Brittany Climate and Weather

Brittany has a warm, temperate climate with frequent rainfall and wet weather. Sunny, cloudless days are also common throughout the year. The summer months see temperatures rise as high as 86°F (30°C). Winter is wet and mild with average daytime temperatures reaching 42°F (6°C). Summers don't get as hot as in some other areas of France, just as the winters don't get as cold. The spring and autumn seasons are changeable and the weather can be unpredictable. Spring and autumn tend to get the most stormy weather.

Some of Brittany's best hotels and restaurants are closed during the winter months, so the best time to visit is April through October. It is best to avoid August, the hottest month of the year and the French national holiday, because the region becomes overcrowded and more expensive. Whatever the season, visitors should take along a foul-weather jacket to stay comfy in the capricious coastal climate.