 2005
Lake Tahoe is great
Situated on the North Shore of Lake Tahoe, Squaw Valley is a fantastic place to spend a few days indulging in it's summer activities in the stunning mountains that surround the lake. In winter it is certainly a great place to stay. There are 6 other resorts nearby including Alpine Meadows and Northstar... and others like Sugar Bowl, Mount Rose and Diamond Peak unknown to British skiers! This area is less frantic than the South Shore and a fabulous summer destination. Visit Donner Lake in summer too... stay at the Hampton Inn in Truckee! It's a hidden gem! Tour Operator: Self
Lake Tahoe rocks - Susan Green. Date of travel: Mar 2004
Lake Tahoe makes for an excellent vacationing outpost in every sense of the word. I had a great time here enjoying watersports, beach activities, spa massages and what not. It is ideal for both family and romantic vacationers.
Dee Swain. Date of travel: Nov 1999
I travelled to Lake Tahoe after a 3 day stay in San Francisco & the Napa Valley. The resort is divided by the state lines of Nevada & California so some hotels have casinos, some don't. It's a fantastic ski area with the most popular slopes being in Kirkwood & Heavenly. The lake itself in summer has numerous watersports available & even in winter there are lake trips on the steamer, The Tahoe Queen. It'a a very friendly resort & the cost of living was extremely cheap, especially on the Nevada side. Hotels are large & luxurious & there are numerous shopping malls. A wonderful place to visit Tour Operator: Virgin
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