Eindhoven Travel Guide

Eindhoven is often seen as a business hub rather than a tourist destination, and is overlooked by many travellers. Located in North Brabant, the city is a European design and technology centre, and has developed a great deal since the start of the 20th century. Once a mere village, it has become one of the largest cities in the country.

Visitors will find plenty of amusements and attractions, including world-class museums, such as the Van Abbemuseum, which houses one of the world's best collections of modern art. The Ton Smits House, and the Historical Open-Air Museum are worth visiting too. The Philips First Incandescent Lamp Factory of 1891 is also fascinating for those interested in technology and the history of the city.

Eindhoven's blend of modern technology and historic preservation is evident in its landmark buildings. Travellers can spend the morning touring centuries-old churches (including Paterskerk, Sint-Catharinakerk, and Sint Joriskerk), before viewing space-age constructions such as the UFO-shaped Evoluon conference centre, or the 'Blob' in the Admirant shopping area. Active visitors will find lots to do, such strolling through the sculpture gardens of the Stadswandelpark, or a spinning around the Hovenring, the first suspended bicycle roundabout path in the world.

Eindhoven is a lively city, with plenty of music and theatre options. The downtown area is full of excellent restaurants, particularly around the Markt, the Dommelstraat and the Bergen Quarter. Visitors can look forward to a great weekend getaway from Amsterdam.