Getting Around

The main form of transport in Caracas is the efficient, cheap and well-maintained Metro system, which has four lines and provides easy access to most tourist attractions and facilities. The metro operates daily from 5.30am to 11pm, with air-conditioned trains running every few minutes. For visitors, the best option is a multiple ticket known as the Multi-Abono, which allows for ten metro journeys of any distance. The metro is connected to city suburbs via a Metrobus system, which is easy to navigate via maps posted in all the stations. It is best to avoid rush hours, and to be alert for pickpockets. Small buses operating on city routes are called carritos. These are inclined to be noisy with loud music accompanying the ride, and a bit hair-raising as drivers enjoy taking chances in the heavy traffic. Taxis can be identified by 'Taxi' or 'Libre' signs, and are unmetered. Fares are reasonable though, and are best fixed before boarding. Licenced taxis have yellow plates, so it is recommended to hire one of those.