One of the world’s top ski resorts, and the most visited in the USA, Vail features an Austrian-styled village and miles upon miles of varied ski terrain. Everyone on holiday in Vail finds a way down the slopes somehow, whether it is on skis, toboggan or even a rubber tube. The town is packed withmore
Vail, cliche yes, but so incredible - Alicia the Aussie. Date of travel: Feb 2009
I spent quite a lot of time in Vail over the ski season and I love this place. Incredibly good snow, good skiing and snowboarding and just an awesome place to be really. If you're a twenty-something and have some time on your hands, I recommend spending a season here and working. It's just such a great thing to do. I stayed with a group of about 4 other Aussies and there was a Brit and couple South Africans who lived around the corner too. Awesome way to meet people and some of the best skiing and snowboarding in North America! GO! you wont regret it!