Coral Bay Travel Guide

Around 4 miles (6km) north of Paphos, Coral Bay is the perfect location for those keen on a traditional Mediterranean holiday of soft Cypriot sand and poolside cocktails. Travellers can relax in this gorgeous location as the warm deep waters of the Mediterranean stretch off to a dreamy horizon.

There's something for everyone, with boats lazily drifting across the sea, jet skis flying over the waves, and scuba diving trips to discover the secret world beneath the blue surface of this Blue Flag beach. On dry land, visitors can be equally pampered at the various coastal hotels or explore the surrounding landscape on various hikes and excursions around the Akamas Peninsula.

For those who are more culturally inclined, there are many ruins to explore that illustrate the rich ancient history of nearby Paphos. Roman villas are begging to be discovered while the large necropolis of the Tombs of the Kings should always be on the bucketlist when travelling to Cyprus.


Shopping in Coral Bay is not about sprawling shopping malls and extravagant boutiques. Instead, retail therapy is confined more to the charm and magic of small arts and crafts stores, and traditional markets.


There are numerous restaurants and eateries in and around Coral Bay, with dishes sure to oblige every palate. Whether it's the fresh seafood found at Molos or the unique interiors of the Armonia Restaurants, there's a veritable feast of options and guests will be satisfied with the glut of both local and international menus. Various bars offer ideal cocktails and beverages to watch the sun set on the gorgeous Mediterranean waters. One may feel transported to another time and place, whether it's on the broad terraces of the Dionyssos Bar or socialising in the Odyssey Bar and Nightclub.


There isn't much of a nightlife in Coral Bay, but what is available sits mostly on Coral Bay Avenue, affectionately known as 'The Strip'. Bars stay open quite late, with closing time sometimes well after midnight. While there aren't massive parties, entertainment is still varied and enjoyable, ranging from traditional Cypriot music to modern dance shows and band sets.

Holiday activities

Coral Bay is a favourite destination for those seeking a luxury Mediterranean getaway, complete with deep blue oceans and stretches of white sandy beaches. While most are content with catching a tan with a cocktail in hand, there's a whole host of activities for those who want to stretch their legs.

Visitors can explore a whole new world beneath the waves with some of the best diving sites around, whether that's by snorkelling just below the surface or descending lower in full scuba gear. The alien landscape is one of lost ruins, spectacular caves, and weird and wonderful marine life. Alternatively, there are other water sports activities such as water skiing, paragliding, jet skiing, and boat rides, as well as the ever-popular water slides.

For those looking for more cultural endeavours, the city of Paphos is 6km away. It contains the Paphos Archaeological Park, famous for its necropolis called the Tomb of the Kings and a complex of exquisite Roman villas dedicated to figures of Cypriot mythology. The ancient acropolis of Kourion boasts aquaducts, baths, villas, and the Sanctuary of Apollo Hylates.

Any negatives?

Those wishing to learn about and discover the ancient history of Cyprus won't find it in Coral Bay. Indeed, this resort is all about Mediterannean fun in the sun, coupled with luxury and relaxation. However, the city of Paphos is only 6km away and contains the Paphos Archaeological Park, complete with the necropolis called the Tomb of the Kings, as well as the acropolis of Kourion.