Things to do in Abuja

Primarily a destination for business travellers in Nigeria, Abuja is a little short on mainstream tourist attractions. It is, however, a welcoming city, and it offers a gentle introduction to Nigeria for those nervous about flying directly into Lagos.

While in Abuja, be sure to check out the Wuse Market, where souvenir shopping is the order of the day, and the Abuja National Mosque, a gorgeous building with an enormous dome and towering minarets. Tourists to Abuja are also urged to make the short excursion out to Zuma Rock - an outstanding geological feature, which appeared on the shortlist of the New7Wonders campaign.

Visitors with children will be happy to hear that Abuja is home to the region's first ever amusement park, Magic Land. Featuring rides, shows, games, and even faux castle walls, the entire family will enjoy a day out at Magic Land. It is a great place for expatriate families in Nigeria to meet each other and allow their children to socialise in a safe and comfortable setting.

The Abuja Millennium Park is also a nice place to spend an afternoon, with expansive green spaces and walking paths. The park is home to several important local sites, including the Cotton Tree and Aso Rock.

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