Costa Blanca Travel Guide

The Costa Blanca lies on the eastern coast of Spain and draws millions of tourists each year to its turquoise waters and miles of white, sandy beaches. Though Alicante is the capital and major city on this stretch of coast, Benidorm attracts the most visitors, and it's the place to go for lively bars and all-night clubs. However, there's more to the Costa Blanca than crowded beach resorts, as the mountainous interior has a series of fascinating medieval towns and fortified villages that have been largely unaffected by modern development.

Alicante is best known as the gateway to the many glittering resorts in the region, but the city is actually an interesting urban destination, with history and culture aplenty to offer those who can be drawn from the beach. Travellers who have some time should head to the Catedral de san Nicolas from which the narrow old streets of the historic quarter, El Barrio, spread.

The most popular time to visit the Costa Blanca is between May and October when the weather is guaranteed to be sunny and warm most of the time. The temperature can get up to 104ºF (40ºC) in August, with the sea at a very comfortable 77ºF (25ºC). It's too hot and crowded for some during this busy summer season and the spring and autumn months also appeal to travellers, as it's cooler and there's the chance of light showers. Visitors should note that many of the bars and restaurants close outside of the peak tourist season.