Cape Town Climate and Weather

Located on the Cape Peninsula, Cape Town has a Mediterranean climate with warm, dry, sunny summers and cold, wet winters. Winters occur between June and August and are influenced by a series of cold fronts that cross the peninsula from the Atlantic Ocean. They are characterised by heavy rain, particularly on the mountain slopes, strong northwesterly winds, and low temperatures. Some snow does fall on the mountain ranges during the winter.

In summer, the weather in Cape Town is warm and dry, but the idyllic sunny weather is often punctuated with strong southeasterly winds. The average summer temperatures in Cape Town range between 61F (16C) and 79F (26C) and in winter average between 47F (8.5C) and 64F (18C). Summer temperatures can reach well above 86F (30C) and night-time temperatures in winter occasionally drop below freezing, but this is rare.

It is a city with four distinct seasons, each working its particular magic on Cape Town and bringing with it a flood of associations: summer and white sandy beaches; autumn's crisp colours; the ferocity of stormy seas in winter; and spring's show of Cape fynbos flowers. The most popular time to visit is summer and early autumn (December to March).

Cape Town