Offering the best of two worlds, the resort of Telluride in Colorado’s Rocky Mountains consists of an historic town and a modern one. The picturesque original Victorian mining village sits in a canyon beneath the towering peaks of the San Juan. To reach the upmarket modern holiday resort visitors must ride a three-stage gondola carmore
Good times in Telluride - Kirsty deLuge. Date of travel: Jan 2009
If you love snow, hot chocolate, shopping, skiing and snow boarding, then you gotta go to Tellruide. I spent 3 weeks there with my dad and my step-mom and we had just the best time. I'm not a great skier and neither is my step-mom so we spent our time shopping, eating out, or riding the free gondola up to the mountain village. the views are just breathtaking and so exquisite. I took a couple ski lessons but I'm just lacking any natural talent so I spent most of my time watching other people. They seemed to be having a great time and enjoying the ski. I'd love to go back.